Episode about a evil clock

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    When i was a lot younger i remember watching a show in which, the family got a package at their doorstep and it was a big cooko clock. The mother hung it up. She was married and had a daughter and son. Soon weird things started to happen and at one point the sister tried to seduce her brother or something, and when he came up to her room she wanted him to come to her, and when he steped close he fell through the floor. He ended up coming up bubbling through the bathtub where the mother found him. The mother realize the clock was doing all of this, and the son tried to stop the clock but the clock started spinning backwards and turned him into a baby. The mother then tried to destroy the clock and the clock spun forward to the point where she was really old and then she lit a lighter and the whole room exploded including the clock. Then it went back to the begining scene where the family got the package, and the mother took the clock and started smashing it into a million pieces.

    I know this may sound weird but someone told me it was from this series, and if not does anyone know where the hell this was from. I was too young to remember.

    Thank You!

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    That doesn't sound like any ep that was in any F13th. For some reason I think there was a movie called Amityville-It's about Time. It was one of the sequels to the Amityville Horror movie fanchise. I think that's where there is an evil clock that does all the things you mentioned above. I remember in the movie there is a mother, son, and daughter. The clock does evil things to them in the movie. I know at the end of the movie the mother does destroy the clock as if nothing happened before. Or you might be thinking of an ep in the Outer Limits too.
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