Friends and Heroes

Monday 12:00 PM on CBBC Premiered Mar 11, 2007 In Season


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  • So much fun to watch and such a good way to teach good principles to the children of today.

    Love the show, even though it is for children, as an adult I love what I have seen of it and may even ask Santa for the DVD's for Christmas. The way it goes from 2D to 3D is amazing, the graphics in it are fantastic and I think they have done a great job. I'm looking forward to sitting down and watching them all in order and enjoying the adventures of Macky and Portia as they go from Egypt in series one, on to Jerusalem in series two and then finally on to Rome in series 3. Can't wait till they are all finished and available!
  • Fantastic show that teaches biblical principles.

    We caught a glimpse of Friends and Heroes a few months ago and now my whole family is hooked. My 7-year-old twins beg and plead with me every week to watch the series over and over. I have since started to DVR the shows so we can go back and watch them again and again. Macky and Portia's adventures are so much fun. Portia might be a Roman but she's still Macky's best friend. Tobias is a greedy Roman - and Macky's nastiest enemy. We really hope that the series will continue so we can see where these kids go!
  • Episode One - Long Journey

    In the bustling marketplace of Alexandria we meet Samuel and Macky. Soon they encounter two young refugee girls who have stowed away aboard a ship from Galilee and are being pursued by Roman soldiers. Macky and his family risk their safety and defy the Romans by taking the sisters into their home. Samuel tells the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den to encourage the family not to be afraid - and Macky learns that violence is not the answer.

    When the girls are captured, Macky reminds everyone how Jesus demonstrated his power with a Miraculous Catch of Fish before calling his followers to leave everything and follow him. This motivates Samuel to help Macky spring a daring raid on the prison to free the girls.
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