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The Kissing Matrix

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    bronbrons27 wrote:
    rebachick94 wrote:
    bronbrons27 wrote:
    Kadodian wrote:
    Lol everyone kissed everyone.
    Not true lol. Monica and Joey never kiss and Monica and Phoebe never kiss, but apart from that everyone kissed yeah
    Doesn't it seem weird that both of those involve Monica? They should have kissed at least once. I mean, Phoebe and Joey kissed several times throughout the series, and they weren't even together.
    Yeah I agree. I think Monica and Joey should have kissed at least once (not in an alternate reality).
    It doesn't even have to be onscreen! lol, but it would be better on screen. I mean, they were going to be the main romance of the show instead of Rachel/Ross and they didn't even kiss once in ten years on the show where everybody kisses everybody! They could have done it when they were playing spin the bottle in the fourth season instead of focusing on Joey and Emily.
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