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  • not that bad

    this should have been a crappy show, but it really was not. i am not sure where the friday the 13th came in to play. it did well in syndication for a while, and they made more episodes than i thought they would. the show was not the best horror/ sci fi show i have ever seen but not that bad either
  • A dark, creepy, atmospheric show much in the vein of The X-Files...spooky...

    I gave this show a 6.5 because, lets face it, it was better than average, but...not perfect by any means. I grew up with this show, believe it or not, and I found the DVDs online last year. I love the comfortabililty of the series. It reminds me a lot of the X-Files. Two attractive leads, dark brooding man, red-headed woman investigating strange occurences. Except, FTTS wasn't very itelligent, the filming and acting were sub-par. It's a cult classic, however, and I love it anyway--hey all I have is love for it! Its just no X-Files.
    So, watch and enjoy! Just leave the lights on...
  • Somewhat interesting.

    When I first watched the show I only tuned in because I thought it was going to be based on the Friday the 13th movies, but was wrong. Was it smart to name your series after a popular series of slasher films? I don't know.

    The stories were not all that bad, but they were also not all that good. Some of the conflicts were mildly interesting, which is possibly what kept it on the air for the time it actually lasted.

    The main characters were not all that lovable, but also not hatable. They were sort of blah, which hurt the show in the long run.

    If it came on again, in re-runs that is, I might tune in just for the heck of it. It would not be anything I would schedule into my TV lineup and try to catch on a regular basis, though.
  • It was on ok show.

    I watched it for the first 2 seasons then my attention kinda went elsewhere. But from the episodes i did see, it was a fairly decent show for a sydicated series. But I think it should of had a different title than Friday The 13th: The Series. Because it had people thinking that it was based on the movies. People hoping to see Jason hack 'em up every week were very disappointed.
  • This show was very well done, and was very weird.

    I love the Friday the 13th Movies, I'm not a huge horror fan, but I liked Friday the 13th. It was cool, it was like watching a mini movie. I was in my early teens when this was originally on, but I used to watch it every now and then and I really liked it. It was a weird show, but that is the most I remember. I can't even remember if it had anything related to the Friday the 13th Movies. Was Jason even in the show? I think it might have just been about what happens on Friday the 13th, as far as bad luck and things like that.
  • A solid show not for the squeamish

    This series revolved around the concept of an antique shop contained a large quantity of items, large and small, cursed by Satan as part of a pact with the shop's owner Louis Vendredi. When Louis died ( consigned to Hell), cousins Mickey and Ryan take over the shop and sell the cursed objects with no knowledge about their nature. Each episode, the two, assisted by Vendredi's partner Jack Marshak, seek to recover the cursed items before they bring harm to those around them.

    For myself, this was a very good series to watch as it brought many elements into play regularly. For starters, the cursed items bring out a range of emotions in the different individuals that come to own them ranging from revenge to greed and other dark emotions. More often than not, the item rewarded the owner only after the demise ( usually grisly) of another person. I think it would be safe to say that this show was definitely not geared for those that are the weak hearted.

    This show does have a few flaws though. For one, the name of the show tended to mislead some people into believing that the series was associated with the series of horror movies of the same name that were popular at the time. When these casual viewers saw no hockey mask murderer walking around, they quickly clicked off. The other flaw was when John LeMay was replaced by Steve Monarque at the beginning of the third season. From this reviewer's standpoint, the acting of Steve Monarque was rather poor and contributed to an extremely lackluster third season.

    Overall, this series was an interesting show to watch on its late night broadcast time. With a bit more imagination in writing and better casting, it could have lasted longer than the three seasons that it did air. Hopefully, whoever owns the rights to it will someday release the series onto DVD for fans such as myself.
  • Always on the lookout for some channel to air this once again...

    I loved the way the premise really allowed for any number of antiques to be found but the story was really never ended properly. I think the demise of this program had a lot to do with the poor decision to name it Friday the 13th as it has nothing to do with the horror movie franchise. "Curious Goods" would have made a much better title. I'm pretty sure this is one of those first series to discover Vancouver as a great spot to film. The idea is ripe for a retool and redevelopment...but I'd love to see the first run again. Memorable episodes include haunted dolls, bodies in chipper-shredders, haunted name it.
    Never could buy the idea of the two lead's as cousins but it didn't really matter. Wonderful serial.
  • Not great, but pretty solid.

    I remember this show as fairly entertaining. I hope it does go to DVD, I may indulge. I remember the creepy begining, with the eerie music. I think it got bogged down a little before it got done running. If I remember right they started doing multi part episodes. I think it was at its best with each episode being stand alone. Sci-fi used to marathon this during their morning run, however the last year or two they have gotten incredibly unimaginative in the selection. No more G vs. E, Brimstone, or Friday the 13th. I don't know maybe a few thousand emails will help. If you do see this show on anywhere, give it a try.
  • A great horror show for its time.

    I loved this show when i was little. Then when it went off the air, i had forgotten about it. I loved how it had aired for a short time on scifi in reruns. This show had great story line in it. I loved all of the characters in it too. The only bad thing is that the show has not been on the air or reruns for a very very very long time. I have not even seen the show on dvd either. I loved how the antique team would hunt down demon possesed objects adn have to deal with the person who had the object and the object itself. Just a great hooror show.
  • A late 80s horror anthology that delivered what it's fans wanted, but was canceled too soon. Great characters, interesting stories, and good scares, this show is missed by fans, who still hold out hope for a DVD release or maybe even a reunion movie.

    Friday the 13th: The Series was a TV show that seemed to come into existence at just the right time. Syndicated, airing late at night, on Fridays or Saturdays when teens could stay up; all the right elements for a horror anthology to succeed, and it did. For a time.

    While never achieving critical or popular admiration, it did develop a cult following of loyal viewers. The show did attract ratings, and was second in syndicated ratings at one point only to Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, it wasn't able to survive when it's parent company buckled to religious groups and their threats of boycotts. It was canceled at the end of it's 3rd season.

    The show never enjoyed a great budget, and this is most noticeable in sometimes sub-par effects. But the actors, writers, producers, and all involved did the best they could with the materials and money at their disposal.

    The episodes mainly dealt with the stars attempting to retrieve one of the cursed antiques sold by Lewis Vendredi as part of his pact with the devil. The objects were varied and the curses on them sometimes quite ingenious. The gore was kept to a minimum; this was still television, after all.

    While the heroes usually did retrieve the item they went after, the endings weren't always tied up "Brady Bunch-style". Many times, the characters were left feeling as though they had failed, having retrieved the cursed items or not.

    Character development did happen, as well. Micki, played by the singer Robey, started out as the spoiled, rich, reluctant participant. By the end of the series, she had developed a caring relationship with the others, and had begun to embrace the path her life had taken, albeit unwillingly.

    Ryan Dallion, as played by John D. LeMay, started out as the one eager to believe and be a part of this weird business. He soon learned there wasn't much to laugh about, and became a much more somber figure. The way his character was written out of the series at the beginning of season 3 may have been a let down for some fans, but it gave Ryan a chance to start over, carefree again.

    Chris Wiggins played Jack Marshak as the strange, mystical father-figure, and stayed pretty much on course. This character being a "world traveler" in the pilot, he did settle down, staying the full three years at Curious Goods.

    Johnny Ventura, played by Steven Monarque, didn't have much time to develop, but did go from being a brash, hot-head to a trusted member after Ryan's exit.

    All-in-all, the show was a great, late-night horror drama and gave it's target audience just what it was looking for. Some good scares, which may seem tame now, were just right for late 80s fans, especially watching at midnight or later on the weekends.

    Sci-Fi Channel certainly has it's share of near-Z grade movies, it would be nice if they could put some money towards a movie of Friday the 13th: The Series. Not only would it be a dream-come-true for the fans, who would like a proper end to the show and it's story, it would be a good way to promote a DVD release of the show's 3 seasons, something fans still hold out hope for. Win/win all around, no?
  • Small group in search of evil items that can steal your soul.

    This has to be the show with the most evil aura, ambience, feeling, bouquet, call it what you will, it was demonic. I never felt like this ever watching a tv show, the demonic intervention as i call it, makes everything look overrated but you are no longer watching it, the devil has you and now you are under his command. The stories are great, possesed by the devil items give you something special, but they also require that you eother kill someone to recharge its power or that the item does something evil. There was never a bad episode, because they were all edited by satan himself. I used ot watch this when my mother was home or else i would simply flip the channel, that was the kind of fear this produced in me.

    Excellent show.
  • Awesome!

    Now this is what horror is. It's like a detective drama mixed with a horror genre. It's really entertaining, each episode is fun to watch, it's really exciting, we actually get to see something spectacular in each episode. this show is a must see, the producers made sure this show is very watchable. it's not boring, we're not treated with flat storylines, everything is fast paced as much as possible. Having 2 occult investigators as leads make this show fun to watch, we could see something worthwhile to watch each week. It promises horror as the title suggests, i highly recommend this show.
  • Fresh New Creative Horror

    This show reminded me a lot of the old "Twilight Zone" and "Ghost Story" serieses inasmuch as it centered on new characters every week dealing with a strange object while the show's true stars played hosts with the antique store that connected all these items. My favorite episodes would be the ones with the coin, the dog leash, the camera and the bauble which a guy uses to replace his favorite rock star with himself. The show did at more times than I could count resort to needless gore and violence to tell its stories, but the majority of the stories were very intelligent and as close to realistic as to how ordinary people deal with the paranormal or become corrupted by it. Of course, I do have to mention the gorgeous Robey, the knock-out redhead which became the star of the show before vanishing into obscurity. She was accompanied by actor John D. LeMay who was mistakenly written out of the series, and the versatile Chris Wiggins, a wonderful Canadian actor with much theatre experience and a wonderful comedic talent to his repetoire, who played the Odin-like Jack Marshak. Much like Dark Shadows and so many others, this show has been survived by a strong cult of fans proving that some shows just refuse to die. Unfortunately, it was also killed off and cancelled by what ruins so many classic TV series - tampering. For the last season, LeMay walked away and was replaced by a souse of an actor named Steven Monarque with litte appeal who moved through the rest of the series out of place. Much like the comedy, "The Andy Griffith Show," you can tell right when the series lost its steam. The cancellation of F13: The Series wasn't so much as a disappointment, but a shocking disgrace to what should have been a true hit series.
  • Friday the 13th was a great series of its time.

    Although it was over before I was born, I still get to see repeats on the Scream channel. A very different show, indeed, Horror show, almost like The Hitchhiker. Both very interesting horror tv series. I usually watch this show either when I wake up in the morning or very late at night on the weekends. Some of the stories are both creepy & sad at the same time.

    I know this series doesn't really have anything to do with the movies but there is a little resemblance. Both deal with serial killers. And both amazing as well. I am never going to forget this show. It's a classic!
  • Canadian 80s TV series with creators such as Atom Egoyan,David Morse,Allan Kroeker,Alexander Singer and many others.An old antique dealer made a pact with the Devil to sell cursed antiques.When he dies,his niece and her cousin inherit his store.With the h

    An old antique dealer made a pact with the Devil to sell cursed antiques. When he dies, his niece Micki and her cousin Ryan inherit his store. With the help of Jack Marshak, they fight to retrieve the antiques from the people who bought them to stop them from causing harm.

    The cursed items, for the most part, gave something to the owner (like great fortune, luck or skills) but wanted something in return, which usually was someone’s death. A scalpel for example (which had once belonged to Jack the Ripper) could work wonders during medical operations BUT it needed to be recharged by killing someone.
    The series had all the recipes for a high-quality classic horror story. Each story was exciting and mystifying. Beautiful acting, beautiful writing!
    Although the effects at the time were not so advanced, ugly plastic masks and poor quality make up that can make you laugh, it is not really disturbing. It is part of its charm! The show gives the great tingling feeling that only a horror film can give you in a dark room a Friday night!

    I really wish they’d release it on DVD.
    It’s a shame not to have this beautiful show in your collection!!!!

    Trivia: Though they share the same title, this series is only tenuously linked to the Friday the 13th movie franchise. The main characters search for magically-cursed objects that were sold through their uncle's store. Reportedly, when the series was conceived, the last item that was supposed to be retrieved by the characters (when the series would end it's original run) was a hockey-mask, which would undoubtedly have belonged to Jason, the killer in the films. Jason himself, though, never makes an appearance in any of the episodes.

  • I absolutely love this show. It's one of my all-time favorite shows ever. Micki, Ryan and Jack were awesome together. I would love to buy this show on DVD, and I also wish I could see Ryan, Micki, and Jack together again in a reunion movie.

    This show was excellent and one of my all-time favorite shows ever. The premise was interesting, and I loved Micki, Ryan, and Jack. They were awesome together and made a great team. The first 2 seasons with Ryan were the best. I hated when Ryan left. The show wasn't as good, in my opinion, and I stopped watching. I would love to get this show on DVD (the seasons with Ryan), and maybe Micki, Ryan, and Jack could reunite in a reunion movie one day. I would love that! I've really missed them! Micki, Ryan, and Jack forever!!
  • Before there was Buffy, Angel, or the X-Files, there was Friday the 13th, the series. For any sci-fi/fantasy fan, this series captures a lot of the paranormal, drama, and gore typical of the 80's genre!

    Let me start by saying, this series isn't about Crystal Lake OR Jason Voorhees! Whew! I know, I know, the title suggests it, but to the forum for the backstory! LOL.

    Louis Vendretti made a deal with the devil to sell cursed objects in exchange for wealth and eternal youth...until he broke that pact!

    Now, the antique shop is left at the hands of his nephew and niece: Ryan and Micki. Teamed with Louis' former friend, Jack Marshack, they are obligated to retrieve these items! Some of them of which they sold unknown to their "evil"! Muwahaha!

    Thus begins the premise! What makes this a fun and exciting series is how each of these objects affect the person who is using them! The abilities and powers granted to someone inexchange for killing someone. Yet, what sells the show is the chemistry and teamwork of the actors involved Louse Robey aka Robey and John De La May, and Chris Wiggins do a great job of putting these characters together!

    To put this in comparison to a similar yet different sci-fi show? Hmmm...let's pick Buffy! LOL

    Imagine Cordelia as Micki, Xander as Ryan, Giles as Jack!

    This is loosely based on similiar personality qualities I see in the characters. Then again there was something for everyone! For the guys there is the gore, horror, and Micki (Robey) isn't necessarily hard on the eyes! For the girls, it was the mystery, intrigue, and funny/charming Ryan for us to gush about! LOL.

    Then the wise sage, Jack always kept everyone on the right track! The series, sadly cut short, was an adventure in the paranormal. It didn't try to be so detail oriented or justify/explain everything. It merely served to be entertaining, and it succeeded, in my opinion. Yes, there are cheese factors in this series but it wasn't intended to be as serious as its current counterparts like Supernatural. And the special F/X? For its time were just great! I love the stop and shoot animation technique used in the episode about the ivy cup. The older techniques that didn't necessarily require CGI.

    Definitel, this is a series for horror fans, fans who are open to have a good time at being entertained and intrigued! The fact this series isn't on DVD officially yet is seriously a crime!
  • Clever, fun show that more should discover!

    In my opinion, few shows have come along that are as memorable or enjoyable as this show. The characters are played fantastically by the actors, the storylines are both clever and eerie. Some may dismiss this show as just a supernatural one that makes little sense at times (as some stories do seem to stretch what makes sense), but it is a great trip if you want to have fun. (Louise) Robey is forever gorgeous in the lead role of cousin Micki, you will be mesmerized by her and find yourself watching if only to see her. John D. LeMay is adorable as Ryan, and Chris Wiggins is equally perfect as Jack Marshak. The interactions are great, the stories are thrilling. Give this one a shot some night if you are lucky enough to stumble across it in syndication somewhere.
  • This show should be on Dvd soon. Im looking forward to it. To make along story short. A uncle of curious goods makes a deal with the devil and tries to undo it at the end. And goes straight to hell. Two young cousins take over not knowing whats going on.

    From the start I watched most of these episodes. I only missed a handful. I was a die hard fan. I even watched the repeats. Once in awhile they used to show it on the Sci-Fi channel. Returning cursed objects of any kind back to the shop. Im really suprised this show wasnt on for along time. It could of been so much more. And im thinking maybe they could of ended it to. On a great note. Tv shows come and go. This one still echoes in the back of my mind. I hope to hell one day this may come back. It would be great and im sure there would be alot of fans wanting this to. Time will only tell and I will enjoy the Dvds when there out.
  • I want more shows like this to be made.

    This show brings back memories. I loved it. I remember being in middle school. It didn't seem like it was 3 seasons. And then it was gone-like so many of it's kind. The series always ends so abruptly. I haven't seen this show for over a decade & then saw it airing on SciFi. I'm hoping I get to see the whole series. They seem to only be playing it 1 day a week during work hours. Guess I need consider getting some sort of DVR. All in all, I think it is a neat concept & should be revisited.
  • At least put it on DVD!

    This show was always a favorite, and I think if not for its unfortunate title (who's the brainiac who decided to name this series after a slasher film, anyway??) it would have enjoyed a much wider audience.
    Definitely ahead of its time, when you look at the huge success of shows like the X-files, which weren't much different.
    Such a shame it's no longer being aired in syndication...we really need DVD release of this addicting show!!! A true Sci-Fi DVD collection is NOT complete without this series!
  • Still creepy after all these years

    After having the opportunity to watch this show a little online, it is surprisingly still very creepy in spite of the cheesy 80's goodness. The plot & premise are very unusual and often scary in spite of the campy horror effects & the fact that its not really clear how the people know how to use the cursed antiques in the first place. You have to use a bit of belief suspension or disbelief, as it were. A guilty pleasure to watch when you're feeling retro and longing for a good 80's horror flick fix. As soon as you see Mickey's hair & shoulder pads, it will all come rushing back with perfect clarity.
  • bring it back to scfi!!!!. wish there was an marithon of this one day.

    friday the 13 the show.. wow that it was great, wish they still make those kinda shows. wish it air on scfi too.. like when there always showing marithons on scfi early in the morning of shows. anyone know if this will ever be on boxset? and was this a decent show? i thought it was great use to watch it with my dad when i was kid, and when the monkey waved me and my dad go "wave at the monkey" we wave at the monkey. :) the show was great for it's time. just wish they air it back.