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Friend or Foe?

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You see Kennedy standing in a central circle between the contestants.The 3 players are on Kennedy's left and the partners on her right.Then, the contestants are introduced. After this, the three possible partners are shown. Commercial is next. After about 2 minutes round one begins. Round 1- All contestants are in their pods. They can not hear anything but Kennedy's voice. She gives everyone $200 to start. She reads a multiple choice question. The teams must agree on an answer. Once they come up with one, they lock it in. When they all have locked in, or when the 15 seconds are up, she says the answer. If they are right, they get $500. The team with the lowest amount after 4 questions is the loser. If there is a tie, according to the FOF rules, the team who took the longest to answer loses. Then, the losers enter the trust box. Trust Box- Each member gets some time to tell why they should be considered a friend. Then, they put their hand inside the box. Inside is a button. If they do not press it, they are friends. If they do, they are foes. The money- 1- friend and friend- split money 2- friend and foe- foe takes money 3- foe and foe- pot is lost Then, Kennedy reveals the choices. Then, that team leaves. Round 2- Same as Round 2, but questions are worth $1000.If there is a tie in round 2 a tie breaker question for no money is asked. Round 3-The team has 60 seconds.Kennedy asks 10 questions. Each is worth $500. If they get all ten correct, Kennedy doubles the pot, making it worth a possible $22,000. If they miss 3 or more,or time runs out or answer all ten the round ends. Then they enter the trust box. Season 2 changes: the first commercial is after the first round. The partner picking is not shown.The first 15 or so episodes of season 2 were filmed similar to season 1.The remaining episodes have Kennedy standing at the trust box for the intro and the players are already in there pods. The teams are no longer given $200. Top trust fund is $22,000.Season 2 has much better lighting making the set look better. The top win in season 1 was $16,400.In season 2 $14,000.moreless
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  • I like it, but I have to admit that I do forget when it's on and I don't really get annoyed about it.

    The show is half way decent, but Kennedy makes the show. Without her I wouldn't bother watching Friend or Foe. The concept is good, but I think that the show won't last that long. It is extremely underappreciated and many people don't even know that it exists. Mainly I watch this show for the comedic aspect of it. To me the events going on are just something on the side. Kennedy's humor is what has me watching though. If Friend or Foe really wanted to stay around it should be moved to a cable channel. At least then a few more people would watch it.moreless
  • It just didn't.....

    Have the same magic as other game shows do. You have three teams. Usually you watch them fight over who the want, and that would usually meantheywould get mad and press foe. The object of the game is agree on the questions together as a team. The team with the lowest amound gets picked off first . To vote friend or for. If they both hit friend the split the money foe foe nobody gets the money if one hits friends and the other press foe foe gets it all. This kept going on until the last team gets to anwer question.moreless
  • It's too bad that a show with such an interesting goal can be completely ruined by one bad premise.

    Friend or Foe was a somewhat interesting show when I first saw it. Finally, a game show existed that combined trivia knowledge with Nash game theory, and both fields were sufficient to hold my interest for a while.

    It didn't take even a week of Game Show Network's original run for me to realize that the show screwed up.

    Some of the aspects worked. The selection of partners based solely on a brief introduction of the six contestants, complete with the potential of being stuck with one's second choice and the bitterness that could result. The requirement that both contestants agree on an answer. And the possibility of increasing your payout by taking it from the other contestant.

    Unfortunately, it was that last aspect that led to this show's fatal flaw.

    In short, if your partner voted Foe, you won nothing.


    And there's nothing you could have done about it.

    Sure, you could have voted Foe as well. But that would have led to a double-zero payout where no one got anything.

    It's the Prisoner's Dilemma done wrong. If you give two people a choice of two options such that one choice is always better for the selector while causing more problems for the other person, and such that both people choosing that option results in a less desirable outcome than if they had chosen the more benevolent choice, there's a decent debate in which choice is actually better. And it's true that choosing Foe always gives you twice as much money as choosing Friend.

    But this is a game show, and one of the aspects that makes them worth watching is the idea that a person will succeed if they do well enough. Sadly, if you're set against a person who went onto the show with intent to pick Foe, you are doomed to failure from the start.

    I have been criticized for holding this argument. Some fans of the show believe that "people aren't robots", and that a significant part of the show is trying to give the other person enough reason to pick Friend.

    I don't buy this. At the time of this writing, there is exactly one other review of this show on, and the writer was completely amazed that anyone would bother to pick Friend. And I've discussed the show with many other people who said that, if they went on the show, they'd pick Foe no matter what.

    I'm glad I won't have to partner with them.

    The show also displayed the antisocial aspect of this decision. One first-week contestant gloated to the other player about his decision to pick Foe to her Friend. A later contestant, upon finding out that his partner picked Foe, spent the remainder of the episode cursing. The sad thing is, picking Foe wouldn't have made the moment any better for them.

    If there was ANY way to make money after a Foe vote, or if the Foe vote merely reduced the other contestant's prize value by a sharp margin, this show might have been salvaged. But it's too late now.

    The producers of this show had successfully invented a game show where, if everyone played to the best of their ability, no one won anything.

    And, on a cable station like Game Show Network where the budget is limited, they probably appreciated that.moreless
  • This is a game show that is fun to watch but can be easily forgotten.

    Friend or Foe? is a game show network program in which four teams compete in trivia to get to the next level. At the end of each round one team gets eliminated. The problem with this show is that it does not make much sense.

    During the rounds of trivia the teams get money for every question that they get right. When a team is eliminate at the end of each round they have to decide wether to slip the money or not. They both push a button secretly to be either a friend or a foe. If both contestants pick friend then they split the cash. If they both pick foe then they get nothing. But if one picks friend and the other foe then the one who picked foe gets it all. The thing that is frustrating about this show is watching so many people choose friend. You should always pick FOE! Because you will either keep the other person from taking all the money or you will get every last cent.

    It is for this process that I do not really care for the show, but if you are not doing anything else it is not the worst game show out there.moreless

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