Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Season 18 Episode 18

Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Bridges, Gabourey Sidibe, Pendulum.

Aired Friday 10:35 PM May 28, 2010 on BBC

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  • A very disappointing show! First time to view it due to special circumstances. See below.

    We told the world about your show on Facebook since you were going to feature Pendulum and then you didn't even have them on your show! Why bother to announce it if you don't plan on showing them? That is SO disappointing. I would think the next time you'd make time. Your show began 10 minutes early to begin with so we all figured it would certainly show all guests and pendulum too. So disappointing for sure. Are you going to do this next week when Emenem are on or are you going to cut them out too? I'm sure they will have fans who will be watching. We realize it might be out of your control but we are all still upset.