Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

BBC (ended 2010)


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  • The flashy Ferrari of chat show hosts

    Jonathon Ross is possibly one of the bravest and cheekiest of talk show hosts, yet he manages to balance this with a genuine interest in the guest. It almost seems effortless the way Ross manages to consistently have a laugh with the biggest stars on the planet, yet he can also be very serious when the need arises (very personal conversation etc). He is a brilliantly modern chat show host who will hopefully be doing this for some time. With the retirement of Parkinson he is THE place for celebrities to go on UK TV. I think he should clearly be on American TV as well; it would be both shock and awe for the Americans. Letterman is very good but isn't quite as surprising as Jonathon with his often hilarious comments. Who else would be candid enough to say to Tom Hanks "what the **** was that!" in regards to his attempted British accent. A brilliant show