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Discuss That Episode - The One with the Butt (1x06)

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    In this episode we finally get to see Joey's acting, um, talent... The musical Freud! is one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

    "All you want is a dingle.
    What you envy's a schwang.
    A thing through which you can tinkle,
    Or play with, or simply let hang."

    Hilarious. Also Joey gets his first acting job "based on this play?" "Based on this play!" Which makes sense when we discover his role: the butt double. Apparently Joey's butt overacts...


    Meanwhile Chandler dates a beautiful women who dates many others. He makes the right choice in ending their relationship. We see the sensible side of the Chandler that we will grow to love.

    Chandler: She's amazing! She makes the women I dream about look like short, fat, bald men!
    Monica: Well, go over to her! She's not with anyone.
    Chandler: Oh yeah, right. And what would my opening line be? "Excuse me. Blah ra-rgh la-rgh."
    Rachel: Oh, come on. She's a person, you can do it!
    Chandler: Oh please. Could she be more out of my league? Ross, back me up here.
    Ross: He could never get a woman like that in a million years.
    Chandler: Thank you, buddy.

    (And yes, that was the first time in the series that Chandler used his catchprase.)


    Also, we finally get our first taste of Monica's anal retentiveness. I love her cleaning obsession!!! Another great installment.

    Monica: Okay, so I'm responsible, I'm organized. But hey, I can be a kook.
    : Alright, you madcap gal. Try to imagine this. The phone bill arrives, but you don't pay it right away.
    : Why not?
    : Because you're a kook! Instead you wait until they send you a notice.
    : I could do that.
    : Okay, uh, you let me go grocery shopping, and I buy laundry detergent, but it's not the one with the easy-pour spout.
    : Why would someone do that?! ...One might wonder.
    : Someone's left a glass on the coffee table. There's no coaster. It's a cold drink, it's a hot day. Little beads of condensation are inching their way closer and closer to the surface of the wood...

    : STOP IT!!

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