Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

BBC (ended 2010)


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  • I can't remember ever laughing so hard on a Friday Night until this show was brought into my life. Jonathan Ross is pure hilarity.

    I can watch and laugh at this show whether I know the guests or not, it's just so brilliant! It's always extra good when it's a celebrity I know and like but I watch it every week whatever. Johnathan Ross doesn't treat the guests any special, he really makes them work for it and the ones that really rise to the challenge and make him laugh are that bit more funny. It's the only chat show on TV I actually watch and it's just hilarious!
    I remember when I watched the episode with Daniel Radcliffe, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard it was just funny beyond funny!
    Also, on top of all of that you get to listen to some great music at the end of the show and see clips of up and coming films. Just an entertaining show!