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  • SNL on the West Coast

    "Fridays" was a sketch comedy program that ran on ABC for two seasons. It was the ABC brand of Saturday Night Live, but with a different twist. Just like SNL, there was a gust host, and a musical guest star, but this show was produced and ran live from the West Coast. There were some great skits, and memorable characters on this show.
    Mark Blankfield played a pharmacist who was hooked on any medication, Michael Richards as the little boy with all the green army men, and Meliene Chartoff as the cute news anchor. John Roarke was a great impressionist, and did the best Reagan on any network. Rich Hall had a great segment about his sniglets, and Bruce Mahler was pretty good too. You could see a younger Larry David do skit comedy, before he stared producing Seinfeld and his own HBO show. Friday’s is a show you must sample just so you know what was happening back in 1980 America. This show would be great on late night Comedy Central.
  • Classic-some of the funniest skits ever on TV. Very under rated. The actors and writers have gone on to be some of the best on TV.

    I would love to see the greatest hits DVD released by ABC. I can still remember skits spoofing the Rocky Horror Picture Show (The Ronnie Horror Picture, spoofing Ronnie Reagan as Dr. Frank-N-Furter) or Melanie Chartoff in a baby doll pajamas spoofing television and why we really watch TV. Their comedy was cutting edge, with the likes of Larry David writing and performing (honestly I don't remember him in any skit) and Michael Richards developing his schtick (bazaar to outragious to "where the hell did that come from"). Bruce Maher, Mark Blankfield, Melanie Chartoff and all the rest made that a true ensemble cast of real characters.
    Come on ABC, every thing to gain and nothing to lose...
  • fridays was kick butt comedy controvercial and funny.

    why this show is not on dvd yet is mystery to me although it only lasted 2 seasons in my opinion it was in your face comedy and for those who call it a \" snl ripoff \" you could say that about any show on tv that its a ripoff of this or that if it makes you laugh who cares take a pill lol the andy kaufman fight episode is a classic why they dont bring even that 1 episode out on dvd is mind numbing i say put both seasons on dvd and lets get it out there on the market i\'ll be 1st in line or on ebay anyways thats my opinion and im sticking to it.
  • ABC's answer to "Saturday Night Live", minus the wit and starpower.

    It's amazing how a show with a writing star that included Jack Burns ("The Muppet Show", "Burns & WSchreiver"), Larry Charles ("Borat", "Mad About You"), Larry David ("Seinfeld", "Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Michael Richards, Matt Neuman ("Not Necessarily the News"), Elaine Pope ("Seinfeld", Lilly Tomlin specials) and more could be so unfunny. The writing wasn't helped by a weak cast, including David, who always was better behind the camera than in front of it. The best part of this show were the short films by Tom Kramer, the comic genius of comedian Rich Hall, and the way they shot the musical numbers with six cameras, blowing "SNL" out of the water. Kudos to directors John Moffitt and Paul Miller for their excellent work on the musical numbers.