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  • One of the best shows ever created!!

    I was so impressed with this show, that I rushed out and bought all ten seasons. It has a great cast and crew who all work together so well, which makes this show so great. If you like comedy, then you wil LOVE this show. It has everything that a comedy should have like running gags, hilarious characters and famous guest stars. This is a show watched, enjoyed and loved by audiences of all ages. This show will live on for a long time, and should never of ended. It also had an unsucessful spinoff called 'Joey', where Joey Tribbiani moves to live with one of his many sisters.
  • Who doesn't love Friends?

    Friends is one of my favourite shows ever. It's one of those shows where you really get to 'know' all the characters. Over 10 seasons, everyone's characteristics and personalities are shown in great detial. I love the show because it's so 'real-life'. I think that it's a very realistic show, and I love that.
    It's great, how, over 10 seasons, the show never declined in quality. Everyone as good as the next. Friend's has made me laugh, cry and much more!
    The cast is awesome. Each one of the actors are perfect for the part they play. Ross and Chandler are probably my favourite characters, but not by much. They make it so, all the main 'Friends' are lovable, in some way or another.
    All in all, it's a fantastic show which should go down with the legends!
    Best sitcom ever.

    You can't remove anyone of the characters of Friends, it just won't be the same. OK maybe Monica! No not even Monica. Group of friend with eccentric personalities with the strangest things happening to them. Each episode is unmissable. You can not name one episode as your favorite everything is wonderful. And you can watch it over and over It stays good and funny. I would recommend it to everybody under the age of 55. Make sure you start at the beginning if you start watching it for the first time or the 100th. Enjoy this show. Parental guidance is advised!
  • late but amazing discovery

    Friends was by far my favorite sitcom of all time. I didn't even start watching it until it ended and I bought the dvd one day and I was hooked. I love every episode, the humor is smart and fun, characters are likeable. Really was and is still one of the best shows on tv even in sindication. It had amazing writers as well for 10 seasons they were able to keep it different, fresh and surprising. I've seen every episode but they but all the storylines of the diff characters together so well I'm always forgetting one story or the other. You can also really tell the cast got along, Best ensemble ever imop!
  • The best comedy series ever. Will be solely missed.

    This comedy series lasted ten years and every episode brought drama and laughter from every character. This show watches the lives of 6 close friends living in New York city. We see is characters dealing with family, love, career and much more as they all grow up and start families.

    Monica, the obsessive one, was always unlucky in love and was also having to deal with the let downs from her mother. She always wanted to be a mother and long for the perfect partner and family. After series 5 she fell in love with Chandler and they had the perfect relationships filled with ups and downs. Her best moment was how scary she get while organising her wedding.

    Chandler, the sarcastic one was always either getting in trouble with Monica or making trouble together with Joey. Having a transgender dad and not having so much luck with the opposite sex he alwasy used comedy as a deffence. Once falling in love with Monica you see his serious side. His best moment was his whole attitude with the process of adopting his and Monica's first child.

    Joey, the sexy one, was always a hit with the ladies and never wanting to have a seious relationship. But was also slow which made him so funny to watch. Him being the one most of the friedns turned to when they needed relationship advice and watching him create a bnod with Baby Emma and never wanting any of his friends to change was great. His best moment was falling in love with Rachel.

    Phoebe, the wierd one, was always a sort of outcast from her friends. having no parents, a twin she never spoke to and growing up on the streets she was always the one looking on the bright side. Watching her from a hippy chick to falling in love with Mike and starting a family was great. he best moment was her wedding.

    Rachel, the fashion one, was always the serious one who turned to everyone for advice on relationships and work. Having been a spoilt brat and coming in this the show with no money and no where to live she decided to live with Monica whom she went to high school with. having a turbulent relationship with Ross she then fell in love with Joey and then had a Baby with Ross. Finally finding a career in fashion and falling in love with Ross in the end, it all worked out well for her. Her best moment was her giving birth the Emma.

    Ross, the smart one, wsalwasy the serious one who was normally the friend who everyone ws laughing at. Having a relationship with Rachel that was ended with the infamous 'we were on a break' and having a thing for getting married, his love life was always up and down. His best moment when he found out about Rachel's pregnancy and how he dealt with that.

    this really is a great show with great characters and will alwasy be watched. I'm now just waiting for the film reunion
  • Friends is one of the best shows ever made.

    This is one of my favorite shows and I was so sad when the last episode came out. Friends is hilarious. Who couldn't like Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachael, Phoebe, and Ross. They all bring something special to the show and make it great. My dad is the one who introduced me to the show when he bought the seasons on DVD. We watched them everyday and we still watch an episode or two on occasion. I can honestly say that there is not one bad episode in the entire show. Friends is one of those rare shows that everyone loves and is impossible to hate. It has everything you want in a show and more.
  • It was so hard to see this show go. It was truly one of the all time greats. It is so hard to say that ten years has passed. Friends will be much mised.

    It was so hard to see this show go. It was truly one of the all time greats. It is so hard to say that ten years has passed. It is however rather helpfull, when you miss six of the greatest characters that were ever created to sit down and watch old reruns or the seasons on dvd. Friends will be much mised. I am happy that Ross and Rachel got together in the end. Monica and Chanlers babies are sooo cute. Just thinking about the end of this era makes me want to cry. Friends was truly one of the greatest shows ever.
  • A must see.

    Friends... where can i begin. not only is this one of the most famous comedies of all time, this is a must see tv show that makes a person who owns a tv and haven't watched this show a mediocore. based on a group of friends day to day lives friends is not only funny but is also very heart warming and gives a sense that makes you fell like you are one of them. I have seen loads of people cry over ross's divorces, cry in joy for their weddings, and waht not. Very entertaining and i highly recommend that you watch it. It's (sadly) finished so buy the dvd box set and start watching. promise you that you will be hooked.
  • By far, one of the best shows of my generation.

    This show is an absolute classic. No if's, and's or butts about it. I have all the seasons on DVD, I have the book, and I seen every episode of "Friends". The whole entire cast, and crew of this show are simply genius! "Friends" is unquestionably one of the greatest shows of the 90's, and the 00's. All over the U.S there were get-togethers when the last episode aired leaving all the fans of this wonderful show in tears. No show can compare to "Friends", and the spin-off "Joey", was nowhere close to this classic T.V show that is truely missed.
  • Friends is one of my favorite shows! I wish it could have gone longer!

    Friends is so hilarious! Some of the things that happen in the show are so unexpected. I dont get how they think of some scenes in the show. It's hard for me to pick my favorite character and least favorite character. They are all funny and have their own personality. Chandler has his funny quotes, Joey has his "slow" moments, Phoebe has her "blonde" moments, Ross has his nerd moments, Rachel has her clueless moments, and Monica has her smart combacks. Each person is needed and the actors and actresses do such a good job performing their roll! I wish this show could have gone longer, eventhough it had reached 10 seasons!

    Hey! When I first discovered Friends, I was instantly hooked. Its so great and i just love it. My favorite episode are when they flashback to their teenage years and when Rachel and Ross have something happen to them. Last Christmas, I got the new box set of Seasons 1 through 10 and I watch it all the time. Also, I want them to have a reunion show, and with all their kids grown up and a Thanksgiving show. It would be cool to see them after these years. Ok, this is a bad review, but whatever, Friends is still awesome!
  • It's a great show with great jokes, a great story and it's my personal favourite...

    I think it is hilarious, the jokes are so... great!!!
    I't is the funniest show ever in my opinion.
    The story is also great.
    If take more atencion to the show you will repere that the gang (Ross, Joey, Phoeby, Monica and Racheal) divide at almoust every episode that has to do with the problem that they are in they only like they are all thogether at the begining and at the end of the episode and that helps the show a lot.
    The actores are simply fantastic, but I think that the are that makes the show that impresive.
    It is just a flauless show.
  • Six friends in NY. Follow them on the journey of their lives through love, work, relationship and most of all; friendship. Monica the cleaner, Ross the scientist, Rachel the fashiongirl, Chandler the funnyguy, Joey the charmer and Phoebe the weirdo.

    Friends is a simple concept but a genius resulution. Six friends that can make almost anyone smile and feel like they are in good company. Every joke is funny, every storyline loveable and every character makes you wanna give the television a hug. The characters that have personalities that fit the discription of sitcom characters, are very charming and each one has their own brilliance. The story of them through out ten wonderful seasons is one that should be told until the end of time. It's unimaginable having a television weekschedule in which Friends doesn't occure, even if we can only enjoy the re-runs. Because let's face it, Friends never gets boring. The lovely mix of simple comedy with toilethumor, references and all imaginable sorts of humor is great. Almost anybody can find something they think is funny on the show which makes it that much more enjoyable to watch with a big crowd. But besides being extremely funny, Friends also has a way of shocking you with sudden storylines that make you join the crowd that says "oooh!" or "wooooow!". Loveable until the very end and reaching for every (good) emotion in human nature. Friends is a show like many others but has a output of a great formula that only appears once in a lifetime. And eventhough the actors and the crew has moved on, Friends will always go on. Because every following generation should meet these Friends for life that will stick with you for many hours and many, many marvolous episodes. Friends was, is and always will be; simply the best sitcom.
  • The classic show of friends living together, working together, loving one another, fighting one another, falling in love, having their hearts broken, getting married, and just being there through thick and thin. And everyday being hysterical.

    This is the absolute classic show. I have never seen a show more classy, exciting, dramatic, while maintained the best sense of humor possible. this is absolutely the funniest show ever written. I cannot describe the countless hours I have spent laughing along with this show and their hysterical characters. Whenever someone feels down they just need a dose of friends, especially if they are feeling troubled my advice would be watch The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs. Not only is the sense of humor amazing, there is a sense of family. They solve each other problems whether it be with relationships, family, or new jobs. All problems on this show are solved in a tasteful manner and make the best out of any situations; even if they make mistakes these is always a moral or something to learn from them and hopefully corrected next time.
  • A Classic. I can watch the episodes over and over. 6 characters and u can like all of them.

    Friends is a classic. I can watch the episodes over and over. I love all of the characters nut I would have to say Phoebe is my favourite. Her little crazy lines and songs are hilarious. Jopey is hilarious his love of food and stupid never fail to make me laugh. Monica and her extreme cleaniness and over competitive streak are absolutely funny. Every has their own hilarious traits that makes the show soo funny. It should never have ended but I'm glad it ended positively rather than going stale and being cancelled. I will alwaes re-watch friends and love it. :D

    [Ross and Rachel are locked out of the apartment with baby Emma inside.] Rachel: Oh no! What if she jumps out of the crib! Ross: Can't hold her own head up, but yeah, jumped. Rachel: Oh my God! I left the water running! Ross: Rachel, relax. You did not leave the faucet running. Rachel: Did I leave the stove on? Ross: You haven't cooked since 1996! Rachel: Is the window open? Because if the window's open, a bird could fly in there and... Ross: Oh my God, you know what, I think you're right! I think, you know what, listen, listen... a pigeon... no, no, wait, an eagle flew in, landed on the stove, and caught fire! The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty bird's aid! The eagle, however, misconstrues this as an act of aggression, and grabs the baby in it's talon! Meanwhile, the faucet fills the apartment with water! Baby and bird, still ablaze, are locked in a death-grip, swirling around the whirlpool that fills the apartment! Rachel: Boy are you gonna be sorry if that's true...
  • the comedy tv show that change everything

    This is the funniest tv show ever aired on tv with some of the best somedy characters in the history of tv! Rachel Green is a fun-loving, cute girl, who seems to always have trouble finding Mr. Right, who is plainly right in front of her - which is obviously -
    Ross Gellar is so funny and he cracks up with all of his facial expressions and the excellent way he delivers his lines! He has a sister - which is mine next character-
    Monica Gellar - she certainly does a good job, convincing you that she hates to be wrong, has to have everything her way, she is married for her brother best friend from school, which is-
    Chandler Bing is the funniest and the strangest charecter in the show, he has verry exotic parents and a job that nobody of his friends don't know exactly about it, his former room-mate and best friend is a italian break through actor which is-
    joey Tribbiani is silly,charming character who has a succses with women and his top phrase "How you doin'?" What can i say... this show with this incredible characters rullzZ! :) :) :)
  • Friends:A Fantastic Group Of People. Each With A Different Story Behind Them,A Fun Packed Show That Will Deffinatley Have You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter!

    Well, Where Do I start? Friends. It Was Amazing, Still Is Amazing! If You Want A Good Laugh Cry Or Smile, I Guess This Is What You Should Be Watching. Each And Every Episode Has Been Carefully Thought About Making The Impact You Feel Greater Everytime. The Cast Are A Genuine Bunch of People All Up For A Laugh. This Programme Is Worth Watching But Sadly Came To An End A Few Years Ago. The One Thing I Wish Had Happend In The Series Would Have Been If We Had Visited Chandler & Monica In Their New House With The Babies, But Overall Weather We Miss/ Or Have Missed Scenes I Reccomend The Show To Anyone Who Hasnt Already Seen It - Which Would Be Hard To Believe!
  • It's favorite show ever. Everyone has to watch it.

    Friends is addicting, when you start watching you never gonna stop. It's a show that never stop being funny, have the best characters and events. You are going to find yourself wondering why it have to end. But of course i know that it's best and when it's good, but i have to say that i got really sad. That's why i bought all the season in DVD and watch it from time to time. Another good thing of the show, you watch it again and is still funny. Friends is the best comedy show, i don't think that are going to be another show that good for 10 seasons.
  • A comedy that managed to keep me caring about each character for 10 years. A personal favorite of mine still.

    'Friends' is still one of my favorite shows. It managed to not just be funny, but actually have real dramatic moments that elevate this show above most sitcoms. While it will forever be associated with Ross and Rachel's "Will they/Won't they?" relationship, it was far more than that. It truly is one of the best ensemble sitcoms to have been on TV.

    Having been in elementary school when this show began, I was too young for this series. Plus, I couldn't really relate to alot of the situations the group dealt with. I eventually got into the series somewhere in the middle and loved it. I still clearly remember the stand-out cliffhanger moments of Ross's wedding in London, the Vegas wedding "WTF?" moment, and "Who's the father?" from my time during Jr High and High School. They were something to talk about.

    Seeing the characters and the show evolve over such a long time is something that I love to watch. I can always manage to find something to laugh about when I think about it. While it started to lose its magic in the later years, it still managed to keep the audience happy and interested, while making them laugh. To me, 'Friends' is, and will always be, one of the standards against which I judge most sitcoms.
  • A great show that should have lasted longer!!

    Friends is about 6 friends and their lives, it lasted 10 amazing series and definitly should have lasted longer, their was romance and comedy in it and great actors and funny story lines!! Thats what made it such a great show and you just can't get sick of it!! All the actors were brilliant, but i think monica acting was the best and chandlers was the most funniest!! Although it lasted 10 series, which is quite long for most shows, i think it should have lasted longer, it was a good enough show to do a few more series without it gettin boring.
  • Best. TV Show. Ever.

    Friends is one of the most well-known shows ever. I don't even need to explain what it is about. The show just has the right balance between reality and comedy, with about 1 in 5 lines being a joke (especially from Chandler!). I don't know anyone who hates this show. This is as good as, dare I say it, The Simpsons! If I had a dollar for every part of Friends that was brilliant, I would have over $67 billion! My evening is not complete without an hours worth of surely the best show on this planet, the amazing Friends!!! 10 out of 10!
  • Friends is about the lifes of six friends in New York city. Personally I think this is the best show ever: it has so many amazing moments, memorable quotes and so much more!

    I've watched every episode at least two times and it makes me laugh every time. Of course, some episodes are a bit weaker then others but this doesn't changes the amazing quality of this show.

    Some of my favourite episodes are: The one with the rumor, The one with the embryos and The one with Joey's fridge.

    These are just a few, it's so hard to choose, but these three are definitely one of the best!
    The episodes where all the six friends are together in the apartment and where it's all about the six of them are the best: that's classic Friends!

    Well people, if you haven't watched this show yet you absolutely should: it's to great to miss out on!
  • My favorite.

    This is the show i miss the most. It was funny and entertaining. I like Monica and Chandler together and Ross and Rachel were meant to be. I used to think they should end the series with Phoebe and Joey together. But her and Mike make a much better and smarter couple. This is one of the shows i will miss the most because no more new episodes. But i'm really glad they still play reruns. Maybe it will be like Full House and I Love Lucy and Play the reruns for more than 10 years. This was definitely the best show on NBC.
  • Very mainstream but also very funny too.

    Friends is as mainstream as American sitcom comes. It set the standard for the whole of 90s sitcoms and went out its way to please the audience. But even cult comedy fans who like their comedy to be a little edgy shouldn't overlook this because while it is very mainstream, its also very funny. With some superb writing and an outstanding cast, Friends was the king of comedy for years. Every week i tuned in and by the end i was crying with laughter. Unfortunatly towards the end the show did what every long running American show does and jumped the shark. The cast became greedy with their paychecks and you could see in their performances they didn't care anymore. The writing too became overly sentimental and laughs soon enough faded. I hated the predictable finale which everyone else seemed to love. A shame because for most of its run (before Rachel became pregnant) the show was superb. One of the best and most enjoyable sitcoms ever.
  • friends

    i love friends it makes me laugh over and over again.My favourite character would probably be rachel but joey is really funny (i think anyway) its great theat the show ran so long and that the reason that the show had to close down want that people were losing interest in the show. i was sad when they they were finishing the show but i thought the last episode was a great to end the show with and was glad that ross and rachel got together in the end and plus its not really finished since i can watch it all over on dvd
  • It's just super funny.

    I can watch any episode like twelve times and still laugh at the same things. Is just amazing and is certainly the best comic show I've ever watched. Now I don't watch the reruns much but when I can I almost pee from laughing. Every character has their kinks and their own akwardness be it their past life or whatr they di. I love Phoebe she's just weird, meaning crazy weird, everything she does and everything she's lived is just too funny so I love her. Joey is just a pervert but a funny one at that and it he's a good friend which makes up for his pervertidness(ja just created a word). Well, their just so funny and I love this show and always will love it.
  • This has to be one of the best shows ever made it is funny, crazy and something you could watch again and again and never get bored of the hilarious remarks of the friends.

    Friends has so many hilarious running gags and every episode has outrageously funny storylines. Each of the friends have their own different personality which makes them unique and makes the show so great. I don't think their is even one bad episode of Friends as it is such a classic show and is one of many peoples favourites and ratings are still high even years after they finished filming it. It is so easy watching that you don't even have to have watched it before to enjoy the memorable quotes of the shows characters. I have given friends a rating of 10/10 because it is something I will never get bored of and quite possibly one of the funniest shows ever made.
  • Monica Gellar-Bing, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay-Hanniagan, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Gellar

    Set in New York it ran from 1994 until 2004. It was a feel good show that never failed to raise a laugh - even on the blackest day. With never fail one liners and situations to blast away the gloomiest mood, it was centered around six friends who managed to squeeze in work around trips to the sacred "central perk" (brilliant ploy on central park).

    The show spanned ten years of fun and laughter, tears and tragedy and believe it or not suspense with the end of season cliffhangers. It also spawned a new wave of "it" words and phrases including "could I BE wearing any more clothes" and of course the imfamous "we were on a break". The show's finale wrapped things up beautifully that even four years after its original showing, still has the ability to reduce me to tears. It's sorely missed by countless people and will always stay in people's hearts and minds
  • The show is about 6 friends(Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross) who live in New York navigating through every day life like relationships and most importantly friendships.

    The greatest sitcom to ever be on TV would have to be the show Friends. Even though the show ended I will continue to watch it till it goes off air. It has Rachel spoiled but caring, Monica neurotic and too clean, Phoebe weird and ditzy, Joey womanaholic and a little dumb, Chandler funny and smart, and Ross good father and sensitive. Anyone who is looking for a good show should watch the show Friends. So you sit back at Central Perk and drink a coffee or hang out at the apatments and have Joey eat your food where ever you are you are with "Friends".
  • I don't know what to say...

    Exactly, I can't even begin to talk about this magnificent show, a classic on television and a wonderful memory in every fan's mind.

    This series is one of the most important landmarks on comedy and entertainment, a delightful thing to keep watching and watching forever. All the characters were hilarious; each one with great performances and twisted personalities... a mixture of sickness and tenderness, something amazingly funny and lovable. The storylines are unique and the dialogues sparky, everything is perfect. And even though, some things didn't always matched with each other, the show remained as good as ever. No doubt, a excelent piece of comedy, and, again, a masterpiece to remember over the years.
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