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"Friends" partly sterotype?st

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    [1]May 22, 2012
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    Is there anyone who thought that this show was partly sterotype? Looking back, they kind of potrayed single persons in a sterotypical way. We have koown many single people who were also really nice persons, just as intellectual and motivated, worked full time, they would even sometimes work part-time second jobs and sometimes even part-time second and third jobs to pull through and make ends meet.

    In the series "Friends", they often hand out and play around too much on the week days even.They really don't work enough to be able to afford those really expensive apartments in New York city, unless if they supposivly secertly did their work from home, but even then, all the hours you realisticallywould have to work and put in in a whole week altogether to be able to afford those expensive apartments, I find it odd that they would be able to complete all of them in such shorter time spans each day, especially instantly and magically, and then have the rest of the day and larger portions of time, to hang out, play around, and goof off.

    And what about Ross, didn't he have at least a kid or two with his ex back when they were married? So he also had children to support, child support to pay every month, and yet he still had all that unlimeted, undivided eneormous time to hang out, play around and goof off even on week days, in larger portions of time? Unless if the mother of his children was supporting them and paying child supports in full all by herself without and of his help, and if that really is the case, there are defenetly a lot of things wrong with that.

    The group really did spend too much time hanging out at each others' places, at starbucks and whereever else they went, playing around and goofing off, they don't work enough and yet they could still afford those expensive apartments living in New York city, that is extremly unrealistic. And it would be just as unrealistic in any less expensive places.

    I'm not saying it was a bad show, but there were some things that should have been done very differently. They kind of did potray single persons in a very strotypical way, partly at least, and even partly, it's kind of messed up.

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    [2]May 22, 2012
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    I think this is a common criticism. I can't give you a satisfying answer other than the premise was a group of friends hanging out, not work friends or friends that only get together every two or three weeks. It was unrealistic, but sometimes we have to swallow the disbelief.

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    In terms of its characters, pretty much all sitcoms, andeven some dramasuse specific personality traits and stereotypes when writing their characters. There's often 'The Pretty One', 'The Nerd', 'The Jock', 'The Neurotic One', 'The Funny'etc.

    In terms of the amount of time they spent hanging out together, and the expense of their apartments, again, this is another flaw majority of sitcoms have (except if they're work based obviously). How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Happy Endings, Modern Family etc. will often have several episodes in a row in which none of their main characters will be seen going to work. Believable? Not at all. But it makes for more entertaining television if the characters are always hanging out and being funny, rather then stuck at work.

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