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  • Oft-criticized comedy classic

    Sure, this show isn't as well-written as Frasier. Sure, the stories aren't as unique as Seinfeld.
    So what? This show is one of the most consistently funny shows around, with a core group of likeable characters you can easily grow to love.

    Friends is one of NBC's most remarkable achievements. The show grew from virtually nowhere to one of the highest-rated sitcoms of television, and a show can't do that without consistent writing, character-driven humour and excellent plots. Luckily, Friends had all those things, and now it was attracting millions of viewers, the world was its' oyster!

    All of the characters have good qualities, though in my opinion the best character is Chandler, whose unrelenting sarcasm can bring light to an otherwise dull moment. The humour, contrary to popular opinion, is generally rather clever, and combines character's foibles with slapstick, wit and sarcasm. It's a combination that woked for millions for ten years, and I'm no exception.

    Those who find this too low-brow, keep an open mind and give this another chance: it really deserves it.
  • Greatest show with more levels then just the jokes.

    This show has got to be the greatest show ever created. The writing is amazing, the acting is great and the jokes are halarious. It definatly has more levels then just the jokes.
    It shows the depth of how far friendship can go.
    Some people don't relize that, and therefor don't understand the show, and I feel bad for those people. They went 10 amazing seasons, and I wish it never stopped...or if they had a series with Chandler and Monica raising the kids, and Joey lived out with them, just like in Chandler's future fantasy.
  • Absolutely Fabulous Show..

    Friends is the best show that ever made,,
    My favorites are: Joey, Rachel and Chandler..
    Joey and Chandler because they made everyone laugh and Rachel because she is a sweety..
    But Phoebe, Ross and Monica are also the best..!!
    It's very sad that de show is over..
    But The Joey Show is also fun..
  • Where else would someone get the chance to watch 6 close friends grow from immature 20-something year olds to mature 30-something year olds? Nowhere.

    Personally I think the show went two seasons over. The show could of ended around seasons 7, but they kept offering more money and the actors kept taking it... I can't blame them. Still, the show was simply, for the lack of a better term, Amazing! If you haven't seen this show you're either amish or are too busy in South America hugging trees to care. To make this short, if you've seen it... you know the show it great, if you haven't seen it... Buy All Ten Seasons In A Set On November 15th! You won't regret it. Trust me.
  • Closest you will get to perfection.

    Friends is an American sitcom about a group of six mates who hang around in a New York bar; it's really amazing how they could make around 220 half hour episodes based on this concept, and do you know what - they were nearly all great. It's amazing how the script writers created the chemistry between the characters, and showed how their relationships developed during the seasons. Every episode is oosing with one-liners, from the dizzy Phoebe to the witty Chandler, and the laughter from their sticky situations is non-stop.

    People say: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"
    I say: "Friends is next to Godliness.

  • It's about 6 friends living in New York who experience life and it's ups and downs.

    In 1994 a new show was introduced to the world called friends. It was about 6 friends and their romances, troubles, achievements and much more. It starred Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. In my opinion this show was just plain great! No bad acting from any of the cast, superb writing and I thought the characters were really lovable. It ended after 10 years of episodes, which is pretty long. I loved how it began and it ended great. This is still my favorite show and I own the seasons and finale of it :) in my opinion it’s better than Seinfeld and most other comedy shows that were out and are out.
  • While this show should of ended it shouldn't of ended too soon.

    I agree that this show is great thats why i gave it a 10 but through out the 10 years it got lest funny but the plot got better. The show shouldn't of ended so quickly because of the fact that they left on such a big cliffhanger. I was asking for days these questions Ross and rachel? twins? Pheobe wants babies? what will happen to joey? but of course none of my questions were answered except for the joey one. This show was great but it was the last episode that disapointed me.
  • I love friends bring it back!

    Friends has always been a really favorite show of mine. I don't understand why the actors and actresses didn't want to do the show anymore. I mean why? Seriously that show waS paying them lots. I would do close to anything to get paid that much. Friends is an awesome show so why musyt it be taken off the air. However at least the show is still on constantly and the dvds are avalilable. So the the show friends will never really leave existance. However I would love, Love, LOVE to say more episodes. Please come back Friends I miss watching new episodes. :(
  • One of my favoite shows of all time.

    I never actually watched this show when it was on TV. It was through the power of DVD that I discovered this fantastically funny show. I watched the first few episodes and then I was hooked I watched all of the episodes in order from start to finish and loved every minute of it. Few shows can say they had more star power than friends while none of them were really that big when it started the are all international movie and television stars. I have got a lot of other people hooked on this show. It is one of my comfort shows meaning I can watch it at anytime no matter how many times I have seen it and it will always make me feel better. I really am glad I found this show and hope others do too.
  • Well...actually I must confess that I already watched ALL the Friend's seasons!!!

    This is The TV show that I recommend everybody to watch it!!
    There aren't dirty things, naked people in Friends!
    They are only fun!
    I watched so many times some episodes and I still laugh when I watch them over and over again!!
    I can't get enough!
    Chandler and Joey are my favourites!
    They are just perfect!
  • 6 friends with fun and laughter all the way in Central Perk.

    This show is okay but not that excellent. Joey is the best though and the best episode is the one with the fake new year where xmas is comming and the recording of New Years day is close to come and Chandler,Phobie and Rachel try to find there xmas presents.
  • The season with the chick and the duck!

    Chandler and Joey have a little chick and a duck. They are used as props in that season and I loved the jokes around them.

    Joey: If our chick and our duck have a baby we could call him Chuck"
    Chandler: "or Dick"
    Brilliant stuff! I never laughed so hard at something as I did with these episodes.

    Chandler: "Does anybody know how to get a chick out of a VCR?".


    Also the episode with Brad Pitt was hilarious! Not because it was Brad (that was just a bonus) but because of the way it was written. The I-hate-Rachel-club! So funny.

    Phoebe: Yeah Will take off your shirt and tell us"

    Rachel (to Ross): "You gave me a teeny weeny"
    Will (Brad): "yeaah haha (Chuckles)".
  • I will talk about how f*** great this show was and is. People should have to watch this because you watch one show and your hooked forever. You get in to the story lines and start to say you know that person or I am that person. Please Read. thanks

    This is and was one of the best shows ever made not in its time but ever made. You can relate to anyone of them. Chandler is my favorite and he just made me laugh. The way they ended it was perfect I cryed the whole time and laught too.I am also so glad that Ross and Rachel ended up together that was great. But I wish the writers would have went more into the furter like showing Ross and Rachel getting married, Chandler and Monica in there new house with little bit older kids, Phebe and Mike with kids, and Joey movieing to CA to get you ready for his show "Joey".
  • OMG! Friends is the best top-notch show by far. Friends made us laugh, cry, and it made our eyes become attached to the television screen whenever it was on. Friends was the best show and i wish it would come back!!!!!!

    The writing of friends was excellent. I'm sure they worked very hard to get it in the top ten every week. I give props to the writers, but especially the actors. they were very good at acting and I know it is very hard to do comedy but they all pulled it off. Again it was top-notch!!!!!!

    I thought that every episode had a very funny scene where it almost made you cry. Friends is about what the title is and it explains how they are there for each other. So again i give soooooooooo many thank yous to the writers and the actors because they were the best choice to do the show. I hope friends will be remembered always.

  • Greatest show ever.

    I love Friends. I love it a lot. I know almost anything about Friends. I (or well my sister) have all the DVDs, although I've seen each episode at least thrice. Plus reruns on WB. That is how awesome this show is.

    The best part about the show? The characters. Each actor portrays his character amazingly. I have no favorite character, I love all of them.
    As for writing, a lot of the jokes are great. Sometimes, you know what they will or you can see it coming. But once again, the amazing actors make it unique with their own style or something like that.

    I will never get tired of this show. It's not as smart as others, but its above average. It's lots of fun too.

    Friends is awesome. Period. If Phoebe were real, she'd be my best friend.

    Later days.
  • One of the Greats

    Friends defined a generation for twentysomethings of the 1990's. Centering around six friends in New York City, the show brought laughs, tears, breakups, makeups, marriages and babies. Not highly touted when it premiered in 1994, the show grew into a ratings juggernaut and one of the most beloved sitcoms in history. In the process, it made superstars of the six previously unknown actors. An all-time great.
  • Friends was and still is a fabulous show.It was a trendsetter for everyone.Brilliant show.

    Put a funny, attractive(dim wiited)Italian who is also sensitive guy,a woman who cares for her music(thought it is quite awful)and is unintentionally hilarious,a man who has a point to prove but ends up making a fool of himself who falls in love with one of his best friends sister,a chef trying to make it into the big time but finding obstacles along her way,a very attractive woman who still is trying to come to cope with her living in the big city and always finding Mr.wrong and a man who has alot of problems with his relationships(3 of his marriages ending in failure) who has alot of respect for his friends and put them all in one building in two apartments across from each other and there you have the best sitcom ever to brace our t.v sets.
  • Truly a classic sitcom!

    I watched this from day one, when the ratings were poor and it looked like it was a one season failure for a while. But it was funny and the actors were really good! And other people finally found it!

    Often copied but never bettered, it shows that casting is SOOOOOO important to the making of a great series!
  • this show shows the growth and love between 7 friends in new york and these friends have a very close relationship.

    Friends is my favorite show ever because it leaves me with a smile on my face because it shows me that life can always be good if you have friends to help you through it. this show always make me smile between the uniquely writen charcters and witty story lines this show is bound to be a show that leaves an every lasting mark on hollywood.
  • What do you say about the greatest show ever made? Just read my review.

    "Friends" is by far, in my opinion, the greatest show ever made. No show has ever given me such a sense of urgency to sit down and watch it. Many people, if asked their favorite television shows ever, will give you a list of 4 or 5 because it's just too close to call. I too have several favorites, like "The Simpsons," and "Seinfeld," and guilty pleasures like "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Family Guy," and even "Gilmore Girls," but no show comes close to my love of "Friends." This show, about six twenty-something friends turned thirty-something couples in several scenarios, grew on me as I grew up watching it. True, I'm only 19 now, which made me only almost-9 when it first aired in 1994, so initially I didn't understand as well as I do now the concepts of dating, love, and friendship, so at first I just laughed at what I did understand. But I grew up with this show, as it was such a 90s show, and it grew on me. It wasn't hard for me to find a personal connection with each character, as all six of them together create such a vignette of backgrounds between love lives, parents, siblings, jobs, and just overall personalities, which makes it too hard to love one more than another, and so easy to love them all so much. What touches me more than anything else about this show is the love and dedication each of the six feel for the other five. This show taught me more about how to be a friend. To be honest, I can't sit here and go into too much detail, because I could write a book...a long book...on what "Friends" has done for me and continues to do. So just sit down and watch it, because there's no better way to spend a half hour...or a lifetime. You'll make Friends in no time.
  • This show is so hilarious.

    This show is so it is funny as the first time!hilarious and creative. In every single show it is so funny! I was really sad when the series ended. But I am watching the reruns and every time i see them it is so freakin funny! Especially the one liners of chandler and joey. there are so hilarious!
  • Pretty good over all

    Despite this shows huge popularity i wouldnt consider it to be of the most quality. Dont get me wrong, i find myself laughing out loud quite often but it lacks the artistry of other shows. Much of the time i get bored with the camera movements which usually just look like the camera was set in the corner to catch everything in the room with every character lit perfectly, or with the camera set on the coffe table in front of the couch at central perk. The dialauge is witty but rarely insiteful. To sum it up, I'd say this show is fun and funny but not quality.
  • You will always find a laugh on Friends.

    I first started watching Friends about two years ago. I had never had interest in the show because I was too busy with shows like The Simpsons, 24, Family Guy, Seinfeld, and Futurama. When I finally decided to give Chandlar, Monica, Joey, Phebee, Ross, and Rachel a try I fell in love quickly. One of the things I love most about this show is that it has a continuos story line. I loved watching each character grow in their own way and move in their own direction. The two things that I did not really like about Friends is Phebee's character and the continous "we were on a break" joke. Overall this show is a real jewl and will go down in sitcom history.

    If you like this show you should check out Seinfeld, Joey and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Six friends live in New York.

    Friends was truly an original show! The comedy was fresh and exciting, and it went on for 10 seasons without ever producing a boring episode. Friends started the tradition of a silly show about the drama-filled lives of a group of people. Some shows that followed this trend, or tried to, are What I Like About You, Will and Grace, Couples (which was canceled), and quite a few others. Although most of these "knock offs with a twist" turned out to be quite good shows, none of them were as good as Friends.

    Friends was the story of 6 friends living in New York City. Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Roey, Chandler, and Rachel. Every episode was brilliant and filled with funny banter. I've never met someone who didnt like Friends, nevermind someone who has never heard of it. Just mentioning it brings a smile to a person's face! This shows a classic!
  • Friends was all about 6 friends who, mostly, lived together in an appartmen tbuilding. Their daily lives are hilarious, but so recognizable!

    I absolutely loved this show. I usually had to laugh so hard my eyes watered. Especiaaly the intereaction between the guys was hilarious. I also started watching Joey, but it is just not the same without the other Friends! I think the ending of Friends was sad, but good, they really closed an era.
  • friends is one of the best shows ever!

    This show is so great, so funny, so sad, and the last one was a really sad one. It\'s about 6 friends, Ross (David Schwimmwer, also in Madagascar), Joey (Matt Le Blanc, who now has a spin off series \'Joey), Chandler, (Matthew Perry), Rachel, (Jennifer Annison) Phoboe, (Lisa Kudrow) and Monica (courtny cox) who all live in New York appartments. It\'s most memorable guest star was Brad Pitt, who, funnily enough, played someone who hated Rachel, played by his then-wife, Jennifer Annison. Anyway, this show is great, and really humouros, and although it\'s ended, it will always be a classic.
  • No words to say how great this show was

    Friends is like the best show eva. i have all seasons on dvd so i would knoe ever answer you got ask me. I love Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (joey) and David Schwimmer (Ross) Dont get me wrong i love Matthew Perry (Chandler)Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Courteney Cox (Monica) but there not my favourites and you can't say what a waste of time it is cause it anit.
  • Its awesome in so many ways.

    This a show that has real life examples of how friends can play jokes on each other and get through tough times. You can't guess what is going to happen next it has so many plot twists throught out the ten years the show was on. It has a a lot of funny things that through out the show that you would not think of. The show Joey is bassed on what happened in the show friends. Through Joey is not as good as Friends but i like still like it and again it has things that you would not guess they would do.
  • Friends was a classic, funny, interesting, sad, outgoing, happy, television show. It was always in the top ten shows for NBC. Friends has amazing actors as well.Friends was one of the best shows in the television history. Or at least it will be. LO

    Maurta Krauffman, and David Crane wrote an excellent television show. I give them thank yous a hundred times for writing such an amazing television show.

    The actors: Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer were an excellent choice to act out the scripts ffor the show. I thought they were sooooooooo funny. I'm glad the actors were good enough to make the characters stay alive for 10 years!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!

    Friends overall is funny because of the hilarious jokes. Its interesting because you never no what is coming next. It can be sad because of breakup, deaths, and other situations but sometimes that is what keeps it interesting.

    Friends is one of the best television shows made and i hope people can agree with me!!!!!
  • its my life, it probably even saved...

    this show is the most amazing thing to me. i watch reruns every single day in my life. i can't deal without it!!! Its always giving me a good laugh in life and helps me forget about the horrible things that happen in my day and the pains that scar me everyday. If it wasn't for this wonderful show and its comedy, i'd probably would have lost hope in life, and its because of this show that i truly understood some of the important values with friendship.