Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 1 Episode 7

Doctor Jack

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1987 on

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  • One of the best episodes so far

    As i watch the series im only on episode 10 but this has been one of the best episodes. Jack, Ryan, and Micki are in search of a cursed scaple, they track it down to a famous surgeon who uses it to cure terminal (incurable) patients. The curse of the scaple is that it makes the doctor want to cut random peoples throats! When jack tracks the scaple down to the hospital he is injured in a fight with the famous doctor. afterwards the doctor must operate on him and either save his life, or let Jack die. The murder scenes by the doctor are good because it is very "jack the ripper-ish" as youll she when you watch it and as Jack comments.
  • a pretty good episode

    from what i remember of this episode, there\'s a surgeon who\'s becoming reknowned for the miraculous surguries he flawlessly performs. but he has some supernatural aid in the form of a cursed scalpel he purchased from Uncle Louis. the scalpel was supposed to have belonged to Jack the Ripper and gives the user the ability to perform any surgical procedure meticulously as long as it\'s been washed in the blood of a victim prior to the surgery. jack, micki and ryan are drawn into the malicious doctor\'s dealing not only because of their connection to the antique, but because a friend of Micki\'s (i think) has a daughter who aspires to be a surgeon and idolizes the deadly doctor. time is running out for him, with a complicated surgical procedure coming up and no victims to be found. his admirer might just have to serve that purpose so he doesn\'t risk losing his fame.