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  • Great Characters and Writing Can Go A Long Way

    Such a classic show. I love how it is all just based on the great characters and the writing. It almost doesn't matter that the basic idea of the show is not the most original or inspiring, it is merely a sitcom about a group of friends. But the fact that they all have such unique personalities and that the writers never failed to give us interesting storylines really proves that the concept of the show doesn't need to be anything special, as long as the writers know what they're doing.
  • Non existent humour

    Awful and predictable 'comedy', I have endured a number of episodes of this steaming heap and have not laughed, chuckled or even raised a smile once. I really do struggle to see why people are so into this show. Quite how this managed 10 series is beyond me.
  • What an amazing show!!

    I'm soooo sad that Friends ended... I think its the most AMAZING show on the planet and if they brought it back that would be amazing. No show can even get close to the enjoyment you get when watching friends. Its soo great that i can watch one episode more than 10 times!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! :(
  • The best show ever

    Friends is the best show ever! Too bad it ended in 2004, I wish they made new episodes..
  • Put smiles on your face A.L.W.A.Y.S

    Yea! It really put smiles on my face when Im Down. These 6 have always been there for Me (all of us) .. and It makes me feel so warm even when no one stands up for me. May be for a while, but I can just forget about every thing and and laugh hilariously. I miss Friends.

    And I'm sure, when I say this, I speak for everyone here that... It was and it is the BEST THING ever happened to a FRIENDS Fan... <3

    "I'll be there for You.. Cuz you're there for Me too"
  • RE: Friends was unoriginal

    When I saw the title FRIENDS, I thought Michael W. Smith would be singing the theme.

    But in response to ericalbertson's review, FRIENDS actually copied SAVED BY THE BELL. Think about it, 6 girls, 6 guys dealing with everyday issues the way Zack & the gang did at Bayside. The one difference - Ross didn't talk to the camera at the beginning & end of the show.

  • Best show on earth!

    This show is the best thing i can imagine. I've seen some shows and i have pretty high standards but this show is way above my standards. Only mistake in this show is that they stopped filming it in 2004! Other than that it's PERFECT!
  • I watch it when I'm down

    For some weird reason I find myself watching FRIENDS when I cannot decide what to watch. I have some episodes on my tab and put it on shuffle and it cheers me up when I'm stressed out. I still cannot believe that it almost a decade but it's a good show.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    I am jst crazy abt dis show .. its one of the finest shows i hv ever seen ,,simply flawless ..miss it ..i have watched it 8 times and still love it ..:)
  • Autographed pictures of cast

    My 8 yr. old grand daughter, Sophia, is a big "Friends" fan. She watches the shows alot on her Ipad. Her wish is to have an autographed picture of each cast member. If an autograph is not possible, a picture (group is ok) would make her happy. Thank you. My email address:

    Victoria Lee
  • Friends was unoriginal

    I like Friends, but it was overrated. Joey and especially Phoebe are my favorite characters. But all Friends did was copy Seinfeld.
  • love u friends

    best ever...... i watched u guys 15 times over and over :D , i know im freak ...... it just i love u all .... <3
  • Best comedy

    It is the best comedy I have ever watched, I still watch it every now and then when I need to laugh from the heart....

    i am so obsessed with friends! I love it and cant miss an episode!!
  • I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    FRIENDS is the most amazing show ever i bought a complete series for my birthday
  • awesome episode's

    awesome episode's
  • The 9 is supposed to be a 10


    It wont let me put 10
  • A comedy about the lives of 6 people living in New York.

    A m a z i n g ! : D B e s t s h o w e v e r . I h a v e w a t c h e d e v e r- y e p i s o d e a t l e a s t 2 d o z e n t i m e s , a n d I s t i l- l l a u g h e v e r y t i m e I w a t c h ! I wrote with spaces between every letter because you had to write at least 100 words.
  • Can't Get Better Than This

    This sit com is my all time favrote show I have been watching it since i was 11 I have watched evey eposiod of it more than 10 times it is so good shame its ended hope the actors and crew get to have a nother great chance on a show like this but i don't think it will happen!
  • Always keep me laughing.

    Friends with its great characters, will always be one of the greatest Tv shows ever created.

    In the comedy section it happens to be my best show.
  • Comedy At Its Best

    Friends is definitely one of the best comedy shows ever. Each character has their own unique personality that makes them hysterical. Every episode is hilarious and it's amazing how the show was able to successfully drag on for 10 years, yet still be so entertaining. Perfect Comedy!!
  • Amazing Friends

    This is the most amazing show. I love this show and can see it any number of times...
  • the very best show ever

    i feel like i've lost something very important in my life when it's ended .. ..i just really want more episodes to keep watching 'friends' forever..i love all the characters especially Joey Tribianni he makes me crazy. i miss u guys.."how u doing??"

  • Decade of Awesome

    seasons 1-10 were all consistently hilarious, touching, compelling & cute. The characters are wonderfully funny, flawed & loveable. 1 point deducted because my fave character Chandler got swallowed up by Monica (he lost a lot of his funny when he married Monica, since lots of his charm/ goofiness is due to his messy bachelor life, & she's too overbearing on him).
  • Best show in HISTORY!!!

    I love this show! It's so damn funny! It's the funniest show EVER!!! Every time I watch it, it never fails to make me laugh. I love the different characters and their wacky personalities. The cast is perfect! It's just amazing! Long live FRIENDS!!!!
  • Everyone goes through life with friends, and this show is what that is all about. Six best friends who some grew up together, and some they recently met, go through their adult lives with each other by their side.

    I'm very glad to have Friends as the first show on this site I'll be reviewing. Friends has been my favourite show for years. I grew up watching this show, and I'm still growing up, only 16, and I still watch this show.
    I've come to really love the cast. Rachel, the glamorous, stubborn, hilarious one. Phoebe, the silly, corky, hilarious one. Monica, the perfectionist, loving, hilarious one. Ross, the smart, geeky, hilarious one. Chandler, the joking, self-cautious, hilarious one. And Joey, the Italian, lady's man, hilarious one. As you can obviously tell, I've said that everyone is hilarious, which is true. These six characters are what make this show so funny, and make me laugh every time I watch it. Especially Phoebe. I feel like every comedy should have a Phoebe.
    I've gone through many memories with this show. I take this show everywhere I go whenever I travel. I even keep it playing on my TV while I sleep. It's just a very comfortable, familiar show which I enjoy watching a lot. I mean, I watch this show A LOT. I've watched it so much, that I know what every episode is about. Whenever it's on TV, I know which episode it is, and I say what the title is and what season it's from.
    It's a great show to pass the time, and you'll never get bored of it. It brings laughs, tears, and sometimes both at the same time. I'm definitely never going to stop watching this show, no matter how many times I've watch all 10 seasons.
    The only reason I gave this show a rating of 9.5 is because I've watched it so much, that it's not as fresh anymore to me to give it a 10.
  • A PolL


    GO TO ThE AbovE LinK AnD VotE FoR YouR FavouritE "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" CharacteR ...!! :-)

    ThanX FriendS ...!! :-)
  • The best show ever

    The funiest show ever. still makes me laugh when i watch it.

    favorite epiesod when rachel phobe and joey found about chandler and monica

    really loved the show!!

    and i miss Chandler Bing's Sarcasm, his funny lines..

    i wish they reunite for a movie!! Every single lover of friends want to see them together!!
  • Good sitcom

    I never loved Friends as much as many people do.

    I find it enjoyable, the characters are funny but that's it.

    I like Joeys stupidness, Chandlers sarcasm, Phoebes - I don't know - attitude?

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