Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 1 Episode 22

Pirate's Promise

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 1988 on

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  • A pirate comes back to kill the ancestors of those who betrayed him.

    Good episode, reminded me a bit "The Fog" in that it was about a dead pirate coming back for revenge. Angus MacBride died as a result of a mutiny against him. He has come back to kill those ancestors relating to the crew.

    The costume and effects were good (no CGI) along with the atmosphere. Some lowlife named Joe, lighthouse keeper, is killing of women so he can get pirate gold from MacBride. Joe thinks he has it made till Ryan and Mickie start digging around. They arrive to collect the cursed antique of a foghorn which is the call that brings MacBride.

    My favorite scene is the final death scene which has the lowlife meeting his timely end by the pirate's dead hand (so pathetic that all the work this guy did in committing murder was for nothing). Good acting all the way around.