Friday the 13th: The Series

(ended 1990)





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  • Before there was Buffy, Angel, or the X-Files, there was Friday the 13th, the series. For any sci-fi/fantasy fan, this series captures a lot of the paranormal, drama, and gore typical of the 80's genre!

    Let me start by saying, this series isn't about Crystal Lake OR Jason Voorhees! Whew! I know, I know, the title suggests it, but to the forum for the backstory! LOL.

    Louis Vendretti made a deal with the devil to sell cursed objects in exchange for wealth and eternal youth...until he broke that pact!

    Now, the antique shop is left at the hands of his nephew and niece: Ryan and Micki. Teamed with Louis' former friend, Jack Marshack, they are obligated to retrieve these items! Some of them of which they sold unknown to their "evil"! Muwahaha!

    Thus begins the premise! What makes this a fun and exciting series is how each of these objects affect the person who is using them! The abilities and powers granted to someone inexchange for killing someone. Yet, what sells the show is the chemistry and teamwork of the actors involved Louse Robey aka Robey and John De La May, and Chris Wiggins do a great job of putting these characters together!

    To put this in comparison to a similar yet different sci-fi show? Hmmm...let's pick Buffy! LOL

    Imagine Cordelia as Micki, Xander as Ryan, Giles as Jack!

    This is loosely based on similiar personality qualities I see in the characters. Then again there was something for everyone! For the guys there is the gore, horror, and Micki (Robey) isn't necessarily hard on the eyes! For the girls, it was the mystery, intrigue, and funny/charming Ryan for us to gush about! LOL.

    Then the wise sage, Jack always kept everyone on the right track! The series, sadly cut short, was an adventure in the paranormal. It didn't try to be so detail oriented or justify/explain everything. It merely served to be entertaining, and it succeeded, in my opinion. Yes, there are cheese factors in this series but it wasn't intended to be as serious as its current counterparts like Supernatural. And the special F/X? For its time were just great! I love the stop and shoot animation technique used in the episode about the ivy cup. The older techniques that didn't necessarily require CGI.

    Definitel, this is a series for horror fans, fans who are open to have a good time at being entertained and intrigued! The fact this series isn't on DVD officially yet is seriously a crime!