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Would You Have Your "Friends" Memory Erased to Rewatch the Whole Show

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    hesonlylonely wrote:
    This would be a very marketable idea for some pills or something for biotechnologists and neurological researchers.

    Yeah but the only way you could do it is to erase your whole memory and not just the parts refering to Friends. Your hippocampus does not know whats what. The only way it could be attainable is if you havent watched Friends yet and then take the pill afterwards so your short-term memory doesnt go into your long-term memory but then you lose everything else that happened that day as well. Itd be cool if they developed some sort of computer that would erase only certain parts of your memory like 'Dollhouse' or something like that but I just dont see it happening in our lifetime lol.
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    not meaning to be controversial, but I've gotta say I would be against the idea!

    Reasons being :

    firstly, it would be like loosing 6 of my best friends!! how lame is that? haha

    Secondly, I love quoting with my 'real' friends and going off on a complete tangent and it being a competition to see who lasts the longest...

    Thirdly, I love watching it for comfort because it's something I'm so familiar with - everyone's gotta have that and friends is the only thing I have like that

    Fourthly, being such an expert means you can notice the little things in the show in each scene - privilige of anaylsing in depth is great!

    I'm ready for abuse from anyone who disagrees!!

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