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Least Favorite Episode From Each Season

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    [21]Aug 10, 2009
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    Season 1: TOW Nana dies twice

    Season 2: TOW the bullies

    Season 3: TOW the jam

    Season 4: TOW the ballroom dancing

    Season 5: TOW Rachel smokes

    Season 6: TOW Mac and CHEESE

    Season 7: TOW the holiday armadillo

    Season 8: TOW Monica's boots

    Season 9: TOW the sharks

    Season 10: TO after Joey and Rachel kiss

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    [22]Mar 18, 2010
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    S1 - The one where the monkey gets away (boring, and anything with Marcel in it is usually not funny)

    S2 - The one with the list (boring and not very funny, not redeemable storylines)

    S3. The one where Rachel quits (I think this speaks for itself)

    S4 - The one with the invitation (Boring)

    S5 - The one with all the kips (Unmemorable)

    S6 - The one with the joke (Following 3 great episodes, this episode was a a real downer)

    S7 - The one with the vows (Flashback episode, and not a good one)

    S8 - The one with the stripper(A fan favourite, but I personally don't know why)

    S9. The one with Christmas in Tulsa (A flashback episode with unlikable plot lines)

    S10 - The one with Rachel's going away party (Not fun to watch, I hardly laughed during this episode)

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    [23]Jun 27, 2010
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    The only episodes I really didn't like was The One Where Ross Finds Out, andThe One With the List. I think that's when I started hating Rachel. She put Ross in an awkward position when she told Ross she had feelings for him even though he was with Julie. She was not meant to see the list and the fact that his list is supposed to be a worse thing than interfereing with his relationship with Julie. That said, I did like it when Ross and Rachel eventually got together, I just thought these episodes pointed out what a horrible person Rachel is.

    And for obvious reasons, I hated the episode where Ross and Rachel broke up.

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    [24]Jul 14, 2010
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    Heres my list. I still like these episodes but just least out of all of them. I didnt include flashback episodes because even though they are my least fave, its easy to not like a flashback episode.

    1- TOW the Monkey Gets Away (Its basically a one-plot episode).

    2- TO After The Superbowl (Dont really watch it as much as the others because it seems so long).

    3- TOW Morning After (S3 is one of my faves so it was hard to narrow it down but I think Ive seen this one only a few times because it is so long and dramatic. Jennifer and David did excellent but I watch Friends for comedy, not drama).

    4- TOW the Rugby (The only thing saving this was Chandlers Yemen storyline).

    5- TO After Ross Says Rachel (This is my least favorite out of ALL the episodes, not including flashback episodes. It is SO boring and Ive probably seen it less than #3).

    6- TO That Couldve Been (Another one I skip, like #2. Its one a see one-time type of episode).

    7- TOW Phoebe's Cookies (This was actually hard to do to narrow it down to one because I didnt care much for s7).

    8- TOW The Tea Leaves (Didnt like Phoebes storyline and found the rest pretty boring compared to the rest of the season).

    9- TOW the Soap Opera Party (Fillerish, not very exciting).

    10- TOW Joey Speaks French (This one speaks for itself LOL).

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    [25]Mar 13, 2014
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    1. TOW with Mrs. Bing

    2. TOW The list

    3. TOW the giant poking device

    4. TOW the invitation

    5. TOW the ride-along

    6. TOW the last night

    7. My favorite season, but if I have to chose an episode it will be TOW Rachel's assistant

    8. TOW where Rachel is late

    9. TOW Rachel's dream

    10. TOW Chandler gets caught

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