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  • A show about six FRIENDS growing up in NYC.

    As a tv/movie reviewer for the local paper i have to say this is without a dout the best television show ever. It is constantly Hilarious and the laughs never stop. If you are looking for the best show ever you have found it. I could not be any clearer. This show was the best ten years in television and out ran it's rival shows. This show deserves to be up on a Plaque. This show Has a great story line and an amazing comedy built in. This is the highest form of television and the Show is Amazing from every point of view.

    What can I say about The Friends...? Well, everything positive! They are excellent, absolutely fabulous! I enjoyed every episode for 10 years! AND, I would like more of them still. These are characteristics of a great show! Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross, they are all great! And the thing I like the most is that they all stayed in the show all ten years. They made me laugh every day, and I thank them so much for that. The whole families enjoyed these episodes, where they acted in perfect way. Actually, there is nothing bad that I can say about them. I think that there won't be for a long time shows that will overcome The Friends. And I think that people will watch them, even 10 years from now...
  • Hilarious show about 6 best friends that live in New York.

    Absolutly HILARIOUS! One of my personal favorite shows. The actors are very talented and they all played their roles very, very, very well. They all had a very good onset chemistry and they really made the show feel like it was real life. I HIGHLY suggest that you watch this show if you havent because it is great, very funny, very drama filled, very real.
  • Best Sitcom EVER!

    Friends is about six friends living in New York. Each episode something new happens in their lives. Ross- He's a paleiantologist. Rachel- She left her fiance at the alter. Monica- She used to be fat. Joey- He thinks he's an actor. Phoebe- She thinks she can sing. Chandler- No one actually knows what he does. The show is hilarious. Season 3 is my favorite season out of the series. Season 4 is my least favorite. Lasting 10 seasons giving us wonderful and memorful episodes. Friends is without a doubt the Best Sitcom EVER. Give Friends a chance you'll fall in love with all of them.
  • Friends is an American situation comedy about a group of six friends living in the New York City borough of Manhattan that was originally broadcast from 1994 to 2004.

    Friends was created in 1994 by David Crane, who wrote Friends in Burbank, California, and who got his start working with the legendary Norman Lear and Marta Kauffman, who served as writer and producer of Dream On. Friends was aimed at young adults who, during the early 1990s, were identified by their café culture, dating scene and modern independence.

    Two of the series' stars, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston, had already appeared in several unsuccessful sitcom pilots.

    Another, Lisa Kudrow, was also familiar with working on sitcoms having played Ursula Buffay on Mad About You. In the series, it was revealed that Ursula was the twin sister of Kudrow's Friends character, Phoebe. Kudrow was fired during filming of the pilot of Frasier after being cast as Roz.[1]

    Courteney Cox was already an accomplished TV and film actress when she was cast, having appeared in the likes of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and had had several minor roles on sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Family Ties.

    David Schwimmer was wanted by the writers of Friends for the part of Ross Geller from the beginning; having auditioned for Crane and Kauffman in the past, Schwimmer was said to have a memorable voice and was most known for his Broadway work, but he also directed some Friends episodes.

    Matt LeBlanc appeared as Vinnie Verducci, the boyfriend of Kelly Bundy in Married... with Children in the early 1990s and starred in that sitcom's short-lived spin-off, Top of the Heap as well as Vinnie & Bobby, but before that had mainly been focusing on advertising and modeling work when he was cast as Joey Tribbiani.
  • why did it have to end?

    i love friends so much! Its so funny--i dont think there's one episode that's failed to make me laugh. But also, most shows have a few bad episodes where you dont like them as much as the others, but with friends, i've loved every episode i've seen. i just got the first season on dvd and when i finished that i'm going to get the second and....etc. i could watch it all day long. My dream is to meet them and get their autograph. seriously, who doesnt like friends and wouldn't want their autograph? haha. I'm sooo going to put some of these on my ipod...
  • This show is about 6 best friends living in new york. they are just starting their lives out of college and have to live by themeselves(except for their friends)

    This show is a cult classic no matter what television shows come out every year this is my favourite i started watching right from the beginning and have loved every episode. Ross and Racel are my favourite couple and all the friends together have a friendship that i wish i had
  • Amazing..

    One of my top faves ever. This could be the best show ever. I love all the characters but my faves are probably Monica and Ross or Monica and Chandler because they are sooo funny. And Monica is a lot like me haha. I'm so sad that it's gone now. I own all the season on dvd and I still watch them over and over again. You can never get sick of this show! Please someone make something like this! Even though there will never be another "Friends" we can still make a new show like it. -- ((Vanessa))
  • No shows can be better than this one...

    this one is my best tv comedy show and i don't think that, any other shows can be better than this one. it's a hit. super hit, what else I can say about this show. I love each and every part of it. The dialogs are funny and the way these six present it is even more good. i never got bored of watching this show. its just too good for every seasons. i love this show.
  • This show sucks

    Well this show has to be the biggest peice of crap that you can call a show. I would wrather sow my eyes shut then EVER watch this show. I mean Jennifer Aniston has to be on of the uggliest women i've ever seen i mean no wonder why Brad went with Anglina. I mean the events that happen in this show are so unrealistic come on. These have to be some of the worst Characters ever written i mean Joey no one is that stupid. Ross is so obviously gay and Febe is the biggest pot head i've ever seen. Anyone who watche's this show need's to get a life.
  • Friends is one of my all time favorites and the Friends era with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey hanging out in Central Perk will be missed.. I have all the 10 seasons on DVD and I never cease to enjoy re-watching any episodes..

    This show has all the right ingredients in the right amount: there is the usual sibling fights and arguments between Ross and Monica, the solid friendship between Rachel and Monica, Ross and Rachel’s on/off relationship, Joey’s amazing big eating capacity, Phoebe’s pacifist adventures and Chandler’s jokes.

    I guess what made Friends so wonderful is that the casts were firstly friends off screen, and that the salary was not an issue as it often is with other shows. The six of them forged a great bond and worked as a team.

    The highlights of the series in season one is Rachel finding out that Ross had a crush on her since high school and in season two we see those two dating. In season three Ross and Rachel’s relationship hits some rough patches as Ross gets jealous and the two of them take a break. Phoebe agrees to be a surrogate mother for her brother in season four and Ross prepares to get married for the second time. Season five starts off with the aftermath of Ross saying Rachel’s name at his wedding instead of his actual bride. Also, Joey is in the pursuit of his big break as an actor and the biggest storyline is Monica and Chandler’s developing romance as they sneak behind their friends for secret rendez vous. One of my favorite episodes is “The one where everybody finds out”; Phoebe and Rachel team up to make Monica and Chandler admit that they are dating, with joey caught in the middle of the two teams. Some sweet moments of season six and seven are Monica's proposal and consequently their wedding. The big surprise of season eight is Rachel's pregnancy. In season nine and ten, Rachel and Ross figure out their situation as they raise their daughter Emma, and Monica and Chandler think about adopting after learning that they can't have kids on their own.
  • It is so funny!!!

    I really like the character Rachel! Which is Jennifer Aniston she is so talented. All the other cast is talented too. But I think that Jennifer Aniston should have her own show. She has had a pretty tough life. Brad Pitt was not the man for her. Or Vince Vaughn. Or Ben Stiller. She just goes from divorce to divorce to divorce. Poor Jen. I feel bad for her but didn't she know what she was up against in Hollywood life? We will still comfort you always Jennifer. Courtney Cox? You are just weird. All right. See you all later!
  • that's the real friendship

    i saw all the episodes of all the 10 seasons. i didn't realise that till the end but, following the show for 10 years, gave the feeling that i foloowed my friend's life and when it ended, i cryed, it was just like all my friends are leaving and i won's see them again. i know it sound weard but don't tell me that you guys didn't have that feeling! i won't believe you.
    anyway, that show was really good, and what i loved' was that no matter what happened between them, the friendship is still here and will never go away. and that's the way it should work in the real life!
  • It use to be okay

    This was a show that I use to watch all the time never missed than I got into some problems and I stop. Looking back I know why. Sometimes the show is okay. other times it was not.

    I thought this show went on to long. Chandler was my favorite charactor. The women were hot but not enough to make it a worth while show for me. I know there are all kinds of people that will not agree with me. But I have my reasons for my thoughts on this show. Anyone who would like to know why can ask and I will gladly tell them why.
  • It might take a couple of years to label this show as a "classic" but to me, it's been a classic since it ended.

    A show about six friends in New York City dealing with normal things, going to normal jobs everyday, hanging at some Coffee House daily. Doesn't sound that exciting huh? But this is a classic show in my eyes because of the relationships within the six friends, people getting fired. All of them bring something great to the show and it makes them the perfect group of friends to have on TV. All of them went through some tough times on the show, as far as work and relationships. Everyone that I thought should've got together did (except Joey and Phoebe) becasue I really wanted to see them get together. I wouldn't deduct a point because of that though, because all in all, it was a perfect show.
  • Funny, a great family show

    I enjoyed this show its to bad it ended i would have liked it to go longer. In 1994, the idea was created for "Friends": a show about six friends in New York as they navigate their way through life and learn to grow up as they approach the third decade of their life. All, with the help from each other to get them through the obstacles that life naturally has for us. Monica is the excessively neat and organized "older sister" of the group, who works as a chef while yearning to find her ideal love. Ross, Monica's older brother, is a paleontologist with a lifelong crush on Rachel. He is a laid-back man with low self esteem and a recent divorcee. Rachel is the pretty, bubbly girl who spent most of her life as a spoiled rich princess. Now she must learn to face the real world. Chandler is Ross' college buddy and the guy who will crack jokes at a moment's notice. Phoebe is a lovable eccentric masseuse who easily could have fit in with Haight Ashbury in the 1960s. And Joey, the friend who has an inverse relationship between his good looks and his intelligence. He dreams of becoming an actor. These six individuals make up the cast of Friends. In May 2004, Friends officially ended it's phenomenal 10 year run. The show's time slot was taken over by a spin-off called Joey.
  • Hilarious

    Hilarious show . Friends not only bursts me out of control with laughter but it also talks about human issues that people would relate to but the show handles these issues in a humerus way and although every one of these individuals have problems like relationship and family crisis they stand together to make eveything better. It is very funny filled with jokes sarcasm and sometimes stunts and pranks. I would give it a superb . It has guest starred many stars including reese witherspoon, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt.

    Funniest season in my oponion: season 7
    Funniest character in my oponion: Phoebe Buffaie I would give this show 100 out of 100

    Friends is really one of the greatest shows of its time. Many people think highly of this show because its funny, and its real. You can watch episodes over and over because every time you watch an episode, you find something that is important to another episode. You can always put yourself in the characters shoes because they do such an awesome job of acting as their character. Sometimes, I feel like I'm actually there and its my situation. It takes an amazing show to do all of these things. I credit the actors and actresses very highly because they did their best to make the show so popular. I, as many others do, wish the show had gone on for a while! Anyone who hasn't watched this show, WATCH IT!!! It is an awesome show!
  • Friends who either live close are together in NYC get up to funny aventures.

    The show is a comedy classic a legends in every aspect I think the humour and lines which are spoken in this show are perfect and each characters humour is really unique. What also is good is what situations they get stick in the general story is good and I feel like everyone should have least give this show a try. This show will always be known as the greatest comedy i fell anyway. With its snappy one liners are the way things always turn out and i think what is historic is the way each episode ends with the last bit of humour to finish the episode.
  • Six friends in New York City go through good times and bad times. Its true you get by with a little help from your friends.

    Im not going to be one of those guys who pretends they dont like friends, dont be so shocked its true some people dont actually like this show. To be honest I do not see any valid reason for this show to be disliked in any respect. This is a show i can watch when im having the worst of days and in seconds i can feel better. Filled to the brim with hilarious comedy and unforgetable one liners you cant go wrong and only a fool would miss out. This is the ultimate comedy classic and will stand the test of time for our generation. Total classic.
  • I loved the friends cast, I think they could have kept going for another five years and things would have still been highly rated. I don't understand why they would cut it off when they did. I saw a lot of potential in how the story could develop.

    I loved watching friends. They knew how to present comedy naturally without trying too hard. When people can make people laugh without trying to hard, that is a true comedic actor/actress. I loved phoebe. I thought that she was a riot. She had a grest sense of humor. I wish that they would drop the price of buying the episodes, because otherwise i would buy them . right now they just have too much value to them and i can not afford that. maybe i should come up with another series like friends and present it to a major agency and make a lot of money off of it.
  • Friends was one of the best shows ever on television, they had so much chemistry through their 10 years on television, I wish they didnt have to end it is was such a moving series, it was a classic series and will never be forgotten.

    Friends was worth watching, and if you haven't you should watch every episode. It was the best show ever on television the actors had chemistry they worked together excellently, they should have a reunion show or something on the 5th year after it ended and it will be emotional. I really wish they have a couple of ceremonial episodes. I really think if you ever find a better series then this i want to kno about it because this was and will always be a classic and revolutionary series with a tight group of actors that should be happy about what they accomplished with this series.
  • Ever since my cousin told me about this show, I always watched it. Ive only watched a few episodes though. I love it.

    My favorite character is Joey, he is so funny, then I like Phoebie, then Ross, then Monica, then chanler, then rachel the least. the ones ive seen were the one where pheobie tries to teach joey how to play gutair, and the one where pheobie wants to have one of those christmas charity street things. They were histarical. I heard cole sprouse had a recurring role in the show as Ben, Ross's son. I love Cole Sprouse, so I hope I'll watch lots of other episodes of friends!
  • "I'll be there for you..." you know the words to the song, you've heard it hundreds of times... you know the tv show, it can only be FRIENDS!!

    You hear the familiar music... You know you're watching one of the greatest tv shows ever made!

    Six very different people made up "Friends." The show that had millions of viewers tunning in every week. The show that could possibly be called one of the best tv shows ever made.

    Who ever saw Monica and Chandler getting together? It was such a pleasant surprise! A welcome surprise. And it was even better that the writters kept them together! They got married and had children, a happy ending for two of the friends...

    Rachel and Ross? Was it a 10 year affair? A clever ploy to get viewers to watch every week? What would happen next? I think in the end, they had what everyone wanted them to have: each other. As for the other two, they had their own love lives. And it was just as interesting as the other four. Did they end up where most people wanted them to? I think I always thought that in the end, Joey and Phoebe would be together...

    All in all, six very different characters. There are certain things that I don't think you'll forget anytime soon. Can you give the name and surname of each character? Their occupation? Their unique sayings? If you can, you're like me, a true fan.

    May FRIENDS live on, on dvd of course!! ;)
  • The one with .... Six friends, and a whole host of cameos a massive American Sitcom, and a coffee shop.

    Friends is about 6 friends, Monica Gellar (Later Bing) is eccentric and a clean freak, her brother Ross Gellar the serial marrying type, Rachel Green, the posh one, Joey Tribianni, the Italian Actor with an eye for the ladies, Chandler Bing, the comic relief, and Phobie, the cookie one, who like to share coffee and reflect their lives. THis was a remarkable show from the 1990's til 2003, and provided 10 whole seasons of fun, everyone will have their personal favourites, but it still makes you laugh when it's on, even the repeats. Smelly Cat ! Long Live Friends, bring this back for occassional anniversary episodes. Please.
  • The first 7 seasons are excellent, with occasional great episodes from season 8 and 9.

    Friends, Along with Seinfeld, and Scrubs, are the only American live-action comedies I like. Season 10 is by far the worst of the show. I've only seen a few episodes of it, but it is just not as clever, the jokes are simple, and aren't ones that will require a few seconds of thought. It is even as bad as a season of 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. I really enjoyed the final episode, it was quite sad. However, the early seasons of Friends, are just excellent. They were really funny and clever (still are), and made you want to own the show on DVD. The only negative thing (besides from the most of the last season), and I think that I'll just have to get used to the fact that most of the time, all they ever talk about on this show, is sex and dating (The rating I gave would be a lot higher, if this subject would just take a break for some episodes.)
  • 4th best show ever!

    i would love to see them do 5 or 6 more seasons when they get older & have kids in new york city. Truth is none of them is even on tv much except jennifer aniston. so why not bring it back so they can make more money & I can buy more of their box sets seasons. frieds is the best show ever & ever & ever to be made.
    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .

    America sitcoms just do't come any better - there are a few that come close - including Scrubs, but this is American comedy at its best! Everyone can relate to one of the characters, and you genuinely care about these 6 people! My favourite character was always Phoebe, I just loved how her character developed over the 10 years, she was such a loon at the start - but she became such a fantastic person throughout the series! Im glad that Ross and Rachel finally got together in the end too, it was just so meant to be! The last episode is just monumental, it was like the last day in television. I miss it sooo much!
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  • My best "friend"

    I love this show. When you start watching, you really do get addicted. Rachel adn her once-in-awhile princess moments and amazing chemistry with Ross. Monica and her quirky cleaning obsession and fat-girl-at-heart. CHandler adn his humor, on purpose or not. Joey and his idiocy. Ross and his know-how and lack there of of the world. And Phoebe, who is the classic air-head, but makes everything she says fit the comedy. THe whole group of them just make me want to duck my head, close my eyes, shake my head and laugh. I'm not uite sure why they decided to end the shw, but I'm sure that they'll regret it sooner or later; this show could have lasted way after it's end. It truly was a great of it's time.