Earlier today, CBS's Friends with Better Lives was canceled. It had mediocre ratings, and it's looking like CBS wants to go back to three hours of comedy a week (we will know on Wednesday), so, as a result, this show is dead.

This show was fairly entertaining, as I said in my recent mid-season look, but I'm not really upset over the cancelation. But, according to Deadline, the show isn't entirely dead yet. This show (along with Suburgatory, yay!) is apparently being shopped to other networks. I hope that another network picks this show up, because it has a great cast and deserves a chance to grow. (But, honestly, isn't this cast great? And this is so good news for Suburgatory fans. To TBS it may come! It could get paired with Cougar Town in its final season...)

But, luckily, even if it doesn't come back, we still have eight more episodes to enjoy, that will likely just air into the summer (probably until June 30?). Also, if the show is dead, these actors need to get good jobs soon, because they are great.

What are your thoughts on the cancelation of Friends with Better Lives?
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Friends with better stories! Please. http://www.alwaysladies.com/friends-with-better-stories/
I am not that upset too since it is a sitcom. You are right about the cast. I am sure Kevin Connolly will get a new job very soon. I do hope I see the rest. The chemistry between them is great and I will missed that.

I am very pissed about Crisis as I want to know how the story end !

man, i pray so. i just got into this show literally 2 days ago and can't stop watching or thinking about it. so much potential lies within this series. and the cast are amazing together which makes it all the more fun to watch! tbs or any another network would be luck to pick it up. finsger crossed
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