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  • Best of the |Best

    The best, i cant imagine not watching friends. This is for tv as the piramids are one of the wonders of the world , something you Have to SEE , at least once :D
  • Intro

    Hi frinds, this is Saeed. M. Asif from New Delhi, India.

    so i'm 16 yrs old and me and my friend are the only ones (besides teachers) who watch this show!!! this show is awesome and we always talk about it then others say "what are you guys talking about?!" (these are the same people who watch Jersey Shore and other bullshit shows) what wrong with my generation not having good comedy and completely ignoring this show. I love all the characters especially Chandler!!! i'm in love with this guy!!! =] FRIENDS IS GENIUS!
  • This show is better than the best.

    There should not be a single person on this planet who does not love this show. It is amazing. I think I have watched every episode about 3-5 times, and I could watch them 1000 more times. You just don't get tired of it!
  • I'm so lost without this show.


    I have a group of friends that I love more than anything. And everyday I compare us to this cast because this cast and their characters are so wonderful, so loving of each other, and the caring just touches me. Besides that, this show is so hilarious. I watched episodes as a kid here and there but I finally got around to watching the entire series from start to finish and Im so lost without this show. I don't know what to do with my life. Go watch this show now if you haven't.

  • Cannot get any better than this


    This show was the best of its time most definitely and I would even argue today that it is still one of the best. Even after finishing over 7 years ago there are still reruns of it all the time and it can make me laugh and cry as much as it did the very first time I watched an episode.

    It was about 6 friends who lived in New York City and they were trying to find out where to go in life. There were so many things that came from this that people still talk about today. For example the Ross and Rachel affair which I am so eternally grateful that they cleared up in the end and got them back together, I think I actually screamed at the telly when you hear Rachel say those immortal words "I got off the plane". The Monica and Chandler thing I sooo did not see coming but they are now of of my favourite all time couples of TV Land.

    The writing spectacular and the cast ever more so makes sure that this show will forever reside in TV history.

  • This show is so brilliant!


    This is such a lovable show that never gets old. It's always funny, great and eccentric characters and humorous plots. This is one of my all time favourite shows. It really does make you feel like one of the group when you get to watch it again.

    It revolves around a close nit group of friends.

    Rachel is the ex cheerleader, was popular at school, girly and a bit of a push over, loves fashion and wants to work in that industry. She's confident, sensitive and has been best friends with Monica since forever.

    Phoebe is confident, possibly insane, thinks of herself as 'a bit psychic', had a hard life, a vegetarian, a bad ass, animal lover, a masseuse, has possible personal boundary issues. Also she sings very original songs.

    Monica loves to cook and works as one, is obsessively neat, the unappreciated second child after her brother Ross, she's controlling, a bit obsessive and strong willed.

    Chandler is from a rich family, he has countless issues, a bit insecure, started smoking at 10 after his parents divorced, has a job that none of his friends can remember the name of. He is the jokester of the group and like he says 'Hi, I'm Chandler, I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable'. He's witty and smart.

    Joey is a womanizer, he's sensitive, an aspiring actor and usually dumber than a box of rocks. He loves pizza and sandwiches, eating really. Sports, cute animals and prank calling his best mate Chandler.

    Ross probably the most book smart of the group, he's a palaeontologist, a geek, unlucky, sweet, been in love with Rachel since forever, he can't flirt, moves really fast when it comes to relationships, competitive like his sister, adored by his parents and 'puts to much of that gel in his hair' (according to Rachel).

    There are many recurring characters throughout the shows run. This show is so much fun. I'd really recommend it.

  • A great comedy.


    I really love watching Friends. It's one of those shows that always makes me laugh, even on my worst moods.

    The show is filled with witty characters and clever jokes. FRIENDS basically revolves around friends (big surprise!), six of them, hanging out. They have relationship problems, emotional problems, all sorts of troubles. Of course, it doesn't sound very interesting or original with just that. But believe me when I say each episode is well-written and just as humor-filled as the next.

    If you're looking to get a great laugh, go watch Friends. You won't regret it!

  • OMG who wouldn't love this?

    This show is hilarious in every episode, but don't get me wrong, I actually like that the show is finnished, because I think 10 years is enough, because, look what just happened to the simpsons 75% of the epsiodes suck from the past 9 or 10 years, this show was funny from beginning from the end, and I even CRIED at the ending, perfect show, perfect story, the show is perfect for all the family, (well 12 and up xD) well, the only bad thing, Joey is a little annoying, but who the fvck cares?! this show is (was) awesome
  • One of the few sitcoms I actually enjoy

    Being as I watch animation more than anything else, you might be suprised to see me writing a review for Friends. However, while I was sick in Mexico this spring break, all animation was in spanish, so I changed the channel and on was Friends. Instant connection. This show is about a group of friends move through life, and face it's many journeys. I will say, I haven't seen many episodes but the ones I saw were hilarious. My favorite one (at the moment) was when they all bought lottery tickets, and they were all hiding secrets from one another, and then one of them throws away the winning ticket. No matter who you are, you are likely to enjoy Friends. A must-watch. 10/10 A+
  • The GREATEST sitcom ever!!

    I fell in love with F.R.I.E.N.D.S right from it's pilot episode to it's final episode. Sitting on the couch everyday to follow the lives of the six friends living in Manhattan turned out to be the greatest source of laughter in my life. I loved the storylines, the comedy, the plot twists.... it was the GREATEST sitcom of all times. Who wouldn't want to sit and watch Rachel Green, the sexy waitress of Central Perk as she served customers the wrong orders, and stayed chatting with her other five friends instead of working while Ross drooled over her? I mean after she gets it going with Ross, it becomes a whole new transformation for the show. We are taken into the "We were on a break!" excuse until the final season. And Monica was something else too. Her obsession with cleanliness, cooking and doing stuff to impress people was a great source of comedy, and I could almost feel as if I lived in her apartment coz everytime I watched the show, the scene was either set in her apartment or Central Perk. And you can't deny that Richard Burke and Chandler were the BEST thing to happen to her. I couldn't get enough of the hippie, Phoebe Buffay, with her unusual superstitions and love for very weird music she played and composed herself. Her biggest excuse of getting out of doing stuff, "My mother killed herself" was so funny. You can't deny that! Joey Tribbiani and his famous catchphrase "How you doin'?" was fabulous. Sleeping and never calling back the women, and having gay moments with his best friend and roomate Chandler. Going to auditions set up by the weird Estelle, and coming home sad after not getting the parts so that he could eat a lot of pizza! I mean who didn't love Joey Tribbiani? His love for food is just amazing, and to top it off he was a dummy! I think Chandler Bing was the BEST comic relief on the show ever, apart from Pheebs. Making weird jokes, sarcastic comments, the gay vibes and innuendo and best of all, Janice... Oh.. My.. God..! You can't start describing who Chandler Bing was and finish it coz he was just... AWESOME!!! Ross and his love for Rachel, paleontology and dinosaurs was hilarious. Not a day passed without him mentioning dinosaurs or a weird and very uninteresting scientific fact that the others didn't like. I just loved Ross Geller, with Monica always competing with him for their parents' love and attention. Yeah Jack Geller and Judy were amazing too, not to forget Gunther who served the coffee at Central Perk and had this secret love for Rachel. No sitcom will EVER reach the high standards FRIENDS reached, and it's so sad it came to an end. Friends ROCKED, and still ROCKS!!!! :)
  • That was a great show. The show was produced and filmed in L.A. because all of the actors, producers and (set) is there. I was a little annoyed when I found that out, but it was always a great group of people to watch for everyone. I myself lived in NY

    That was a great show. The show was produced and filmed in L.A. because all of the actors, producers and (set) is there. I was a little annoyed when I found that out, but it was always a great group of people to watch for everyone. I myself lived in NYC for 11 years, and remember a little of the ending of the "Friends" episode of 9/11. I just remember seeing all of them watching the TV set in Monica's apartment, and just watching, standing and hugging each other. That was what I know everyone did. I did in NYC. I have the boxed set of all their episodes, but they don't have that episode of 9/11/01. I am sure it wasn't a funny show which is what the show always was. I know I was in deep shock and tears that day too. So maybe that wasn't a great moment to keep from then. I never recorded that show then, and I sort of regret it now, but am glad I have all of their funny interactions.
  • my best show

    best show i have ever seen ..!!
    it makes me happy when i'm sad ..!!
    though i watched all of them ...!!!
    i'm gonna watch it every time i'm sad ..!!
    its been like they are friends of mine or part of my life ..!!!
    They should make a movie friends or start with 11th season ..!!
    be cause no matter how much you watch it you will always demand more of the friends ..!!!
    the best part of the friends is that they start with i will be there for you and ends with walk on..!!
    love you friends...!!
    i'm gonna miss the show..!!
    especially when the times when joey says how you doing..??
    or rachel has a baby or pheoby and mike or chandler and monica gets married that makes happy..!!!
    although not for ross...!!!
    he keeps it on and on..!!
    i'm gonna miss them a lot..!!
  • what i think of friends

    i love friends sooo much! its part of my life haha. i cant stop thinking about it.. honestly, my dream dream is to meet any of the actors or the creators. im watching it at the moment actully! haaa, ive finished the box set in 1 month soo im watching it over again (: people call me sad but i dont care :P my favorite actor is Matt Le Blanc, but only just i love all the actors.

    I am 14 and my wish is to be older so i could watch friends when it was on television. i cant wait to see the new show 'episodes' comes to the UK. :D ilove friends
  • best Tv show ever

    this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....this is the best Tv show ever, I watch her 8 times and I will wash more 100 times.....
  • Best show ever! It´s about six friends that live a normal life in New York. And it´s soo funny and good!!

    Just three words:
    Best show ever!! :)
    I started watching Friends a long time ago. I was sick and my mom said that she had som tv-shows that I could watch. So I took Friends. I thought that it was boring. But I was pretty young then. After that, a year later I was sick again and I watched it again. But this time it was sooo much better. And I loved it! So I became a "Friends-freak". I came home every day and watched it. Until I came to season 10. It was so sad. In the last episode I acutually cried. And I never cry about movies. But since then I watch it every day and I know almost all the lines.
  • I miss this show so much!


    FRIENDS is the definition of "comedy"! The characters are equally funny, I cannot choose a favorite. The episodes are all equally hilarious as well, I also cannot choose a favorite. There are over 1000 words to describe this show. Amazing, hilarious, fantastic, overwhelming, humorous (no, not the bone!), dramatic, heart-warming, etc. The list of adjectives goes on & on & on! Just to clear things up, I LOVE this show!

  • Definately the best show ever, both in terms of consistency and quality. As I've seen the ten seasons in a row, I can safely say that not once has any episode made me remark, 'this is going downhill'.

    Definately the best show ever, both in terms of consistency and quality. As I've seen the ten seasons in a row, I can safely say that not once has any episode made me remark, 'this is going downhill'. From the eccentric Pheobe to the compulsive Monica, you are bound to find a character that you can connect to. With top notch comedy, awesome charaterisation, brilliant performances.... this is one show you'll love! We have Ross, the brilliant yet meddeled up paleantologist; Rachel, the drop-dead gorgeus rebel who mellows down as we advance, Chandler, the cute and sensitive guy-next-door you can't help but love (not to mention his witty one-liners); Joey, the dull yet lovable guy trying to make a mark as an actor; Pheobe, the eccentric yet funny gal, who sticks out as a sore thumb and yet blends so perfectly in the group at the same time; Monica, the obbsesive compulsive, neatness freak whom you'll end up loving either ways.... this is one show you'll savour. With each episode awesome in its own way, you can watch it again and again without fearing that the novelty will wear out, because as you find out, it doesn't. This show oozes perfection throughout the ten seasons, with each season a landmark in its own. No matter what your choices might be, this is one show you can't miss!!
  • the show its about 6 friends who try and figure out where their lives are going in new york city.

    friends is so different from other comedies which is why i like it.

    the show doesnt take it self to serious.

    they dont focus on religion so much unlike other comedies.

    the writing of the show is great.

    all the episodes are just very funny.

    all the acting is great and the whole cast have great chemistry.

    this may sound very chessy but i like watching scifi b/c it takes me out the real world for a while and i dont have to focus on my problems.i like horror b/c i know my life isnt like that and action i love watching it b/c it gives me confidence to say i can do that.but every now and then you need a good laugh.and friends is that show that gives u a good laugh.

    the only thing i will say bad about this show is after season 8 the show kind of went downhill i felt like the actors/actress where just doing it for money bout time it got to season 9.
  • watch this wonderful show & bring the same essence & sense of healthy Friendship in people around you.This is the best show ever made on planet earth

    is only serial i love to watch on television,It's very close to my heart in many way,Those who are all my friends,I request you all to watch this wonderful show & bring the same essence & sense of healthy Friendship in people around you.This is the best show ever made on planet earth
    is only serial i love to watch on television,It's very close to my heart in many way,Those who are all my friends,I request you all to watch this wonderful show & bring the same essence & sense of healthy Friendship in people around you.This is the best show ever made on planet earth
  • Friends is undeniably the best situation-comedy I've seen as a whole as of yet. Filled with witty and clever characters and unrepetitive storylines that will keep people entertained, this show will always be a memorable one.

    I started watching this in my first year of high school and the first few episodes weren't really that entertaining. But as I went through its first season, it really started to keep me entertained and happy. Soon, the characters really started to grow on me and I really appreciated how their storylines aren't so repetitive. The characters were so witty, clever and funny that they really brought a smile to my face. Another special quality of the characters is that none of them ever annoyed me in any way or so. Each of the six characters really had their own distinct personality that really differentiates them from each other and the types of humor each of them bring.

    Similar to the show Seinfeld, Friends adapts the hanging-out style for most of the episodes and succeeds in making really clever dialogues and jokes. Each plot of most episodes are just so raw, fresh, sharp and very well-written. They just kept me on laughing out loud. And one of the most surprising things is that they managed to keep me entertained, with no kind of bad interventions whatsoever, for the whole series, comprising of ten whole seasons which are all hilarious.

    Despite all these good things, there are some downsides to this show. As much as I loved each and every character, I can't help but say that one character, Joey, wasn't really developed well in the show's run. He just didn't change that much in personality and a bit in morality. Another thing I dislike is how they didn't give Joey and Phoebe a satisfying ending. They were just left there and didn't really have a big role in the series finale.

    All in all, Friends is one of the most delightful spectaculars I've been so lucky to come across and it will definitely keep people enjoyed for years to come.
  • This is the world's best TV show! It is about six close friends that live in New York. THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friends is the world's best TV show!!!!!!! Friends is my favourite TV show ever because it has always been funny but tasteful. It has great jokes and even better story lines. The character development was fantastic and no one was left out. People often ask 'who is your favourite character?' but once you've watched an episode you'll know why people can't choose. Friends was the greatest show ever to be made for these reasons and many more, but the main 2 reasons it is so great would be the writing and the acting. Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courtney Cox as Monica Geller(-Bing), Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan, Matt Le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller made this show the hit phenomenon that it is today.
  • this show was before my time but..

    but that doesnt mean i dont love it! Its really awesome i try to watch it alot ive seen all the episodes and its awesome! I love chandler and his jokes. reachel is really funny i think and her realtionsip with ross is really sweet. monica is obessed with cleaning (reminds me of someone i know) joey is a clueless actor without a job most of the time. Phoebe is just werid. Its an funny show i love to watch it. I just wish trhey would bring it back i love it alot and i miss it! /go Friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I personally think that FRIENDS is the funniest comedy on TV. It has great characters, funny storylines and it includes some of the best actors and actresses on TV today. For instance Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc are global stars known worldwide for their work in FRIENDS and many other things. I think that FRIENDS should have 1 more episode where they all meet up again. I bet it would have millions of viewers watching worldwide and I know for sure that I would be one of them. A FRIENDS movie would also be a great idea,'FRIENDS on the big screen'.LOL
  • this is the best show ever

    this is the best show ever. rachael, pheobe, monica, joey, ross, and chandler make the show so great. It is so funny but it also has a great plot like racheal and ross's never ending relationship or monica and chandler's relationship problems. This is definatly my fav. show ever. I mean at first I didn't like it because I was stupid but now Ilove it and i watch it all the time. Unfortunatly this show has ended and even though it ended with the best finale ever i would love to see like a reunion or something like that. I love friends
  • Overall, Friends is a great show about 6 characters as they adventure through dating, sex, and the struggles of New York City. Each character shows quirkiness and is original.

    This show doesn't get any better. Each episode is so unique and hilarous, with quotes you won't forget. I miss this show dearly, and I think it is one that can never be repeated. Thank goodness for re-runs! One of my favorite episodes is when Ross and Rachel get married in Las Vegas, and how Joey asks Rachel "How you doin'?" and she responds "I'm doing good baby how you doin'?" What a classic line. I own all ten seasons, and quite frankly, that was the best buying descision I have ever made. I decided to start from the first season to the tenth in order to make sure I have seen each episode at least three times, yes I'm serious.
  • I have seen every episode...50 times over..

    This show was absolutley amazing and fantastic in so many ways. I have watched it and watched it over and over again but it never ever gets boring, no matter how many times you hear Joey say 'how you doin?..' The actors are just amazing and bring the show to life. I hope they do end up doing a one of special as i think it would finish stuff of nicely. I can't quite get over the fact that i will never be able to look forward to another new Friends episode...unless the above happens (fingers crossed.) Friends works on so many levels and even my Gran enjoyed this! I miss this show so much but it was fabulous for the 10 seasons it ran for. RIP..
  • Friends defined what it meant to be loved by those you care about.

    Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Rachel all made up the casting of Friends. Could you imagine that every episode had me laughing. We loved it when Chandler and Monica got together. Friends absolutely gave everyone an expectation to laugh every week to Joey's "How you doing!" and until someone replied "Good" which kept that entire line popular even today. We grew to know and care about each and everyone of their characters. It was sad to see the series end, we all know all good things come to an end some day, but it is hard to see it end when it does. Some of the episodes still keep me laughing. Remember the episode when Joey and Phoebe promise to set each other up but Joey forgot and weeks later when Phoebe confronted him he lied and said he found some guy named 'Mike' for her. What was even funnier was when he ran into the place where they usually hung out and shouted "Mike!" luckily someone answered him. lol. Wow and that is just one episode. Friends is just a classic like no other.
  • Thisi is the best show ever. I would definitely recommend watching this.

    Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this show... It has unique and excellent storylines and characters, great setting, and it always seems to brighten my day. I don't even know of one episode that made my stomach hurt for laughing so much. Chandler is probaly my favorite character, Joey is second. The chemisty on set is great, too. This show is a real classic, which is why I bought all ten HILARIOUS seasons. This show deserved all the awards and recongition it got, it is by far my favorite show. And if you ever get a chance, please tune in!
  • Great funny interview with David Schwimmer about the movie he directed Run Fatboy Run

    Hooman interviews David Schwimmer, the director of the movie "Run Fatboy Run". David nails Hooman on a little speech slip-up and shows his sense of humor. Hear David's greatest challenges in directing this independent film, which is shot in London and stars Simon Pegg of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz". He also tells us about 'the puss scene' that takes place while Simon's character Dennis attempts to run a marathon. The former star of Friends also talks about his future as an actor, including his role in the upcoming political thriller, "Nothing But The Truth" where he costars with beauty Kate Beckinsale (Schwimmer's most recent prior acting appearance was on an episode of "30 Rock"). David also tells us what's up with him and Larry David, what TV shows he watches and his opinion of reality television. Find out what 'national hero' was once in David's comedy improv group!
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