Friday the 13th: The Series

(ended 1990)





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  • A solid show not for the squeamish

    This series revolved around the concept of an antique shop contained a large quantity of items, large and small, cursed by Satan as part of a pact with the shop's owner Louis Vendredi. When Louis died ( consigned to Hell), cousins Mickey and Ryan take over the shop and sell the cursed objects with no knowledge about their nature. Each episode, the two, assisted by Vendredi's partner Jack Marshak, seek to recover the cursed items before they bring harm to those around them.

    For myself, this was a very good series to watch as it brought many elements into play regularly. For starters, the cursed items bring out a range of emotions in the different individuals that come to own them ranging from revenge to greed and other dark emotions. More often than not, the item rewarded the owner only after the demise ( usually grisly) of another person. I think it would be safe to say that this show was definitely not geared for those that are the weak hearted.

    This show does have a few flaws though. For one, the name of the show tended to mislead some people into believing that the series was associated with the series of horror movies of the same name that were popular at the time. When these casual viewers saw no hockey mask murderer walking around, they quickly clicked off. The other flaw was when John LeMay was replaced by Steve Monarque at the beginning of the third season. From this reviewer's standpoint, the acting of Steve Monarque was rather poor and contributed to an extremely lackluster third season.

    Overall, this series was an interesting show to watch on its late night broadcast time. With a bit more imagination in writing and better casting, it could have lasted longer than the three seasons that it did air. Hopefully, whoever owns the rights to it will someday release the series onto DVD for fans such as myself.