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Rachel and Phoebes friendship

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    Hi!! Im new to this forums, just discover them!!!Im a huge fan of friends!!! I watched the entire series when it was airing, but i was very young then (only 11 when friends started), but im 30 new, and since 2004 when this show ended and now i ve rewatched it many many times. I always rewatch an episode of friends when in down!!! Anyways, this is one of the best tv series ever made, i go so invested in the characters, their stories, and the amazing chemistry they all had. This show is legendary!!!

    Anyways, i was lurking in the forums and notcied that Phoebe and Rachel friendship is not talk about like at all, even in the "wich FRIENDS character haves the better friendship" thread, and i find it weird cause this two, even when they just meet eachother in espidoe 1 (and dont go way back like the other characters) became one of the closest pair of friends of the entire show, they had such a fun relationship!!!!

    Phoebe was all quirky and crazy, we all know that, and she could also be kinda of a meanie with all the other friends (except joey, maybe), but she was always sweet to Rachel. Actually, i think theres no argument that Phoebes closest friends were Rachel and Joey. But with Joey she had this platonic relationship, she always seemed to have a thing for him, while with Rachel they were always friends/friends, you know what i mean??

    Their relationship developed a lot through the years, and in the last couple of seasons they were the ones that spend most time together, probably, not only cause they lived together at one point, but cause they were such close friends!! Monica and Rachel are the closest female friends, no doubt, but they ALSO fought a lot, and could say mean things to eachother. Phoebe and Monica were very close, no doubt either, but we know how Phoebe, even we she loved Monica very much, she was annoyed by her too, and couldnt stand living with her. While Rachel/Phoebe....they had such a great relationship!!!! They NEVER fought in the entire series!! Even when they lived together, and Rachel burned down Phoebes house (lol) and they spend so much time together, they never/once FOUGHT!. And they share A LOT of storylines together, in the later seasons writers pair this two A LOT (mostly since monica got together with chaldner, but rach and pheeb started developing since the minute they meet, tbh), but they never fought, they just got along great!!!

    What i also loved about them is that they were FUN together. With Phoebe, Rachel was this very playful person who had a lot of fun (see TOW phoebe runs, TOW everybody finds out, TOW unagi for just from the top of my head examples), they even went had a tatoo together in season 2!!Rachel with Phoebe was sooo much fun, and you could tell they really adore eachother!!!

    I think Phoebe best friend was, without a doubt, Rachel

    And Rachel was best friend with Monica for all the history they had, but she was as close to Phoebe as she was with Monica.

    And they were so sweet to eachother! And fun!!!

    And you could tell in the millon scenes and storylines they shared together that this 2 were as close as it gets as friends.

    Actually, i think that after the 3 cannon closest friendship relationships (Chan/Joey, Mon/Rach and Ross/Chan) Rachel/Phoebe was next. And im talking PURE friendship relationship, no ship or platonic-ship ones!

    Also, did you notcie that the episdoes were this two team up together are among the best of the series. Like tow everbody finds out!!!

    Some of the fun/sweet moments they had together:

    what do u all think about this two??

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