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  • FRIENDS!! We all need them. I absolutely loved it! I can't believe it ended, ten years is a little long and I have much respect for the actors. I fully intend to buy every single season DVD. Even the repeats on tv keep me interested.

    Twenty somethings turn into thirty somethings. The change over the years was amazing. I was honestly only nine or ten years old when the series began. But I've loved it forever. I can't wait until I complete the full set of my DVD collection. I see some days with popcorn and soda and FRIENDS in my future. I recommend the show to anyone who wants a teary-eyed belly aching laugh.
  • I Have only recently become interested in 'Friends' because of a friend of mine. It's a shame I didn't become aware of this show earlier seeing as it has ended.

    I Have only recently become interested in 'Friends' because of a friend of mine.

    It's a shame I didn't become aware of this show earlier seeing as it has ended.

    Friends will always be a well-known sitcom and one of the funniest shows ever.

    I am looking forward to collecting the complete series 1-10, I currently own only one season, Season 7.

    Joey and Phoebe are the hilarious characters of the show.

    The worst ever episode to me is 'The One With The Holiday Armadillo' Ross' voice just gets on my nerves if I watch that episode over and over.

    I would like to say one more time, that 'Friends' is an absoulute fabulous TV Show ever made!
  • This is one of the best shows ever created.

    This is one of the best shows ever created. I think that the humor and the storylines that kept the audience going for so many years was brilliant. The fact that the show was watched and loved by so many, and still is watched in syndication several times a day, shows the timelessness of the characters and their stories. I wish there was a show on today that could replace Friends.
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  • Its in syndication now and I still watch it because its brilliant!

    Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachael are a group of friends that will hopefully never leave syndication or our hearts. It was a brilliant show with great plot lines and witty writing.
    Joey:A funny character played brilliantly by Matt LeBlanc. Joey was italian and a struggling actor who never was quite up to speed with what the rest of the group was talking about unless it was about women. His only good advice was about sex, food, and women. He was never overplayed and had some great plotlines (See Joey's Dirty Day).

    Monica:Courtney Cox-Arquette was outstanding as this obsessive compulsive character. The only one of the six friends not to get nominated for an emmy (which is so stupid considering she did a great job with the part). Monica was obsessive compulsive, strong, and witty. Playing fat Monica was great too. In the end she ended up with Chandler Bing whom in my opinion were perfect for each other.

    Chandler:Matthew Perry is at his best playing Chandler Bing the sarcastic, wisecracking, always having problems with women, and nobody can figure out what he does for a living guy. My favorite male character on the show is Chandler especially when he is playing off of Joey or making fun of everyone else. His on again off again and closed completly relationship with Janice (played wonderfully by Maggie Wheeler) was hilarious. In the end he ended up with Monica much to Janice's dismay.

    Phoebe:Lisa Kudrow is so great at playing the quirky massuese,Phoebe, I love Phoebe she is so funny and weird. She is great in some of the earlier episodes especially when she brings out the guitar and starts playing those bizarre gotta laugh truthful songs like Smelly Cat. She married Mike (played perfectly by Paul Rudd) and gave birth to her brothers triplets.

    Ross:This paleontoligist played just right to perfection by David Shwimmer. He was quirky and had the right amount of neuroses that made him funny. His on again off again realationship with Rachael was funny (sometimes it was overplayed but was still funny). David Shwimmer also directed some episodes proving himself a credible director as well as a great actor.

    Rachael: Often known as everybody's favorite friend Jennifer Aniston was not just a pretty face but an amazing actress and has great hair AKA the Rachael. Her on and off again ralationship with Ross Gellar was a funny bit and often a plot line.

    So there you have it I shall write more reviews but Friends will often be one of my favorite shows ever I highly reccomend everybody watching especially the season finale.
  • This show was so funny, I would dying laughing very I watch it. I live this show

    This was the best show on the planet. My favorite friend was all of them. I like Phoebe because she is very weird. Joey is just stupid. Rachel did not know how to live on her own when she first can to New York. Monica is a neat freaky. Chandler wish he was funny because all his jokes is wack. Ross is just too upses with dinosuars.
  • A show that will go down in history as being one of the greatest, and most watched shows of all time.

    A show that will go down in history as being one of the greatest, and most watched shows of all time. You grew to love the characters and be invested in their lives as if they were your own friends. The storylines were genius and very well put together. Hats off to the writers. This show makes me laugh non stop and will continue to do so for years to come.
  • The end of an Era...

    Friends has had its incredible 10 year run from 1994-2004. It has touched hearts everywhere while giving people the comic relief and happiness about being wiht people you care about. I watched friends from end of season 3, and I was immediatly hooked onto it. The plots, characters, and scenes, although unbelievable at times, made me watch and fantasize their world for 30minutes every week for 7 years.

    I thought the last one ended perfectly, with everyone moving onto happier places. And seeing this, although i'm happy it ended that way, I'm sad to see those 6 characters leave because their friendship lasted so long. They get through their evolution to adulthood and they leave to finish their lives as adults. The last scene really touched me, Monica's apartment empty...It was the perfect ending. Friends easily became my favorite show over many others I have watched in the past. For 10 years, I am happy to see how this show has turned out.
  • The Reason for MUST SEE TV!

    This show catapulted NBC Thusrday Nights to "MUST SEE TV" status. It's a show that you can't get enough of watching and quoting and attempting to model your attitude after. So sad it ended, but hey, that's why they're on DVD now! And if you like this show, don't miss ut on its spinoff JOEY.
  • i love this show!! very much! hope they bring it back and continue it! it makes my day complete!

    this show is superb! i love this show! why did they end it?? it's pretty gud! hehe i like the lines everything about it! it's the best sitcom i ever watched! it makes my day easy and fun! when i'm bored.. this show makes me feel with someone else! i really recommend it and give it a perfect 10!
  • Friends is about a group of 3 guys and 3 girls who become friends. They spent 10 years getting to know each other and spending almost all free time with each other.

    I love this show. It's hilarious. Rachel was the last to join the group but she's just as important as the rest of them. Ross has had 3 failed marriages(one of them was with Rachel)but it all ends on a high note for him. Instead of going to Paris for a job, Rachel stays with Ross and their kid,Emma. back in New York. Joey's hilarious. He's so dumb that it's funny. Chandler and Monica end up married and they end up adopting from a lady who has twins. Phoebe ends up marrying this guy named Mike. They are on their way to a happy life together.
  • Friends is awesome!

    Friends is awesome! It is not a piece of crap, it is great, one of the greatest shows ever! Even better than the daily Albert Einstein show! It\'s on the ball! Millions of people watch it everyday! Whoever thought of it is a genius! It should be on 24 hours a day!
  • Friends will be the most funny and greatest show of all time ! I have all seasons except #10 because it didnt come out yet . These ten worderful years of comedy will be remembered forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friends will be the most funny and greatest show of all time ! I have all seasons except #10 because it didnt come out yet . These ten worderful years of comedy will be remembered forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Final Score For Friends (1994-2004):200%

    Also it will be remembered as a classic fo ever!
  • im going to miss it

    this was a very well done series that stayed on air for a good period of time. The series finale was amazing and everythign worked out. The characters were all amazing and the overall plot and setting was great. The actors in this show did a great job and made this show a favorite.
  • This is all time favorite.When i watch this comedy now even when i know what is going to happen it still makes me laugh. I love it.If you are thinking of purchasing a dvd then this is what i recommend.

    As the seasons go on you really see the charactors progress the friends become closer and two of them lovers. What stands out with this comedy is how it ended, most comedys you see have really terrible endings and leaves you wondering why and will it come back due to such a bad ending, but friends is very different, friends finishes in style. Everything finshes in place Ross AND Ratchel are together, Phoebe and Mike are married, Monica and Chandler have the twins and Joey gets a spin off.
  • one of the best series

    this is the best series i have ever seen. i wish they would have never ended the show it was going great. They had a lot going for them The last one was quiet will done. Am glade every one got back to geather,Ross and Rachael aways belonged togeher. Please bring it back.
  • One of my favorites

    Friends will always be at the top of my most favorite tv shows. I loved this show, I love this show and the reruns. Of course my favorite character(s) are Rachael and Monica, the both kind of remind me of myself.
    This show was the absolute best for me.
  • Six people, who become family, so important one to each other that they live together...

    That's the first tv series I've watched, that's also my favourite and the most awesome one. It introduced me to the worlds of series, but Friends is by it self a world, it's a wonderful one where friendship^is the most important value, and I know I won't, (nor want to) forget my friends : Chandler, Monica, Joey, Ross and Rachel
  • This show is now a classic, one of the few that I will actually watch re-runs on a regular basis.

    I loved this show during its run on television, I can even look past the last couple seasons when the episodes became less entertaining. I will miss the funny dialogue and relationships that were built on this show. Joey and Chandler became one of the best buddy tandems on television.
  • Love it!

    When Friends first came out, I was VERY skeptical. Maybe it was because I was so young and couldn't really relate with the show, but I used to bash Friends and Friends-lovers alike. I couldn't believe people could watch such dribble. But then, I actually watched an episode, and guess what? I laughed. And I laughed, and I laughed some more. Of course, by the time I caught on, it was into its next to last season, so I felt cheated by myself, I couldn't believe I let the hype surrounding the show blind me, I could have been watching for years! But agian, I was young when the show came out, and when I started watching, it was when I moved out and had to deal with real life situations. So I guess you could say I "grew" into the show.

    I'd tell anyone to give this show at least one chance, I prefer the older episodes, when everyones job sucked, and nothing ever went thier way, but I still enjoy the new ones. Its a classic show, that people will always remember, no matter whether they loved or hated it.
  • "Friends" is the show that i will always cherish the humour, love and the value of friendship inside! Everytime i watch an episode of this magnificent show, i still laugh at the same lines and the same gestures.

    "Friends" is the show that i will always cherish the humour, love and the value of friendship inside! Everytime i watch an episode of this magnificent show, i still laugh at the same lines and the same gestures. Whenever i am bored in the house and have nothing fun to do, i choose 2 or 3 episodes and hit the play button and all my boredom is gone and i felt a relief that those people give you a feeling that they are all your friends and in this painful world you get to feel those intimate and friendly feelings.
  • friends who face life and love in New York. Now, they are six thirty-something friends with older, bigger concerns. Monica and Chandler have married and are preparing to adopt a baby. Ross and Rachel have fallen in love, broken up, married, divorced, and

    This show its so funny, I liked all the episode they cracked me up! :D I didnt get to see the last 2 episodes but I keep watching the re-run. Its so funny!!!!!!! My favorite characters are Joey, Ross, and Rachel. I liked when Ross and Rachel got together, they make such a cute couple.
  • This hit comedy centers around six friends, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross.

    "Friends" started out with six memorable, lovable characters and ended its run with the same six who we, the viewers, have all grown to love, adore, and respect as they went through so many good times and hard times together. Along with the talented writing staff and the great actors who portray the characters very well, "Friends" is provided with a lot of funny jokes and a bit of physical comedy. Whether its friendship, relationships, marriage, divorce, the birth of a baby, job promotions, parties, fights, arguments, making up, or any social daily event, you name it, "Friends" has it. A show I recommend watching if you want to laugh your a$$ off.
  • I like this show do't get me wrong but....

    I like this show do't get me wrong but i just don't understand why everyone was sooooo sad at the end! It ran as long as Bewictched and i cried at that one! I just don't see what all the fuss was about EARTH to people its just a tv show its not like they were gonna keep doing it until there dead! American Idol has to stop sometime too! Simon's pretty old now! So i just don't get it!
  • friends forever

    I just wanted to know who thinks this show doesn´t rock!
    and what can I say? Friends is already a classic show! Six friends that change your life, that bring fun, that make you happy! I´m sure that when our generation grow up the one next our will remember this show, and the one next next our and the one next next next our!... ´cause friends is classic! and it´s forever!
  • Friends is the most hilarious show about the six funniest and greatest people.

    Friends is a show about six different friends and their lives in New York: Rachel, Monica, Pheobe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. There are now ten seasons of Friends, and Friends stands as the single most hilarious and best show that television as ever seen. I just wish it hadn't ended.
  • The six friends that are now ours...

    Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, and Pheobe are six names that need no further clarification. There is not one episode that doesn\'t make me crack up laughing. When watching with my love, I continually get shushed for laughing TOO hard. *whoops*
    Season 1 is by far my favorite, though I am extremely glad the set designers removed the wooden pole that bisected quite a few of the shots in Monica and Rachel\'s apartment. Three cheers to the wonderful classic that is Friends!
  • An entertaining show that will keep you hooked from the first episode.

    I first watched this show when series five was being aired, and after watching a few episodes was annoyed that i had missed the previous series. Ofcourse i was able to catch up with DVD's, videos and the many repeats on television.

    Friends had a strong start, and although some may argue this, i also feel it had quite a strong ending. No one can expect a show to continue at a high quality through series one to ten, and although towards the end it did start to lose it, it isnt enough to put you off the show.

    I recommend this to anyone who wants a laugh and or who liked any other sitcom.

  • Oft-criticized comedy classic

    Sure, this show isn't as well-written as Frasier. Sure, the stories aren't as unique as Seinfeld.
    So what? This show is one of the most consistently funny shows around, with a core group of likeable characters you can easily grow to love.

    Friends is one of NBC's most remarkable achievements. The show grew from virtually nowhere to one of the highest-rated sitcoms of television, and a show can't do that without consistent writing, character-driven humour and excellent plots. Luckily, Friends had all those things, and now it was attracting millions of viewers, the world was its' oyster!

    All of the characters have good qualities, though in my opinion the best character is Chandler, whose unrelenting sarcasm can bring light to an otherwise dull moment. The humour, contrary to popular opinion, is generally rather clever, and combines character's foibles with slapstick, wit and sarcasm. It's a combination that woked for millions for ten years, and I'm no exception.

    Those who find this too low-brow, keep an open mind and give this another chance: it really deserves it.
  • Greatest show with more levels then just the jokes.

    This show has got to be the greatest show ever created. The writing is amazing, the acting is great and the jokes are halarious. It definatly has more levels then just the jokes.
    It shows the depth of how far friendship can go.
    Some people don't relize that, and therefor don't understand the show, and I feel bad for those people. They went 10 amazing seasons, and I wish it never stopped...or if they had a series with Chandler and Monica raising the kids, and Joey lived out with them, just like in Chandler's future fantasy.