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Ode to Monica and Chandler

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    Hey guys!

    Maybe you remember that a huge Ross and Rachel fan published a poem about R&R on
    I tried to write one about Monica and Chandler.
    Maybe it's not as good as the R&R poem, but check it out:


    “I’m Ross’s little sister” – “Okay”
    Does a love story really begin in such way?
    Maybe sometimes – but then it often’s just a fling.
    Not so in the story of Monica Geller and Chandler Bing.

    Janice and Kathy, Richard and Pete –
    all quite nice flirts, but not for the future,
    not what they need.

    They were looking for someone special,
    looking for more,
    just not realizing
    that all this was living next door.

    Of course they loved each other, but just as a friend,
    thank God it made “Click!” in the night in London they spent.

    Many more nights together, but it shouldn’t be a big deal,
    that’s why they tried everything not to reveal.

    But it’s hard to hide a secret from Friends-
    they’re not dumb –
    so Joey found out
    thanks to an eyelash curler and Donald Trump.

    Rachel was the second one who revealed the lies,
    followed by Phoebe – the truth almost blinded her eyes!

    The 3 decided to make a joke with Chandler and Mon,
    but when Chandler shouted “I love her”
    nobody cared who the flirting game won.

    That his sister’s in love,
    Ross finally got to know.
    So they didn’t have to hide longer,
    they could it show!

    After Vegas they took one step forward:
    they moved together,
    but concerning marriage, Chandler still was a coward.

    Although he loved her, he was afraid of getting so close,
    but he put away his doubts: “I’m gonna propose!”

    However, one guy wanted to avoid this
    I’m talking ‘bout Richard – Mon’s Ex –
    he almost screwed up
    a happy final of season six.

    Chandler mad the situation even worse,
    it was such a big mess!
    but in the end everything turned good,
    and in a candle-lit room she said “Yes”.

    The wedding day came
    and true came the problem we feared:
    Chandler got cold feet again
    and just disappeared!

    He wasn’t sure
    if he could offer Monica a happy and lucky life
    but Ross and Pheebs convinced him
    so Joey pronounced them husband and wife.

    After “I do” everything seemed
    as if it couldn’t be better,
    but the fact that they couldn’t have babies themselves
    made Monica and Chandler writing a letter:

    The adoption agency found
    a girl named Erica – who
    gave the couple twins.
    Their greatest wish came true!

    Mom Monica, Dad Chandler,
    Baby Erica and Baby Jack –
    they’re happy together,
    we wish them good luck!

    That was the story
    (There’s no need to add anything),
    the wonderful story
    of Monica and Chandler Bing!
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    Not bad.
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    pretty good
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