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  • Brilliant

    Friends is the greatest television show ever. I was hooked from the very first episode I ever saw. It's comedy is brilliant and unique - unlike every other show I've seen not only is the delivery brilliant but the script and storylines are as well. The characters are so quirky and relatable that they might as well be your own friends. Not only is it a great way to spend half an hour laughing your guts out at one of Chandler's comments but you can return to something comfortable and familiar and make you feel great about the world again (Unless you watch TOW They're On a Break, TO The Morning After or The Last One - and then you just want to break down in tears.)
  • An all-time classic!

    At first I didn't understand what was so great about Friends. Almost all my friends loved the show, but I couldn't care less. That is, until I took the time to actually watch an episode. That was when I realized what I had been missing out on! (Thank goodness for so many re-runs.) I loved the characters. My favorites were Phoebe and Joey. Their lack of intelligence seems unreal sometimes, but it is hilarious nonetheless. I don't know what else to say about this show. Just that it's amazing and a definite all-time classic!
  • I disagree with any one who think Friends is not worth watching.

    Fristly I would like to say at frist I didn't like the show. One night my sister made me watch it, I have loved it ever since.

    Next I would like to tell agnarkb that they are rong about much of what happend during the show life. Joey and Ross both dated people of other races then white in both season 7 and thought out season 9 and 10. There are also extras of diffent races. They may sit at Central Perk most of the time, but they do have jobs and we do see them at there jobs. They also don't all have sex with each other. Yes some of the characters do date each other, but that only makes it more intersting to watch.

    I would also like to say that Friends had made some of my bad days be funny. The show was right for its time, and it didn't over stay its welcome. Over the ten years we watched the six friend overcome some hard and dificult times. We watched them grow up, get married, (and divorced) have children, get fired, having family die, and faceing the one importent thing... that your friends will always be there for you...eavn when it hasn't be your day, your week your month or eavn your year. Evey thing you need to know about the show is in the theme song.
  • Following the lives of six friends: Monica, a Cheif who also is Ross's sister, Rachel, works in fashion, Phoebe, a meusesse, Joey, tries to be an actor despite often messing up his audition, Chandler, with numerous jobs, but most recently works in adverti

    Friends is a very funny show about the life of different Friends, who get involved in eachothers life perhaps too much with very funny consequences.

    This show has almost everything that makes a good sitcom.

    It has good charactors. All of the charactors can be funny in their own way. That is one of the things that make it good. I like the way that even the serious charactors can be strangly funny at times.

    It has good storylines. Well what good are charactors if you don't have good sorylines to put them in? Well friends does that, but most of the time the less important plot are often more humourous. Like the main plot is normally some serious situation that is out of tone.

    This show has good jokes. Yes the jokes are good, but I find they copy so many other shows. For example in one episode I remember that they were describing what an atomic wedgy is which is a copy of the Seinfeld episode "The Library" which is an episode that came out before friends did. That is one thing I would change about friends.

    If you notice I said that has everything that makes a good sitcom, not great.
  • This show is about 6 friends and their quorky lives in new york

    Ok, so the show ran ten sesions and is now over. And, I will admit, that after seeing practaclly all the episoids, the last few sesions were definatly not as good as the rest. But I love this show. The characters all come from different bakcrounds, and have differnet perspectives on life. They all have their definning characteristis as well. Such as Chandler is sarcastic, Monica is obsessive when it comes to cleanleness, Ross is smart and the most educated, Pheobe is a blonde, Joey is oblivious to anything thats complex, and Rachel is the shopper. The show is funny and no-nonsence with a few serious situations put in to take the cake. Gotta love it.
  • The best comedy show of all time.

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- the best of the best, the most funny and amazing commedy of history.
    I never stop watching it, I have all the seasons, and the finale episode.
    The show based on 6 friends living in New York, sharing work, sex, relayionship, and many other problems, relationships between them, weddings, trips, infants, and many, many more.
    As the plot advances many adventures develop, the six become more close as each season advances, though the best season is the eight one and the less good one is the ninth one.
    With the combined talents of Mathew Perry, Matt Leblanc, Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox Arquette, David Scwimmer, and Lisa Kudrow.
  • The best show of all time!!

    Friends is a fantastic comedy that kept us laughing for ten whole years. Unlike most shows every character brought something special to the show and they were all hilarious. No episode was bad or even average. At the least, they were all great. There was a perfect balance of the emotional parts and the funny parts. Even during the sad parts, somehow there was always something that would make us laugh. I will certainly miss tuning in every Thursday to see what Monica will freak out about next, what will happen with Ross and Rachel, what wierd things Phoebe will do, see Joey be stupid and.... Joey, and see Chandler and his sarcastic comments. Well, I'll just have to stick to my DVD's. For those of you who have never watched it, you should really check it out. It is without a doubt, the best show of all time. Hopefully we have not seen the last of Friends. It was more than just a tv show. It was a little piece of history.
  • Friends Rocks

    Friends was the best Chandlers was soo funny. I want it back on!! The spinoff with Joey was never as good as Friends will ever be so i hope it does go back on lol.
    Please please please put it back on.
    Gem x x x x x x x x
  • y did they get rid

    i love firends y did they finish it why why why did they get rid i love it so much my fav one is when rachel tells joey that her boss wahts to by her baby its well funny and joey is so fit i love chandler to joeys new show is rubbish
  • It'll be a forever classic, because it's so simple.

    All you need is friends. To me, Friends is NBC's biggest hit show, just like FOX's biggest hit show is The Simpsons. The reason why we can't help but watch it over and over again, is because it's like real life. Granted it's a much prettier version of life, but its a simple show, with real heart. As you watch more Friends' episodes, you become more involved with each of the friends' lives. There are very few shows out there, that start out ontop, and end ontop. Friends, The Simpsons, and Seinfeld will end up as this generations best shows.
  • I love this show it is so funny. Chandler is the funniest character. I think if I was one of the character's personalities I would be Chandler.

    I love this show it is so funny. Chandler is the funniest character. I think if I was one of the character's personalities I would be Chandler. Even though I'm not a guy. That show makes me laugh soo hard. I loved that soap thing "Think of the last thing I wash and the first thing you wash."
  • Overrated drek what was the point? Why did people love it? Ah well i've never been a sitcom kinda guy.

    Overrated drek what was the point? Why did people love it? Ah well i've never been a sitcom kinda guy. The stars of the show have gone nowhere kind of like the show. It just kept going and going with no point. Oh I remember someone got knocked up and someone got married and we all live happily ever after?!
  • One of my absolute favorites!

    This show is one of my favorites! The storyline isn\\\'t really that original, but the actors make you feel like they are actually your friends. You want to know what\\\'s going to happen to them, just like any of your other friends. I love Rachel and Joey, they are my favorites. I can\\\'t sit through an episode without laughing out loud!
  • Six friends that live in the Manhattan encounter many experiences in their life and discuss them daily in their favorite hang out spot, a coffee house. All of them have their little flings amongst themselves. As problems face them in relationships, they e

    This show has everything from drama to comedy. It always makes me laugh. The actors are amazing and bring everything to life. Because of the actors, it is such a great success. Friends was one of the first tv shows that had great comedy. Friends is a great show and it's really upsetting that it's not taping anymore.
  • possibly the best show ever made in the world, ever!! about 6 best friends all hangin out, drinking coffee and being funny!! enough said!

    By the way this is lisa,Shauns best friend, not shaun because its my turn lol! friends is amazin, it makes you laugh,it makes you cry and sometimes makes you want to chase a cow through a field of peanuts! (not many times, ill give ya that!) some of the best quotes include \"how you doin!\" \"OH...MY....GOD!\" \"Pivot...PIVOT\" \"whoopa!\" \"i have sex with dinosaurs?!\" and \"we\'ll hit all the maple candy stores on the way back, and if they\'re closed we\'ll tap a tree and make some ourselves!\" as you can see we are huge fans of the show and we want it back!! see ya l8a alligator! friends is off the hook!!!
  • Friends is a television show based on six close friends living in new york city, dealing with life's trials and tibulations.

    Friends is simply amazing for the sole reason that every episode is hilarious. The writers of that show were amazing and they created the perfect storylines with the perfect jokes. The actors too were great. They had awesome comedic skills but they could also do the scenes that were on the sad side. They really made you feel like these people were actually close friends, which they were. I really miss this show and I'm so glad I can go back and watch it on DVD because there are so many feel-good, hilarious moments that should never be forgotten.
  • This is the best show!

    Okay. This is my All time favorite show like ever! I've been watching it since i was 7 and still do now...Its hilarious i love each charactor so much and i was soooo upset when they decisided to stop making new episodes it...But theres still re-runs lol. And plus i have all the seasons that are out so far which are i cant wait till the tenth comes out..I would recomend this show to people of all ages. I watched it when i was 7 and loved it. I'm sure i didnt get alot of the jokes but it was still and important show to me..and my parents watched it and loved it..So i defently give this so a 10.

    This is the best show ever!! I love Jenifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Courtney Cox Arquette! They are great actors and really match there character!

    Jenifer Aniston (Rachel)= Loves shopping
    David Schwimmer (Ross)= Loves Dinosaurs
    Courtney Cox Arquette (Monica)= Loves to clean
    Matt LeBlanc (Joey)= Loves to eat
    Matthew Perry (Chandler)= Loves to make jokes
    Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe)= Loves to be calm

    I just think it is a GREAT show!!!!!!!!!
  • Friends was part of an era that will never be forgotten. It is a part of history, like Woodstock, flower power, punks, etc

    This show was revolutionary. It changed everything within the modern day. Twenty Somethings, sat in coffee houses and shared flats, whereas before the times of "Friends" they would just end up in a club getting completely drunk and falling all over the place. Teenagers could not wait till they could start living the life of the "Friends". This show was not only entertaining but amazing enough to change the minds and actions of thousands of teenagers and twenty somethings all over the world and I applaud the creators for that, because thankfully it changed my life.
  • Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe are some of the greatest charachters I ever watched. I've watched this show from the first to the last, and cried in tons of episodes. Also,I laughed. I've fallen in love with this show. It's great, funny,

    Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe are some of the greatest charachters I ever watched. I've watched this show from the first to the last, and cried in tons of episodes. Also,I laughed. I've fallen in love with this show. It's great, funny, amusing, wonderful, cute, and dramatic. Friends!
  • Hilarious

    This show is so hilarious, I don't want it to be over but sadly it is. I wish it could've gone on forever and ever. It does have a few bad jokes, but who cares? Its the funniest show ever. And I'll be watching reruns util I die.
    My favorite episode it the episode where the boys win Monica's and Rachels apartment. But I think the last disk of the ninth season is the funiest if your watching it for the first time.

    Mysour over and out.
  • Excellent, so sad it ended!

    I have a friends collection, which contains every episode.
    I am a huge fan of friends and wish it had never ended!
    The characters Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and ross are wonderful, so funny and yet believable. This help you to discover what life is like for young, struggling New Yorkers trying to make their way in this world.
    The brilliance is there, they all work it out in the end even after the bad times they have had, this show shines a ray of hope to other lonely people in the world who are worried their life will never work out.
    Of course friends does all this whilst putting you in a fit of laughter on the floor. The weird and wonderful characters make you feel happy and the things they go through make you glad you're not them.
    Friends is a program created and performed with true talent. Recommended to anyone who likes good TV.
    Thank you.
  • I have always liked this show.

    I have seen every episode of Friends and I love almost all of them. I think as the seasons went on however that the show got less funny and more dramatic. The first three seasons where my personal favorite seasons becuase I think they were the funniest. I think that once Rachael had her baby it kinda went all down hill from there because that episode was sweet and it should of been just how it was but then the episodes after that weren't funny becuase a lot of the plot revolved around Joey, Rachael, and the baby Emma. I think they ended this show at the right time but this show I will always miss.
  • Great show about six best friends living in the big city, dealing with live, love, money, familly and of course friendship!!!

    Absolutelly Wonderful!! this is the best show ever!! I don`t think that they can make another show that`s able to match this one!! it`s just perfect!! soo funny!! I love Rachel and Joey! Rachel because I can relate to her, and Joey because he`s so funny and so stupid sometimes!!
  • Does the word "overrated" ring a bell?

    For years I have been joking that they should have called this show "Six greedy people that think they're funny" and no title could be more accurate.
    I still remember a few years into the show, I wondered what all the fuss was about so I decided to attempt to watch and episode, and...crap!
    This show started out as being just a comedy until they chose to make it into a soap opera as well. Any time that is done, it just ruins the show.
    If you're a comedy, stay a comedy and don't try to be something you're not.
    This is one of those shows--like the current desperate housewives--where people want to watch it just to be hip, but both shows just are way overrated
  • For ten years, Friends took us through the lives of six friends living in New York City facing challenges but always having a friend to be there. Through relationships, jobs, and fights, the six friends stuck together and delivered great lines that kept

    The best show ever on TV. Nothing can ever be compared to it. After watching the episodes over and over again, I recite the lines in my daily dialogue without even realizing it before I say, "Hey, that's from Friends!" My obsession may be a little over the top, but when I am feeling down, I just pop in a DVD from one of my favorite seasons, and these friends have my laughing in a second. The creators, writers, and producers behind this show are unbelievable and so creative. The lines and storylines that they came up with blew my mind. And the actors who brought us these storylines were also fantastic. This show is very missed on TV, but hey, that's what the DVDs are for!
  • best show ever i watch it every day does anyone know wen friends season 10 comes out? i have all 9!

    oh my gosh besssssst showwwwwwwwwwww eva!!!!!!!!!!
    i love every episode and i wanna be just like them i wish i had friends like that it would be so cool wouldnt it? me and my sis say that we ant to do that wen we r older dosnet everyone? i love this show!! really my all time fav show
  • Wow, what a series!

    Okay, I admit it; I did not start watching until these famous Friends words were uttered! I Ross, take the Rachel. When it should have be Emily! I was like OMG! Then it was hook, line, and sinker after that. I was a devoted fan after that!

    I would like to think that Friends set a standard in current television kinds like MASH did. As one of the longest running television series to date, I say bravo to the cast and crew. This is one show that will be missed! Good thing I can still watch the reruns!

    Great show!
  • Television show of "Friends" living in New York City

    This show is fabulous! It's hilarious, witty, clever, and I'm really sad it's over. :( But, it had a VERY good ten year running. It did very well in the ratings, and I tried to watch it when ever it was on, and I continue to whenever it is on! It's hilarious and WONDERFUL!
  • It was good, before it JtS

    Friends is one of those shows that didn't know when it was time to end. I think it started going downhill when Joey fell in love with Rachel, then, after a 3 episodes long "relationship", they decide to remain just friends (This was just a desperate attempt to gain raitings, like Susan/Carter on ER or the Jackie/Kelso/Hyde love triangle on That 70's Show).
    But that's not the only bad thing about Friends, It had a laugh track, which i guess was OK in the 90's, where this show belongs, and some really pointless storylines just so everyone would appear on every episode (Ross wearing a pink T-Shirt???).
    I give it a 6 because it was as good as a sitcom can be.
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