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    i guess it pretty much depends whether the storylines n jokes r going great with your fav character and mine being chandler n joey n phoebe i gotta say i enjoyed the earlier seasons way more the later ones ross n rachel together was nice n the breakups were still funny n sad.Also Those seasons u learn something new n interesting about the characters every episode...n i also like the whole chandler and monica sneaking around n everybody finding out the later seasons i just couldnt bear monica bossing around chandler all the time, joey being stupid way too much,n phoebe n mike not very funny and arnt u just tired of the whole ross rachel thing n joey n rachel is just there it goes 12345 followed by 678910
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    5 - keeping their relationship a secret was absolutely one of the best on going ideas the writers had, "I'm Joey... I like making low budget adult films..." everything till tow everybody finds out was great, especially that episode, the one hundredth (my fav episode), the resolutions, the ride along defiantly in the top ten episodes... Vegas was great... just one of the best seasons. 6 - I call it Ross's rehab season, after being "mental gellar" his story lines were just the best... also call it Ross's season because most of the episodes evolved around him... (the annulment, the teeth, the accent, dating elizabeth).
    and of course the best season finale. it was a great season.

    7 - all though most people don't like this season for whatever reason... (beats me!) i absolutely loved it. so many funny story lines, even if they were about the wedding! and loved so much the nap partners the armadillo, the second best "bottle episode" Tow Monica's Thunder. they're up all night Joey's award ... all great episodes...

    3 - Ross and Rachel's break up... and seeing how they try to have one up on the other was hilarious. Tow where no ones ready, and just because chandler was the funniest in that season.

    8 - Ross and Mona, Rachel telling about her baby, and the many " situations Ross was put in, made it a great season. 4 - Tow the embryos... chandler's guilt pang... and of course Emily would make this season interesting and funny.

    9 - everything that would come from Joey's accidental proposal would make this season have one of the best episodes. the Ross and Joey fight in the coffee house and then in the hospital... i just can't remember if i ever laughed so hard at any other episode. Memorial service and the lottery were great, and of course the developing of Rachel's crush on Joey. and who can forget about the maple candy...

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