Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1990 on

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  • The Curse Gets Worse!

    I can almost imagine this episode being developed in the writer's room. Someone suggested that it be a great idea to have a Friday The 13th Episode where only one of the stars appears, and only briefly.

    I am not sure if this was an attempt at 'realism' or the other stars wanted a break, but this is an episode that seems to suggest that our heroes do not need to go looking for cursed objects, helping people along the way, because the cursed objects will probably wind up back in the antique store anyways.

    A newspaper columnist accidentally hits a young girl with his car. The young victim was wearing a cursed cameo that, for some reason, proceeds to pester the columnist using the voice of the young girl. The only way that she can find peace is for the columnist to kill someone else, which only means that a new voice is pestering the columnist to commit another murder.

    Typically, the cursed objects offer something to someone, but at a very steep if not demonically supernatural price. Here, the newspaper columnists is not really getting anything from this cursed object....Beyond difference voices pleading with him to kill someone else.

    This begs the question; was the cursed piece of jewelery pestering the little girl to kill other people?

    This is not to say that it is a horrible episode by any means. The acting and special effects are both solid.

    Yet, part of the appeal of the series was watching our heroes attempt to retrieve a cursed object and help someone along the way. Granted, they were not always successful, but this episode removes a major reason why fans watched the series.

    Micki is the only one of the stars to appear, and she appears only briefly at the beginning and the end of the episode. Yet, of all the cursed objects in the world, this is probably one of the silliest.

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