Friday the 13th: The Series

Season 1 Episode 1

The Inheritance

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1987 on
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The Inheritance

LVendredi try to recover the cursed antiques he agreed to sell for the Devil, but endsup condemned to Hell. Distant cousins Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster find out they have inherited an antique shop from Uncle Lewis. Micki wants to simply sell off the place, and Ryan reluctantly agrees. They sell off the antiques in the store, but then are greeted by Jack Marshak, Vendredi's partner and procurer. They find out about Vendredi's deal with the Deviland realize that some of the antiques they sold were also cursed. The first antique they recover, a toy doll, comes to life and kills for its owner, a young girl.


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  • The pilot episode of Friday the 13th: The Series.

    "Friday the 13th: The Series" is not a great show. While it's certainly enjoyable and fun, it's also incredibly cheesy and often unintentionally funny. While it would probably scare the pants off of a child younger than eight or so, the scares aren't much more intense than "Goosebumps"...there's violence and death but it's definitely not scary.

    So why do I like the show? Well, like I said, it's fun. It has a B-movie feel to it and it's sometimes funny. The premise is interesting and all in all the entertainment value is worth the cheesiness. In the pilot we are introduced to Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster, two cousins who meet when an uncle they've never known dies, leaving them his antiques shop. After a few weird and scary things happen, they meet Jack Marshak, an old friend of their uncles. They learn that their uncle had made a deal with Satan himself: in exchange for material wealth and immortality, he would sell cursed antique objects to unsuspecting victims. After trying to fix things and stop doing what he was doing, he was killed by the devil himself.

    Ryan and Micki try to recover an evil doll who was sold to a spoiled little girl. While in the girl's possession her stepmother is killed, an innocent man has his throat slit, and an old woman is crushed by a bookshelf and choked with a cord. Of course, Micki and Ryan get rid of the doll and end the curse, and decide that they will recover every item ever sold by their uncle, to keep innocent people from dying.

    As I said earlier, the main problem with this show is the cheesiness factor. Scares aren't set up very well, and the doll in this episode just fails to be creepy. The effects are hilarious and overall it's just not the best writing. Also, the little girl is such a brat - she basically wants all those people hurt yet Micki is nice to her all throughout the episode, when the little girl probably should be dead herself. I'm not sure choosing an evil doll was the best route to take for the first story of the episode.

    Overall though, a pretty entertaining start to a cheap, guilty pleasure series.moreless
  • The series opener shows the menace of...a killer doll..!

    In the series pilot, cousins Ryan Daillion and Micki Foster inherit an antique shop from their late Uncle Lewis. With a mutual interest to get back to their individual lives, the cousins quickly set to selling a great deal of the antiques in the shop. However, around the same time that Jack Marshak, Lewis' business partner, arrives, the cousins discover that there is a sinister curse cast upon the many antiques they sold to an unsuspecting public. The duo immediately starts to try and recover the cursed items from the customers with a child's doll the first item on the list.

    For an opening episode, this is a pretty good start to the series. I do think that the portrayal of the little girl was a bit on the nasty side. The fact that the doll was recovered masked over the long term consequences for the girl, whose future was mentioned in a brief line of dialogue.

    Nevertheless, this is a solid start in more ways than one.moreless
Lynne Cormack

Lynne Cormack

Mrs. Simms

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Michael Fletcher

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