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    So I know most of you heard that rumor that there could possibly be a Friends feature film because of the success of the Sex and the City movie. Well I've been thinking of some possible story lines that they could do in this movie, even if it doesn't happen.

    1. The main focus in the movie would be on Ross and Rachel, and them preparing their wedding.

    2. Phoebe and Mike could be dealing with Phoebe's pregnancy, and them expecting their first child.

    3. Joey could be the same old Joey, and even though I want to forget that his TV show existed, they could have that blonde chick that was his neighbor on his show in the movie, and them have some sort of romantic storyline.

    4. Then we have Monica and Chandler. I'm not really sure what they would do, but I was thinking that maybe they could be going through some marriage problems. Like maybe their marriage is on the rocks, and then Richard shows up and Monica contimplates having an affair with him. Chandler could run into Janice, cause you have to have Janice, and maybe he could contimplate having an affiar with her.

    So that's my idea for a Friends feature film, I know it might sound a bit too dramatic for Friends, but it's just an idea, tell me what you think.

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