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Friends Movie?? :D

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    [1]Apr 29, 2011
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    I loved every single minute of friends but should they make a movie?

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    [2]May 21, 2011
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    8====D I'm excited.
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    [3]Jun 17, 2011
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    I've never thought they should, but that's just a personal opinion. I think Friends had a great ending with great closure, and they should just leave it at that.
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    [4]Oct 16, 2011
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    I think they should make a movie or atleast have a reunion...sort of like what growing pains did. i like the idea of 10 yrs after the show ended. we can see where the FRIENDS lives have lead. Joey can finally find the right woman...

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    [5]Oct 17, 2011
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    Im kind of iffy on a movie. Those who watched Sex & The City wanted a movie so it could continue and we got one but they ended up just changing way too much stuff for dramatic effect. I have an idea in my head about where everyone ends up after a fave show of mine ends so I tend to like just leaving it at that. I would see it and be curious about it, but Im not like "OMG Im going to die without one!" especially since it seems the cast members have moved on. It would always be great to see a 10-year reunion type thing though. They did one for BH90210 and no one thought we would get one.
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    [6]Oct 26, 2011
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    Lisa Kudrow said on Ellen there's never been a plan, and she doesn't think it's happening. They have asked the cast on several interviews and they all have said that's unlikely to happen, although they would really like it. However I would really love one. I think it would mean a great deal for a lot of fans.

    Think about it: Chandler and Monica raising the twins. Pheobe and Mike probably with a family of their own. Ross dealing with Ben being a rebel teenager and Emma being one of those clever funny kids we love to watch in movies. Joey finally falling for someone who Isn't Rachel. And what do you guys think? Should Ross and Rachel still be together? Maybe not at the beginning of the movie but definetly at the end.

    Anyways it's been about 10 years and there's not even a plan yet. The writters need to make up their minds and either tell us there's not going to be one for sure, or start writting one and reuniting the cast.

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    [7]Nov 26, 2012
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    It will never happen and for me it's a good thing.

    It's always the same: a thing works, we want a movie or something, and it fails.

    It's always better to stay on the memory and the good things, even if it's hard
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    [8]Jan 8, 2014
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    I think if they made a movie or reunion episode it would have to be really awesome and include many previous themes.

    I would like to see Monica in the fat suit again but this time Chandler is fat too and they are competing on The Biggest Loser couples and while she takes over and looks like winning. Chandler is caught smoking and calling Janice to help break him out. Monica gets angry and starts binge eating when she sees Janice on the other side of the fence talking to Chandler. Monica and Chandler get eliminated.

    Phoebe and Mike are semi absent now and spend most of their time on the "Rich" side of town with Mike's family. Joey is so sad and has gone completely grey and he dates Ursula because he misses Phoebe so much and he is now a limo driver to the rich and famous because he can't get any acting gigs. So we would see some famous cameos in the limo!

    Ross and Rachel have split again......she found out he donated sperm to Susan and Carol and has 2 more children and this affects their ability to pay for Emma's private girl school tuition . While they are "On a break"Ross is caught with another woman and it turms out she is the principal of Emma's school and he is just trying to schmooze her after he sees her dinousaur models and thinks he can win her over to extend their school fee payment deadline.

    Gunther is now a millionaire playboy after he releases a successfull novel in the same vain as 50 shades of grey and the main character seems to be a lot like Rachel.

    Frank and Alice couldn't have any more children and Phoebe was having her own kids (Devito and Minsk)so she couldn't be their surrogate.... so they now run a dog minding business and it is way out of control.

    Ross and Monica's parents have moved to Florida and Chandlers father has a one man/one woman show in Vegas.

    The whole gang must come together when Monica has a breast cancer scare.....the kicker being that Richard sees her at the hospital having tests and realises she was the one that got away and soshe must face possible cancer and lost love. Chandler being the scaredy cat that he is runs away to vegas and the gang must find him before Richard wears her down with his long awaited affection.

    We never got a properRoss and Rachel wedding so if they are in Vegas...there will have to be another Vegas wedding this time complete with facepaint, alcohol and Wayne Newton

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