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  • Amazing. That's pretty much all I can say.

    Well, I'd rant on and on about what a great show and how it should stay on and how they should bring it back and all of that you'd usually find in a review for a cancelled show. But I'm not. I'm just gonna tell you that it's not too late to watch Friends.

    I personally think that Friends and a very cute show. It really shows how the six of them stay together as friends no matter what happens to them. They are just how friends should be. Always there for each other. Now, okay, I said I wasn't gonna rant about this, but I will.

    BRING IT BACK. I loved it and so many people did.
  • Its a show of six close friends in their everyday lives brought to you by just hillarious comedy. Just a wonderfull addition to to routine day.

    Its not easy to score a rating of 10 from me so this is very special. There is just no other thing to compare it to. The sheer sence of belonging within the group and comical happenings that in no way, so to speak, fade out during the series. The only thing i have regrets for(and it seems i will have for allways) is the fact that it has ended and i probably will never see anything that will move me in terms of friendship or romance, make me laugh so hard that i allmost have to clean up after myself nor keep me up from 16:00 till 05:30 just to see all the episodes in the series, because i just could not fall asleep before that. Just kept thinking of the next episode and the one after that. I lack words to describe what i think of this series so ill just finish up quickly and in a way i know how, it is absolutely fabulous and i salute all the cast, the crew and the aspecially the wrighters of "Friends".

    Written after seeing House MD and it beats House by mile, it kinda shows in the rating
  • Still love to watch the re-runs.

    I love the show and still watch the re-runs. Great cast; all the characters were equally as
    good. Jennifer was too good for Brad Pitt; look at him now and look at her. In real
    life she is role model to women. She handled her situation with DIGNTIY. I admire her for that. I love show that you can laugh and this show is good entertainment. Well...I can not
    send without more lets see. Funny comes to mind. Good entertainment. I do not like the gay issue to be on tv; however, it was handled in manner I could accept because it was not condoned by all parties.
  • Classic... unbeatable... eternal.

    Classic... unbeatable... eternal.

    Probably one of the best shows in the history of telvision and probably the only show I've lost count of how many times I've watched, and watched, and watched. I grew up with this sitcom! I don't think there's a single fan of Friends who -at one point- didn't want to be part of the gang or didn't want to have a group of people like them to hang out with.

    I admit the last season was not as good as the previous 9 -but maybe that only showed that it was time to move on- but I can't recall watching an episode I didn't like, which has happened with some of my favorite shows. I won't say bring it back, but I do want to say thanks for sharing the laughter!
  • Probably one of the greatest comedy's ever!

    This is my all time favorite TV show because the characters are very funny and uses well thought out jokes and the cast was spot on right for the show. The characters work well with each other and they all have there own ways of humor i.e. Chandler uses sarcastic humor mainly when he's uncomfortable in a situation which he developed when was young because, he didn't have the greatest childhood, or Monica likes to shout words a lot and has a obsessive need to clean. All round a very good show and it should be brought back, I miss it.
  • this is my old fav show come can we get more shows like this

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  • Six friends, One show, Endless laughs.

    Oh friends, what can I say, this is one show that will always be remember. I think I've seen every episode of friends atleast 10 times and it's one of those shows how no matter how many times you watch it, it never gets boring. The show revolves around 6 friends and a coffee shop(who would have thought a simple idea like that could bring so much humor), as each episode goes on we learn more about the friends and follow there daily lives. The only thing that annoys me about the show is I can't work out which friend I love the best, each has there own qualities that I'm drawn to. I highly recommend it for those who are yet to watch an episode.
  • One to remember

    A phenominally brilliant sitcom, worth of all the praise it gets and more. With non-stop jokes and still very serious story lines this show never fails to put a superfluous effort to be extra awesome each episode, each character is likeable, some more than the others, its occasional guest stars, and additional things make this a completely legendary show of all time. They did a very good job of keeping the series going for so long and even an especially funny, yet sad ending to the phenomenom of a series, definatly a 10 out of 10 sitcom in my opinion, and as i said in my classification, it finished a little too soon sadly...
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  • Six friends that live nearby: Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey and hilarious situations: that gives you Friends, the best tv show ever.

    How can anyone not KNOW this tv show ? It is the best comedy show that has ever aired on tv, everybody knows Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey: they may be stereotypes sometimes, but god, are they funny. Situations that you never thought could happen, sometimes, situations that you can actually relate to (shame!) but most of all, hilarious situations. It is a show that I've watch thousand of times, almost everybody must know the dialogue perfectly, as I do. You really can't be bored by watching Friends, it is one of the best show ever on tv, and I do hope that everybody has heard of it !
  • what friends is all about.

    friends, is a classic.the script,the charecter potrayal,the sets...etc. everything on the show is perfect.the timing,the inovative ideas,the touching's like in an ideal world...friends can get anyone regardless of age to laugh till they cry. its very much like the indian sense of humour- spontanious, quike n has a lovely storyline that tours you around the life of 6 young friends who start of for you as strangers but end in family. it is one of the most popular shows and is loved still has its dialogues running through the mouths of people wvwn after 4 years of not airing...every episode is unforgettable...
  • One of the best comedies or maybe the best.

    Every time it is on tv it is a success. I have seen it lots of times and all people here in Spain knows the whole life of the six friends. I mean, you can do a Friends' joke about something in the real life and all understand it.

    It's fantastic the continuous humor in every chapter. For all we who love tv and movies it's a pleasure to know there are good scriptwriters. Here in Spain all tv shows are copies of american ones. In fact the first season of "Siete Vidas" is a copy of Friends, if you have the opportunity check it for yourself. It won a prize for originality, i suppose it was when people realized it was a copy.
  • Can't believe it's over!

    This was by far and always on my top two favorite tv series! I know all perfect tv shows have to stop sometime, and if they made many more, it might have started down hill so I get why they quit. They quit while they still had the far lead. But this, up with Wildfire and a few others was by far my weekly show! I'm really gonna miss the dromedy. I'm also gonna miss comparing my brother to Joey and my other brother to Chandler and Ross. For every character I had at least one friend or family member who matched them perfectly. I was always a mix between Rachel and Phoebe. My sister was always Monica ( I could never be that ocd, but we still loved her!) My favorite girl would be Phoebe, and it's between Chandler and Joey for my favorite guy. I'm gonna miss being updated on them every week.
  • Great family tv show.

    The best tv show I've ever seen, I personally own all 10 seasons and I watch them still from begining to end, over and over again. I would love to see a them bring the show back, at least do a friends reunion show. I would like to see ross and rachael finally get married. I would like to see chandler and monica's new house with the new additions running around. I believe that the reasons the show was so good is that everyone related to one or more of the charaters during the running of the show. I had the most in common with ross. Great show, wonderful cast.
  • I loved this show! It's such a classic. I mean who doesn't know Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler and Central Perk! The whole show was perfect in every way and the whole world practically grew up with these characters.

    This show is such a classic, the whole idea of a group of normal friends, struggling to keep up with life, is so normal yet so successful. The whole world has practically lived with Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler and all the things they went through from quitting smoking to babies and to marriages and divorces to financial problems and to complicated relationships. They've been through it all. We grew up with these characters, as the seasons progressed and the years passed. They brought entertainment and a sense of comfort that every situation has a comical side. I miss friends and would definitely look froward to a reunion.
  • This is a great TV show and has had roring succes it was a great idea to bring friends back out Well done!

    I really personally love this show, its entertaining to watch, its michevious, and it's fun! every night im like "its nearly 7:00 F.R.I.E.N.D.S is on! It's a great show to watch with the family and it doesnt get boring likeNeighbours and Home and Away and Mclouds daughters ETC. if your looking for a great show to watch with the family i would definately reccomend this, it also gives you and your family and friends something to talk about thast fun! one of my favourite episodes was when it was thanks giving (i think) and they were all locked outside the apartment and they were all fighting and all! haha and the turkey was burning inside the house! ETC anywayz this is one of the best TV shows to air in aus (i reckon anyway) and if you dont watch it your misssing out big time!
  • This is a great TV show and has had roring succes it was a great idea to bring friends back out Well done!

    I really personally love this show, its entertaining to watch, its michevious, and it's fun! every night im like "its nearly 7:00 F.R.I.E.N.D.S is on! It's a great show to watch with the family and it doesnt get boring likeNeighbours and Home and Away and Mclouds daughters ETC. if your looking for a great show to watch with the family i would definately reccomend this, it also gives you and your family and friends something to talk about thast fun! one of my favourite episodes was when it was thanks giving (i think) and they were all locked outside the apartment and they were all fighting and all! haha and the turkey was burning inside the house! ETC anywayz this is one of the best TV shows to air in aus (i reckon anyway) and if you dont watch it your misssing out big time!
  • Ultimate laugh trip that you just have to take over and over again!

    I absolutely LOVE this show! This is my ultimate untiring "watch me when you have nothing else to do" show! I bought the complete DVDs of FRIENDS so I can watch it again and again! And as if I didn't know the punch line, but I still keep on laughing everytime! Friends is an absolute classic, seasons may change, clothings styles may go, but having the kind of friendship you see in the group is one thing you can always rely on. But all that drama aside, this show rocks! My siblings actually discovered FRIENDS through me, and having saw one episode of the final season, they got addicted and we eventually watched and repeated the whole previous seasons for about a week or so during the summer!

    So if you're looking to chill, relax and have a little laugh at the end of a tiring day... watch FRIENDS. Even if you are alone, with a friend, or with your entire family, laughing , or if you're really cranky, smiling once in a while, is a sure guarantee!
  • Amazing throughout all seasons...

    Well, I didn't really know about the show until I say my brother and sister watching it.

    I was born in 1994 that's why I didn't know about until I saw my siblings laughing and I asked them what was so funny...ok so maybe I didn't ask them but I did watch the season finale(which was my first episode ever). Ever since I first watched it I couldn't stop!!! Now I have to watch this show everyday! It's just so funny! Whenever my brother's at home I always ask him to watch an episode and we always end up laughing even though we've watched it 3 times! Calling this show "simply amazing" is an understament it deserves to be called a classic! No make that a lovable classic.

    This show will live in our memories for a lifetime...
  • FRIENDS is a must see show.

    I admit that I never got into Friends when it was actually going. After the season finale and years of my friends telling me how awesome the show is, I netflixed it and began watching the whole thing. I can't believe how much I missed out on. FRIENDS is one if the best shows I've seen. The creators hit on something that everyone in the world can connect too. And the show is steady on staying on the funny side of the line (the other side being stupid) I love this show and would recommend it to anyone. I also love the way that not one character is the main character, I mean yes, Ross and Rachel, but Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are all part of the show that I can't get enough of.
  • Six friends loads of funny stories, "Friends" never fails to make me laugh...

    I just become a fan of "Friends" recently and I was fascinated by the story lines but more because the fantastic acting skills of the actors.
    "Friends" talks about friendship, family, and also marriage. Six people living in the society, but more like living in their own small world, but, this small world reflect the society well. There is selfish, materialism and greed,however, much more were shown, there are caring between friends and families, there are sweet love between lovers. Six friends in a giant steel and concrete jungle, share their joy and sorrow with the rest of the world, they've brought me much happiness.
  • One of the best shows ever created!!

    I was so impressed with this show, that I rushed out and bought all ten seasons. It has a great cast and crew who all work together so well, which makes this show so great. If you like comedy, then you wil LOVE this show. It has everything that a comedy should have like running gags, hilarious characters and famous guest stars. This is a show watched, enjoyed and loved by audiences of all ages. This show will live on for a long time, and should never of ended. It also had an unsucessful spinoff called 'Joey', where Joey Tribbiani moves to live with one of his many sisters.
  • Who doesn't love Friends?

    Friends is one of my favourite shows ever. It's one of those shows where you really get to 'know' all the characters. Over 10 seasons, everyone's characteristics and personalities are shown in great detial. I love the show because it's so 'real-life'. I think that it's a very realistic show, and I love that.
    It's great, how, over 10 seasons, the show never declined in quality. Everyone as good as the next. Friend's has made me laugh, cry and much more!
    The cast is awesome. Each one of the actors are perfect for the part they play. Ross and Chandler are probably my favourite characters, but not by much. They make it so, all the main 'Friends' are lovable, in some way or another.
    All in all, it's a fantastic show which should go down with the legends!
    Best sitcom ever.

    You can't remove anyone of the characters of Friends, it just won't be the same. OK maybe Monica! No not even Monica. Group of friend with eccentric personalities with the strangest things happening to them. Each episode is unmissable. You can not name one episode as your favorite everything is wonderful. And you can watch it over and over It stays good and funny. I would recommend it to everybody under the age of 55. Make sure you start at the beginning if you start watching it for the first time or the 100th. Enjoy this show. Parental guidance is advised!
  • late but amazing discovery

    Friends was by far my favorite sitcom of all time. I didn't even start watching it until it ended and I bought the dvd one day and I was hooked. I love every episode, the humor is smart and fun, characters are likeable. Really was and is still one of the best shows on tv even in sindication. It had amazing writers as well for 10 seasons they were able to keep it different, fresh and surprising. I've seen every episode but they but all the storylines of the diff characters together so well I'm always forgetting one story or the other. You can also really tell the cast got along, Best ensemble ever imop!
  • The best comedy series ever. Will be solely missed.

    This comedy series lasted ten years and every episode brought drama and laughter from every character. This show watches the lives of 6 close friends living in New York city. We see is characters dealing with family, love, career and much more as they all grow up and start families.

    Monica, the obsessive one, was always unlucky in love and was also having to deal with the let downs from her mother. She always wanted to be a mother and long for the perfect partner and family. After series 5 she fell in love with Chandler and they had the perfect relationships filled with ups and downs. Her best moment was how scary she get while organising her wedding.

    Chandler, the sarcastic one was always either getting in trouble with Monica or making trouble together with Joey. Having a transgender dad and not having so much luck with the opposite sex he alwasy used comedy as a deffence. Once falling in love with Monica you see his serious side. His best moment was his whole attitude with the process of adopting his and Monica's first child.

    Joey, the sexy one, was always a hit with the ladies and never wanting to have a seious relationship. But was also slow which made him so funny to watch. Him being the one most of the friedns turned to when they needed relationship advice and watching him create a bnod with Baby Emma and never wanting any of his friends to change was great. His best moment was falling in love with Rachel.

    Phoebe, the wierd one, was always a sort of outcast from her friends. having no parents, a twin she never spoke to and growing up on the streets she was always the one looking on the bright side. Watching her from a hippy chick to falling in love with Mike and starting a family was great. he best moment was her wedding.

    Rachel, the fashion one, was always the serious one who turned to everyone for advice on relationships and work. Having been a spoilt brat and coming in this the show with no money and no where to live she decided to live with Monica whom she went to high school with. having a turbulent relationship with Ross she then fell in love with Joey and then had a Baby with Ross. Finally finding a career in fashion and falling in love with Ross in the end, it all worked out well for her. Her best moment was her giving birth the Emma.

    Ross, the smart one, wsalwasy the serious one who was normally the friend who everyone ws laughing at. Having a relationship with Rachel that was ended with the infamous 'we were on a break' and having a thing for getting married, his love life was always up and down. His best moment when he found out about Rachel's pregnancy and how he dealt with that.

    this really is a great show with great characters and will alwasy be watched. I'm now just waiting for the film reunion
  • Friends is one of the best shows ever made.

    This is one of my favorite shows and I was so sad when the last episode came out. Friends is hilarious. Who couldn't like Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachael, Phoebe, and Ross. They all bring something special to the show and make it great. My dad is the one who introduced me to the show when he bought the seasons on DVD. We watched them everyday and we still watch an episode or two on occasion. I can honestly say that there is not one bad episode in the entire show. Friends is one of those rare shows that everyone loves and is impossible to hate. It has everything you want in a show and more.
  • It was so hard to see this show go. It was truly one of the all time greats. It is so hard to say that ten years has passed. Friends will be much mised.

    It was so hard to see this show go. It was truly one of the all time greats. It is so hard to say that ten years has passed. It is however rather helpfull, when you miss six of the greatest characters that were ever created to sit down and watch old reruns or the seasons on dvd. Friends will be much mised. I am happy that Ross and Rachel got together in the end. Monica and Chanlers babies are sooo cute. Just thinking about the end of this era makes me want to cry. Friends was truly one of the greatest shows ever.
  • A must see.

    Friends... where can i begin. not only is this one of the most famous comedies of all time, this is a must see tv show that makes a person who owns a tv and haven't watched this show a mediocore. based on a group of friends day to day lives friends is not only funny but is also very heart warming and gives a sense that makes you fell like you are one of them. I have seen loads of people cry over ross's divorces, cry in joy for their weddings, and waht not. Very entertaining and i highly recommend that you watch it. It's (sadly) finished so buy the dvd box set and start watching. promise you that you will be hooked.
  • By far, one of the best shows of my generation.

    This show is an absolute classic. No if's, and's or butts about it. I have all the seasons on DVD, I have the book, and I seen every episode of "Friends". The whole entire cast, and crew of this show are simply genius! "Friends" is unquestionably one of the greatest shows of the 90's, and the 00's. All over the U.S there were get-togethers when the last episode aired leaving all the fans of this wonderful show in tears. No show can compare to "Friends", and the spin-off "Joey", was nowhere close to this classic T.V show that is truely missed.
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