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  • The 1 & Only Comedy Show!!!!

    I reallllllllly don't think that we could see cast like freinds again!! They are really friends to us that would like to hang with them all the time...... I wish if they can go for more than 10 Years!!They go Better and better from season to season till the very last episode. C'mon Friends Surprise us and come back again:)
  • I have litterally watched every episode created by the friends producers,and it has been god sent.I am a single mother of a down syndrome child and things can get pretty hard and depressing but I can always turn on a friends episode and feel 100% better!!

    Friends is a show that i believe we can all relate to at some point or another whether it be money,relationship,death troubles etc.but while helping us through everyday life turmoils it does it with laughter as if to say HEY this is not the end of the world "This to shall pass." and you will look back and realize that things did work out.I firmily believe that everything happens for a reason and that kooky cast on friends my favorite show of all times helps me personally get through some of those times when i feel like nothing is going my way and i feel hopeless.Thanks Guys!!
    "say noone told you that was gonna be this way your job's a joke your broke your love life's DOA It always feels like your stuck in second gear when it hasn't been you day your week your month or even your year but I'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall I'll be there for you,like you been there."
  • The best!!

    I base my life on Friends. I am MONICA! My house is the hang out house, I love to cook, I love to clean!! My boyfriend is CHANDLER! The funny one, or at least brings up funny comments at the very weirdest times. My bestfriend is RACHEL, who is always "LOOK AT ME" "Look what I bought!" I still love her for it! and her boyfriend (My other bestfriend) is totally ROSS, and they fight like Rachel and Ross too! Then I also have a JOEY in my life. Who in my case THINKS he's gods gifts to all women.
    I love friends, and I wish they didn't stop making new episode. They should make a Friends Movie!
  • A show that had alot of heart and alot of humor. What more can you ask for?

    This show came out at the perfect time for me. I am around the same ages as the cast and so all of the ups and downs and life lessons were experiences I could relate to. This cast had a perfect mix of charactors. Matthew Perry is as good a comedic actor as there is. Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc played their charactors almost too well. Great chemistry between the cast and it showed. What else can you say about a show that wasn't seriously challenged, for many years, in the Nielson ratings. Might just be one of the top two or three sitcoms of all time.
  • Greatest show ever

    I loved watching this show for 10 years. The writing was incredible and very funny. Yes some episodes weren't at their best, but overall this was a groundbreaking show. The actors played their characters very well. I felt this show was a little underappreciated by the emmys and it is incredible they only one once for best comedy series in 10 years.
  • Hilarious!

    This show is awesome. The cast is great, I can't pick weather or not Joey is funnier or Chandler, I think there about the same. Ross and Rachel are great but I wish they would just make up there mind on weather there gonna date or not, and Pheby and Monica are great!
  • This is the best show ever i love it soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

    I could not like a show anymore it is so funny i know all the cast members first middle and last names in the show and out of it their birthdays and some of their lisences plate numbers i have sooo much Friends stuff i have seen every episode at least 15 times i watch it anywhere from 5-unlimited amount of times a night i looooooove it soooooooooo much today is a great day because it is september 22 1994 so exctlly 12 years ago Friends started!!!!!!!!!
  • I love FRIENDS! They are hilarious.

    I think friends is the best comedy ever created.
    You can watch it when you are in any mood.I wish they would still continue to film friends.They should make a mive out of the show. That would be so cool.Now the only left to remember friends by is my DVD collection and the shot Joey. Its not as funny as friends but still decent as joey is my favourite character.
  • Friends was the best T.V show ever. They were funny all the actors were good. The writers were great except for the whole Joey & Rachel Decbacle. The Best couple was Ross and Rachel then Chandler and Monica. Friends Rules

    Friends was the best T.V show ever. They were funny all the actors were good. The writers were great except for the whole Joey & Rachel Decbacle. The Best couple was Ross and Rachel then Chandler and Monica. Friends Rules. Ross and Rachel Rule The guest stars on the show were all good.
  • This is the arguably show ever!!!!!!

    This show is amazing!!! this show set the trend in people's lifestyles . The jokes , the quirkiness, the lovable characters. This is the finest television show of its time.

    Set in New York City, this show tells the lives of six young people: Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe. From promotions, loves, losses, pregnancies, marriages and so many other events in their lives

    This show will definitely rank as number 1 on my TV Hall of Fame forever, the show with so many classic scenes and a fresh approach to sitcom comedy.

    This was the legendary show that you couldn't hate. Bring it back!!!
  • Friends make me laugh!

    This is one of the best shows i've ever watched! Even if it is played late at night, i made a point to see it! They have hillarious characters! what more can i say?! it's a great show!.... need i say more than 50 words long?! ok! Great Show! Great Show! Great Show!!!!
  • Friends follows the lives of six friends who live in manhattan and never go to work, yet seemingly have tons of money....this situational comedy was my absolute favorite.

    The one that is david's favorite television program. This was my favorite show of all time. Friends followed Monica, Chandler, Pheobe, Ross, Joey and Rachel. It had everything a good show needed. There was laughs, tears, drama, conflict but in the end these six were the best of friends.
    Season 1:
    Ross' wife left him because they had one similar interest, women. He then found out his lesbian wife was pregnant. His son was at the end of season one.
    Monica is Ross's sister who has an OCD about cleaning. She sees her friend Rachel at Central Perk, the favorite hangout. They become roommates and she teaches Rachel how to live on her own. Monica has a horrible job, which she is fired from. She has no jobs yet a wonderful apartment. Rent control, from her dead Nana.
    Rachel is Monica's school buddy. They were best friends. Rachel leaves her fiance Barry at the Alter. Rachel moves in with Monica and by the end of season 1, falls in love with Ross, who has loved her since they were in highschool.
    Chandler is Ross' college roommate. ohhh my god...he is a sacarstic loser who cant get a date, except with the most annoying woman Janis.
    Then there is lovable Joey, the womanizer and actor.

    Relationships progress as so....Ross and Rachel get together, break up, get back together for one day, break up, fill with regret, get over it, get married in Vegas, have a baby, almost get together, then don't, then get that order
    Monica and Chandler get together in season 4 at the end and hide their relationship, Joey finds out, Rachel finds out, Pheobe Finds out, the friends exploit this, Ross finds out, they et engaged after a bumb with Richard, they get married.
    Pheobe after not everhavinga real relationship, gets a choice between David and Mike, Mike and her get married
    Joey is still Joey but falls inlove with rachel

    I loved this show and it had a million laughs
  • Following the lives of six friends in New York who are learning to live on their own, and being 'grown-ups'.

    Friends was a wonderfully funny show that stayed great to the end. From the beginning, watching the interactions between each of the characters was always worth tuning in week after week. From Ross and Rachel’s on again off again relationship to Chandler and Joey’s shenanigans this show was always funny and often quite touching. My favorite character is by far Phoebe because she was always so funny, a little ditzy, spunky, and always sweet to the end. The best episode is The One Where Everybody Finds Out, where Phoebe looks across from Ugly-Naked Guys apartment and sees Chandler and Monica about to have sex in Monica’s apartment. Watching Phoebe trying to ‘break’ Chandler is hilarious. This show has long been one of my favorite sitcoms to watch because it was always consistently funny and great to watch.
  • This is the best show ever made without a doubt!

    This is my very very very personal of all time favorite. I like it better then any show ever. It's funny it's sad and a great watch. Each character is sooo funny. Ross with his dinosaurs, Monica with her accesive cleaning, Phoebe and her crazy songs. Everyone is just great! And the acting is phenomonal! Everyone should get a chance to see the best show ever, this one!
  • loved the start, hated the middle, liked the end

    It started brilliant, hated it went it first started but hey i was 8. Once i grew up a bit and began to find it funny (ie. i started to understand the jokes) i got all the old episodes on tape and I must say I loved them. Up to about season 6 it was getting better and better then i feel things began to slip a little. By season 9 I wouldnt bare to watchit, the jokes were immature and cringe-worthy. But things picked up again around the middle of season 10, and it was finally regaining what I felt it had lost.
  • This is a brilliant show staring some of Hollywoods biggest stars.

    Friends is probably the best sitcom of my generation falling second to the great seinfeld. The characters are simply hilarious and the sketches are mind boggling I give it two thumbs up for origionality and ten thumbs up for humour (if thats possible). And the way each scene is acted out is what makes this special.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    very entertaining show.. i cannot stop watching it because it really reflects on what we want in life. no matter what happen, they still stick by each other's side and remain friends being there when help is needed. really touching with chandler the sarcastic, ross the helpless, joey the blur, monica the sharp one , phoebe the care less one and rachel the pointy one .
  • sad to see it gone

    I know that friends ended a while ago but, i loved this show sooo much! Luckily i have all 10 seasons so whenever i feel down or depressed i put it in and watch away. It has helped me through some sad times. It is so great and so funny. In every episode you laugh so much even if you have seen it 500 times like me. Over all: Bestest show EVER!!!
  • Friendsy

    When someone first introduced the series, I thought they were nuts. At first, it seemed like a mindless comedy with no meaning. As I grew up with the series airing, I realized that most of us can relate to some of the things that happens in real life; sibling rivalry, friendships, relationships, independence, etc. Every now and then, show has its' flair for drama (and at some cases showed some realism). Even through these serious moments, there would be a little humor to keep me amused and less 'upset' until the end of the program. At one point, the series (not mentioning which one) got a boring but somehow, the producers and writers managed to keep me glued to the screen and make me watch the episodes over and over again. For now, I rate Friends 6 out of 5....
  • good!

    One of my favorite. This shows is absolutely fantastic in humor and other events that happen in life. I loved it the first time I saw my first episode which was the one where Joey and Chandler were playing a jeopardy type game made by Ross against Monica and Rachael.
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  • What can be said about "Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey......."

    How can you rate it any less than a 10? It was superb and never get tired of the reruns. I can watch them many times over. My favourite were from the time Monica and Chandler got together in London then when Rachel got pregnant. Those ones to the final were the best. Though so were the earlier episodes too.
    I thought the season finale was very well ended and expected that Ross and Rachel would get together. It would have been very disappointing if they hadn't got together, then Monica and Chandler get twins. Could that 'be' any cooler?
    I wouldn't rate every episode a ten but overall it is a ten. Thank you for one of the best shows ever made.
  • Better then a sleeping pill

    I'm already expecting to get my share of hate mail for this review but to quote a very smart lady, "The truth shall set you free".
    I have turned on ' Friends ' on several occasions just to see what all the talk was about and each time I turn it on, I leave scratching my head and wondering why do I waste money on Sominex when all I need to do is watch 'Friends '.
    ' Friends ' is the furtherest thing from funny this side of a test pattern. Given the choice I might actually choose watching the test pattern.
    Die hard fans of 'Friends' claim the BBC hit, 'Coupling ' is a rip-off and maybe it was. The difference though is the British took a unfunny American Show and added their twists and made it a true classic.
    My recommendation, Pass on watching reruns of friends and instead change the channel and watch 'Coupling', your brain will thank you.
  • This show is loved by everyone, I havent meet a single person who doesnt like Friends. Even the sceptical onces laugh during the show. This great show is defently one of the best of all time.

    Its hard to say what it is about Friends that made it run for 10 years. They make the charectors work perfectly together. And the jokes just keep on coming, there is never a longer section without a joke, they manage to squeeze in different jokes simultaneously to keep the viewer laughing through out the whole show. I have never seen a show that has manage that before. Sure there are funny shows, but they usually have good jokes here and there, but in Friends they have those good jokes after eachother, they neverstop. Big creds to the creators and writers!
  • Just one of the best comedy's ever seen.

    Friends is one of the best comedy's ever seen on TV. 6 friends living in a apartment making real funny jokes. Yeah, thats cool. Yes, yes ,yes, yeah!!! It's really a shame that it's ended but i'm really looking forward to the movie that's gonna be awesome!! Off the wall maybe. Althoug the spin-off is cool it really can't reach the level of this great comedy show that everybody will remember as great!!! My favorite characte is Ross i think just because he always makes the best jokes. Phoebe is also great and the rest is just good. But then on Friends level ofcourse!!!
  • Life in NY as experience by six silly white people!

    Well, ya gotta love Friends. That's all there is to it. Sometimes they drive us crazy, sometimes we want to knock them up-side the head, but let's face it we love 'em. My personal favorite is Chandler, perhaps because he's the most like me! Growing out of Seinfeld, Friends was able to find it's own niche and become one of the most popular TV shows of the 90's, and deservedly so. While is succumbed to predicability and staleness over the last couple of seasons, the overwhelming majority of this show is one of the funnniest shows ever to grace the screen.
  • I love Friends and I really, really miss it!

    I love Friends. Definitely one of my favourite shows. I miss watching it on Thursday night! The lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were emotional and hilarious. I don't have a favourite character I love them all. Their all hilarious in their own way. Rachel is funny in a spoiled, bitchy kinda way. Monica is funny in that controlling way of hers and how everything has to be just right! Chandler is always funny with his sarcastic comments. Ross is funny in his geeky, neurotic way. Joey is funny in a adorable hunk but stupid way. And Phoebe is just so ditzy and laid back. When you put these six characters together you get a really great show!
  • Friends is a very funny show!

    Friends is a very funny show. Its one of the best comedies on t.v. I think a lot of people love this show just becasue it is so funny. My favorite character is Phoebe. She is the funniest. I like the whole idea of the show on how like there together all the time and like the guys live with the guys and the girls live together. This show has been on now for a long time i think and i think they should keep showing re-runs of it. Its a great show to watch and if your feeling low all you have to do is flick on friends and you will feel so much better. Keep up the good work Friends!
  • 6 friends. All so different yet all the same. Their personalities clash in a comedic way that is rivetting and very entertaining.

    I miss this show. It was my favourite for so long. For 10 years I watched these 6 different people fight, cry and have fun together. They all had a bond in the show and it was very fun to watch. Bring it back! We miss friends! I miss friends! If it came back I know i would be watching it everyday!
  • Friends will always be at the top of my most favorite tv shows. I loved this show, I love this show and the reruns. Of course my favorite character(s) are Rachael and Monica, the both kind of remind me of myself. This show was the absolute best fo

    It was so funny i loved it!!Friends will always be at the top of my most favorite tv shows. I loved this show, I love this show and the reruns. Of course my favorite character(s) are Rachael and Monica, the both kind of remind me of myself. i was so funny i laughed my head off