How they screwed up this series......

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    I think that the first two years were very good for this series, even though...let's admit it....they PURPOSELY mis-led a lot of people with the title of this series. Ticked a LOT of people off thinking it was somehow tied to the films. The shows producer has already admitted that.

    But when they introduced Johnny to the series they also seemed to go off the track with what the series was about...getting cursed objects back.

    Not having Johnny do kung fu or going back in time. That was just absolutely stupid.

    The whole chemistry between Johnny and Mickey and Jack was screwed up from the beginning. He was a character that NEVER fit in!

    The producers would have done well if they would have left this series at two seasons rather than trying to milk it for all it was worth with a horrible third season.

    I just finished watching the show and all three seasons and I can see when they killed off Ryan (or made him into a 5 year old...same effect!) They basically killed the entire show at that point. When will producers learn, that when you kill off main characters, you risk killing off a show?

    I actually enjoyed watching seasons 1 and 2 again, but I CANNOT say that about season 3! To me, it was horrible and no wonder why they were cancelled 18 episodes after the Ryan character left the show. If that was going to be the "new vision" the producers had of this show, then it needed to be cancelled!

    They simply strayed so far away from the original premise of the show as well as kill off a main character, that I think people simply turned it off and went onto something else.

    So...what can be learned from this shows cancellation? If you change the way a show is so drastically that most are turned off by it because they don't even know what it's about anymore as well as kill off a main are basically asking for a show to get canned by the viewers! Which is exactly what happened! Can't say I blame the viewers, because the show became awful to me on the third season!

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    Since the actor John LeMay left the show, they really didn't have a choice about killing off the character.
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    The whole third season was a little darker and needed some comic relief every now and then like the first season. Would still like a reunion show!
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