Friday the 13th: The Series

(ended 1990)





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    This show reminded me a lot of the old "Twilight Zone" and "Ghost Story" serieses inasmuch as it centered on new characters every week dealing with a strange object while the show's true stars played hosts with the antique store that connected all these items. My favorite episodes would be the ones with the coin, the dog leash, the camera and the bauble which a guy uses to replace his favorite rock star with himself. The show did at more times than I could count resort to needless gore and violence to tell its stories, but the majority of the stories were very intelligent and as close to realistic as to how ordinary people deal with the paranormal or become corrupted by it. Of course, I do have to mention the gorgeous Robey, the knock-out redhead which became the star of the show before vanishing into obscurity. She was accompanied by actor John D. LeMay who was mistakenly written out of the series, and the versatile Chris Wiggins, a wonderful Canadian actor with much theatre experience and a wonderful comedic talent to his repetoire, who played the Odin-like Jack Marshak. Much like Dark Shadows and so many others, this show has been survived by a strong cult of fans proving that some shows just refuse to die. Unfortunately, it was also killed off and cancelled by what ruins so many classic TV series - tampering. For the last season, LeMay walked away and was replaced by a souse of an actor named Steven Monarque with litte appeal who moved through the rest of the series out of place. Much like the comedy, "The Andy Griffith Show," you can tell right when the series lost its steam. The cancellation of F13: The Series wasn't so much as a disappointment, but a shocking disgrace to what should have been a true hit series.