Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 2 Episode 9

13 O'Clock

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1989 on
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Episode Summary

A cursed pocketwatch lets its owner stop time for one hour, and a vicious pair of killers get hold of it.

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  • Out of Time

    A cursed pocket watch allows the owner to make everything and everyone (except him or her self) freeze for an hour. This '13th' hour has a few creepy quirks to it; the user of the pocket watch must first kill someone and then the user must use it within a certain underground city subway station at 12 midnight.

    The pocket watch ends up in the hands of a greedy widow (the classic gold digger/grave digger) who is more then willing to use the watch for personal gain as well as to help her thug boyfriend avoid a prison sentence. The special effects for the time freeze is actually very cool and the episodes villains all play their part well.

    While I can appreciate the writers trying to tackle serious social problems or injustices within the fantasy/horror genre, the storyline with two homeless youth (a brother and sister afraid of being torn apart by social workers) is something of a mixed bag.

    The young actors are fine, but their cynical view of life melts away a bit too suddenly and how do are heroes reward them for their service? Why, they refer them to a youth shelter. Yeah, their is no effort to help them Such shelters generally did not accept people once they turned eighteen years old and both youth look pretty close to eighteen years.

    Yes, our heroes are not social workers, but the two homeless youth, who helped retrieve a cursed object and almost got killed in the process, probably deserve a bit more then what they get. I think this could have been fixed if the youth were seen again in a future episode or something like that.

  • A watch that stops time for one hour....

    In this installment, the cursed item is a pocket watch that is able to freeze time for an hour for the holder. The series' creative team does a fairly decent job of showing the frozen time effects though there are spots where it's a bit....odd ( the ending still bugs me for that reason...weird color on the faces of the nasty man woman).

    As for the back story of Micki and Ryan befriending a pair of runaways, I really didn't believe this part of the episode. I know that there is supposed to be a certain compression in story telling due to the hour long format but the rapid transition from mistrust to friendship is a little rushed and flimsy, at best.

    On the whole, not a bad episode.moreless

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