Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 1 Episode 10

Tales of the Undead

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1988 on
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A old and embittered comic book writer, Jay Star, gets hold of a cursed comic book that allows him to transform into Ferrus the Invincible and take vengeance on the individuals who stripped him of his legal rights to the superhero character he created.

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  • Micki and Ryan take on the power of a cursed comic!

    An interesting episode that involves a cursed comic book whose creator Jay Star, portrayed by Ray Walston, uses the power to take revenge upon those who he perceives to have wronged him. To heighten the impact of these scenes, the picture for the viewer switches from normal to a comic book look in the time it takes for Jay to transform into the unstoppable monster from his stories. I have to say, the way Ryan and Micki managed to retrieve the cursed book and defeated the deranged monster was unexpected and inventive.

    A good episode of this series. Well written and acted!moreless
  • Watch out for Ferrus the Invincible! Micki and Ryan search for a comic that makes its possessor into a giant invincible creature.

    Before Ryan can buy a rare comic book, it is stolen and used by the thief to turn into the main villain and kill the comic store clerk. Discovering that it's a cursed object, Micki and Ryan must stop the killer before it's too late. The comic book picture scenes were a really nice touch. Ryan gets to be a hero and stop the villain. I used to watch this show regularly when I was a kid. Then they stopped showing it. I decided to watch this one after I saw that it was on. I recently became a comic book fan and this was the perfect episode to get watching it some more.moreless

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    • Ryan: Mr. Star, do you know anyone so obsessed with Ferrus that he'd kill over it?
      Jay Star: Kill? Well, in the old days, maybe an editor or two.

    • Jay Star: They stole, connived, wriggled their way to the top. The worms always know where the bodies are buried. You remember that, boy.

    • Ryan: It must have been some pretty wild scenes to be cut from Ferrus.
      Jay Star: Wild? Ferrus, Ferrus was nothing. Nothing compared to some of the things I've seen. Frogs falling from the skies, people bursting into flames. It's a world of cruel miracles.

    • Ryan: When you're a kid, the whole world doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I mean, you're either too little or you're too young. You're not treated as a human. Everybody can kick you around any way they want to. But then you pick up a comic book, and they got these heroes in there that nobody can kick around. They just... can do anything, you know? So, buy a comic, you read it, and you're the hero.

    • Micki: What do we do if he won't let us see it?
      Ryan: Appeal to his better nature.
      Micki: Offer him money.
      Ryan: You got it.
      Micki: Nice to know there's some things in life you can still count on.

    • Jay: (to Ryan) Tell me, boy. How does it feel to be a hero?

    • Ryan: Did I ever show you any of my drawings?
      Micki: What, is this a line? "Wanna come upstairs and see my etchings?"
      Ryan: No, I'm much more sophisticated than that.
      Micki: Oh, right.
      Ryan: No, really. Besides, I never understood what was so great about etchings. Now, a #1 Spider-Man, that's something...

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