Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Season 18 Episode 3

Kim Cattrall, Misfits, Jedward, Editors.

Aired Friday 10:35 PM Jan 29, 2010 on BBC

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  • This was possibly the dullest episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross ever filmed. A poor guest list and a sick host produced a yawn inducing show.

    This was possibly the dullest episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross ever filmed. For me the disappointment was compounded by the fact that after waiting for over six months, this was the one that I got tickets for. After learning who the guests were, I was in two minds whether to attend or not. Although it was interesting to see the show being made, the content of the show was a real dud. It wasn't helped by Jonathan suffering from the flu as you could tell he really didn't want to be there. Given the lack lustre guest list, I doubt he would have been that bothered even if he wasn't ill. Group interviews are never the best, so why book Jedward AND the cast of Misfits on the same show? If I'd been watching at home, I would have been asleep in the first ten minutes. I can't help wondering if celebrities just aren't selling anything at the moment in the post-Christmas period or whether we're seeing the death throes of a dying show that people are giving up on? I hope that it's not the latter because I am a big fan of JR and I'd hate to see him go with a whimper. I'm sorry that this is so negative but it's how I feel about this episode. While I'm on it, Jonathan really should get a better warm up guy. This rather odious chap named Andy promised the audience everything in his quest to get everyone in the mood: Prizes for everyone, a special part of the show where Jonathan and guests would come into the audience; that all shackles were off regarding outrageous behaviour as this was the last series; a special recording of the audience shouting the names of past guests to form a montage - none of which happened or were ever planned to happen. He swore a great deal and said that the show would be the same - it wasn't. His false promises together with the dull show left a very disappointing feeling as we left the building. Sorry Jonathan, but it wasn't up to your normal standard.