Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1988 on

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  • terrifying!

    though all of the episodes scared me, this one honestly terrified me! mainly because the scarecrow was really frightening, and because it was a brainless being that couldn't be reckoned with, it could only kill. the creepy atmosphere of the little farm-town and its desperate, shifty residents helped the scare-factor as well. the opening scene of the father's murder is horrible, as is the fact that it's a young boy who's being persued and who finds many of the bloodied, hacked-up bodies. whenever i think of the scene at the end where micki's trapped in a room with the thing who's meant to kill her, i almost go into a panic.
    the story of a small farming-community so desperate for a good harvest that they turn possessed objects dispatching human sacrifices really harkens to a frighteningly primal part of the human race. it makes me think of books like harvest home, movies like the wicker man, and the practices of ancient cults like the Incas and the Druids - people whose only income and living was the land, who saw no price too high to pay to it.
  • Beware the scarecrow...!

    Of all the episodes of this series, this one could be considered the most graphic in terms of violence. The cursed item, a cursed scarecrow, is one that seems a bit out of place compared to the ordinary items of other episodes but it does lead to the cousins to travel into the countryside to retrieve the item. This leads to a gruesome scene where the decapitated head of a victim of the scarecrow's scythe was found on the front step of the house that Micki and Ryan were staying at. A bit surprising and, considering the ending of the episode, oddly placed in the episode.

    Overall, a fairly solid episode though not for everyone....