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how realistic is friends?

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    Since when are sitcoms supposed to be realistic? It's TV! If you can't standing watching Friends because it's unrealistic...then what the hell do you watch?

    Surely not Gilmore Girls - how realistic is it that Rory and Lorelai never gain weight despite the fact that they almost exclusively eat take-out and never exercise?

    Or Veronica Mars - would a teenage girl who's actually caught the attention of the FBI a couple times really be allowed to intern for them? Who knows?

    Grey's Anatomy? Where they all have their makeup intact and have no visible bags under their eyes after working endless shifts?

    Oh, gosh, I guess TV isn't supposed to represent real life after all!

    Kay, all snark aside, yes, it is far from realistic. But it's entertainment, not a documentary. If they lived in studio apartments and wore Walmart clothes, we wouldn't want to watch them.

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    on rachel's 1k cat.. i thought she already had enough money by that time to splurge. plus, she probably has a trust fund. I mean, yea, she 'got her independence' and doesn't rely on her dad's money anymore... but chances are, yeah, i bet you she has trust fund money.
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    If you look at every single show you will find unrealistic flaws! every show. - Like every single show, whenever anyone wakes up from sleeping, they look gorgerous, make up perfect and hair lovely. - OTH, GA and others the timing is always out and never makes sense LOL!!

    you will always find unrealistic issues about shows but it is a TV show after all LOL!
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    Yes parts of the show are unrealistic but if it was totally realistic it wouldn't be funny, it'd just be like a documentary.

    I think Friends is the best show ever, and I think it is realistic enough.

    Only thing I would change is Ross spending more time with Ben. We don't see them together as much as I think we should, especially after Emma is born.

    Oh and the friends not knowing Chandler's job is totally realistic. My dad has a boring office job just like Chandler's and I have no idea what he does or what his job title is lol
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