Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Season 14 Episode 23

Charlotte Church, Will Smith, Jay-Z, James.

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Jun 27, 2008 on BBC

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  • If only they had the likes of Will Smith on more often

    I have to say this episode was a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed it. Though, I will admit that I skipped the Charlotte Church interview (watched it on i-player) the other two were very entertaining. Will Smith was easily the coolest guest on the show for a long time. "That is what a man's arm is supposed to feel like" brilliant comment. I gave this 9 out of 10 mainly because I so thouroughly enjoyed the interview with Will Smith, I agree with other people's sentements that there are too many poor celeb's on the show. However this show was an exception, please keep more like this coming
  • overall this is what we like to see

    This was a briliant episode because it had some truly amazing people on it. More people like will smith and jay-z need to come on this show. Great chemistry with Jonathan and will as it was the last time. Some pretty funny moments happened in this episode.If the show could get as bigger stars as it did in this episode every week, the show would be a perfect show.Jonathan was witty and funny as usual and he had the stars to make this episode a top notch watch. i believe that this episode was close to perfect so keep them coming :)
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