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  • Six friends who always hang out togather, and provide eachother with shoulders to cry on. Throuout it all they are there for eachother and they develope more than friendships along the line. They always hang out at central perk, or monicas and rachels ap

    I love this show and i was so mad when it ended. All of those actors are amazing, and the way they worked on that show, it was great. They were funny, but there was a story. They had real life probkems and they solved them. I thought monica and chandler were a great couple. They were amazing togather.
  • Definately the best show ever on television.

    This is no doubt the best show ever made and my favorite. It has me cracking up eveytime! Throughout the whole show they find ways to keep you laughing non stop. Plus, it has its dramatic moments. Hilarious but touching romances. this show went on for TEN YEARS! That shows how great it is. I got addicted to this show, got my friends addicted to this show, and even though its over its still watched all the time. This show is on 5 times a day on 3 different channels! The show is over and still taking up all the screens. This show truly is the best show of all time. FRIENDS FOREVER!
  • Definitely one of the best shows ever

    Friends will always be my favorite show just because they are funny but also serious and they teach you alot about real life and just how to have fun with your friends.

    When you watch friends you have some of the best times since you never know what to expect sometimes especially before when they were new. Now since they are reruns you have watched the episodes tons of times but you still want to watch it. That makes a good tv show. Some shows you just want to watch the episode once but not with friends.
  • A story of six twenty-something friends who sit around and drink coffee and talk about life.

    We all miss Friends. But we also that everything will come and go and it was time for Friends to leave. Of course, we will always have Joey. I loved how David Schwimmer portrayed Ross. He was so funny! I could easily picture him as a somewhat tragic lover. We will all miss those six wacky New Yorkers!
  • Excellent comedy with six roommates as the main characters.

    Friends was an excellent comedy greatly missed by all of its viewers. This thirty minute long show always kept you laughing with six original and hilarious personalities, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, "Feebs", and Monica. As roommates, these clashing personalities were not only comedic, but interesting to watch. One plus for the show is that its "dramas" were always solved within the half hour unless there was the rare "to be continued" two-part episode.
  • before i start with tis i like to say if you want the show friends back i foun a sit on the intered for a petion to bring it cak if want it back sign it go to yahoo type bring back friends its sigh it

    son since who know when i like this show because it was hilarius and so serius at the same time so i really it had one of the best intresting story line thay tv hAs had in a long tive so i loved the characters of course joey and phoebe were my favorites but matt le blac continued with his show after friends ended whit the show calle joey so i the other characters were funny too but not as these too so this is it could peace.
  • Friends is the best show I have ever watched on television.

    Friends is the absolute BEST television show I have ever seen. It is SO funny, it has dramatic moments, and even some action once in a while. All of the characters are so unique and are such good actors that thry draw you to want to watch more. I would advise anyone to watch Friends, it appeals to everyone.
  • Great comedy. I was truely sad to see this show end. Rachel influenced many girls haircuts and styles. A++++

    Every episode had me laughing. Always nice to see friends who stick together through everything. My personal favorite was when Phoebe found out about Chandler and Monica through Ross's future apartment window. Then they decided to mess with them...until Monica and Chandler found out what they were doing. Very funny. I loved watching Chandler (Mathew Perry). He was a phenomenal actor (as well as all the others) but he was good at improv and reactions. I have seasons 1-7 and plan on getting the other two seasons. When I first saw Friends, I knew it would be a hit. A++
  • Friends is a show that you could relate to...

    I really find myself missing Friends. It was a show I could relate to. Although it was hysterically was enjoyable. It was a great sitcom. Thursday nights won't ever be the same....I watch Joey just to hold me over but it's not the same. It never will be. If you were in a cave for the last 10 years, then i suggest that you get the dvds and catch up. Great show!
  • Overall I think that they had enough years to entertain the audiences. This show did an excellent job. I love it!

    Friends is...was a great show. It was so funny and the characters are so neat and loveabe. I love the episode where Ross shrinks his leather pants! I dont know how they come up with these ideas! They are just SO funny! I guess I\'m still happy watching all the reruns! I have a lot of catching up to do!
  • Absolutely hilarious. If you haven't been watching this, then catch the syndication.

    I discovered friends about six years ago through the syndication on Fox. The early episodes I caught were so hilarious that I began watching both reruns every day. By the time the new season started I was all caught up, and I haven't looked back since.

    This show is absolutely fabulous. The characters are funny and likable, and the scripting is smart and just plain funny. Some people I'm sure will complain that the characters are stupid or that there are too many sex jokes, but last time I checked the premise was a group of 20 somethings, so let's get real here.

    Definitely catch this show if you haven't been. This is probably my most watched show, and I've probably seen most of the episodes at least six or more times. The show is great to quote and there are some tender moments now and then as well. All in all, it really hit my funny bone.

    ONE WORD: TIMELESS. Friends is one of thos television shows that you know will last forever. So many people got invested in all of the characters and thier lives that there is no way that this show could ever totally die. Frinds is a show that young and old can relate to, maybe not all of the situations but most of them. The show makes you laugh. It doesn't matter if you refuse to watch it because it is popular or for guys if you think it is only a "chick show". The bottom line is that Friends is funny. There is nothing else to it. The writing and the performaces of the actors give this show something that other shows don't have. This is the reason the show lasted for 10 seasons. If the actors still wanted to play the roles the show would still be on and the show would still be a hit. I doubt it could last for 20 years but it could have lasted alot longer. Now that almost all of the seasons of this show are out of DVD and VHS. We can share all the classic episodes with generations to come. We can show how great this 90's sitcom really was.
  • Friends had funny humor, a fun cast and crazy situations. What more can anyone ask for in a great sitcom?

    Friends had funny humor, a fun cast and crazy situations. What more can anyone ask for in a great sitcom?

    The acting from every actor is spectacular and wonderful too. The acting is remarkable which is really not surprising when you look at the list of actors. How could no one love Monica and Chandler’s relationship or even lovable Joey. From the very first episode I ever saw, I became addicted.

    It is a pleasure to watch and even re-watch this unbelievable show on DVDs. I have watched almost every single episode and it is without a doubt one of the funniest shows on television. Its the people that make the show special and it is undoubtedly memorable.
  • Friends was introduced to us back in 1994 i believe and it became one of the most popular TV shows that was ever broadcasted.

    the first episode that I ever saw was at my friends house. The second that I saw it I knew that it was going to quickly become my favorite. and I was right.
    The show is simply amazing. it's about 6 young people living in New York and trying to get through everyday life. Sometimes they have trouble along the way. They is lots of hilarious situations as well as sad ones. there is also a great plot about Ross and Rachel. They are together but then they break up and it kind of keeps us wondering if they will end up together 'till the last episode. overall there are 10 seasons and so far you can purchase 9.
    I truly believe that Friends will always be remembered by true fans who appreciated the show. Myself I would have to give the show 10/10.
    I read other reviews about this show on other sites and there were guys saying that no guy should watch this show unless they are gay or someone is making them watch it. I disagree with that. I'm a guy, I love this show and I'm not gay. Some guys think just becuase a show has some romance in it or different kind of humor that it's for girls pr homosexuals. I think that this kind of thinking is laughable.
  • Best Friends

    Friends is a classic. Ten year on primtime, plus many more years of reruns. This show is pure fun. Six young, carefree friends living in Manhattan. The relatiomships between the characters are ever changing. Are Ross and Rachel on or off, it is different every episode. Friends is a personal favorite and AMERICA'S BEST FRIEND
  • This is one of the best comedies of all time. This show had good Creators, Humor and Romances everything you want in a show.

    I am not exactly sure when I started watching this show but I think sometime in the second season and as the years went bye it seemed to get better as it evolved I enjoyed the romantic relationships that evolved from this show like Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica. The idea for Ross and Rachel was appealing from the pilot episode but the idea for Monica and Chandler was a great surprise that the show through our way even though there was some foreshadowing in earlier episodes.

    The Humor in this show did click from day one even though to be honest some of it was stupid on occasion but it had a good record. The characters all had strongly defined personalities such as Rachel as the spoiled rich girl but you were still able to have sympathy for. Monica was the obsessive one who was always in charge of something or cleaning. Phoebe was the Nutty one. Who added a lot of humor. Ross was the Smart one and was always telling boring stories. Chandler was the funny guy and Joey was the cute and lovable but dumb guy.

    I would give friends a 9.5 because of the character’s and humor was great for the most part. It kept improving each season with the stories but it peeked in the 8th

  • Before That 70\'s show, Before Arrested Development, we all had FRIENDS.

    A comedy of the decade. What drew people to it? The characters?The popularity?or just plainly The Comedy? I think it was a mix of all three that pulled people in and made them relize what a life would be like to have 6 friends who went though life together and at the end of the road it\'s all ok. Friends is a show beyond it\'s time, well at least beyond it\'s time when it first aired in 1994. It has all the potential elements that make up a good sitcom,right? Right. Even though it\'s off air people will still remember looking forward to watching it at a friend\'s house.Laughing and eating popcorn. And relating you own life to it or to the characters. I always found myself relating to Chandler. The one guy who at a first impression seems really annoying and you think \"God,how could I stand to be around this person\". But then you seem drawn to him and think \"How could I live without this guy?\". Well,Im a girl but thats how most people see me. Then theres Joey.Joey,Joey,Joey.The hot guy,funny girl,sometimes shallow but always sweet. Monica:over obsessive,wants everything to be clean but basically a very nice and passionate person.Rachel,the Nice Girl,the pushover but one of the characters that holds everything together. Then theres Ross and Phoebe. I always thought of them as the odd ones Ross being the cute,nerdy,Dinosaurdude and Phoebe the excentric,wierd,and the one with the distrubing past. In some way or another every single person in the entire world can relate to at least one of these characters. That is why people fell in love with the show. A feeling of \"Hey,there\'s someone out there just like me who just cant seem to find the right person.\" or even \"There\'s someone out there that loves to clean too.\" It also showed us the importance of friends and love. When you have a friend for a long time NEVER let them go. They\'ll be there for you even when the road looks like its coming to the end, but it\'s really just the beginning. And even though it\'s a new beginning you will always remember Your Friends.
  • Six friends living in Manhattan trying to make it in life running into many hilarious obstacles along the way including marriage. Throughout every season you learn more and more about the past like when they were in high school, college, etc. Each seaso

    This show is great. The greatest telvision show ever. I love the way you get to know them more and more every season. Personally, my favorite character is Phoebe. She is a true dumb blonde, which is the reason I love her. This isn\'t a show where you have a stupid episode every now and then. Every episode is great!!!!!!!!
  • one of the greates tv shws ever!

    that show is a classic. its so great and its very sad that the show ended.
    this funny and hillarius tv show is so succesful because every viewer of the show can identify himself with a character and because all the verity of the characters and the hillarius jokes and curcomstances of the characters.
    every one of the five characters is funny in its on way.
  • funny funny funny :)

    It\'s the only reason I wanna waste my time to watch\'s absoulutely BRILLIANT!! I love every single episode and I memorize all the lines and stuff...I\'m totally obsessed!! It\'s funny, touching and simply awesome. My favourite couple is Ross & Rachel but I love all of them equally haha! It\'s kick-you-in-the-crotch spit-on-your-neck fantastic!!
  • when this show start in 1994 i did not know it was on till 2000. how i knew about it my brother told me have u heard friends and i said i have friends he said no friends tv show on fox. i turn in and watch it .

    friends is a show about 6 people live in a building and go to the place where they hang and tell and talk what happen to each other. it tell us what happen in the show. this is show tell u about live friends love sex and be friends forever.
  • This is my personal favorite t.v. series this is an awesome show it's funny this is the best show ever my favorite episode is the one with the football i like a lot of episodes from the 9th season a lot from the 8th the 10th the 6th the 7th

    This is a personal favorite of mine my favorite t.v. series it's funny and it's a spectacular series it's about six twenty something friends who live in new york and who spend most of their time in monicas apartment. My favorite episode is the one with the football it's cool
  • This is the greatest show I ever seen. People might make fun of an "African American" watching a show called "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." But this is one odf my favorite shows of all times.

    This is the greatest show I ever seen. People might make fun of an "African American" watching a show called "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." But this is one odf my favorite shows of all times. I can't seem to stop watching it. My cousin got me on this show, I have to admit I thought it was going to be stupid but to my surprise it was a great show
  • Living the single life in New York City isn't that hard when you have friends like this.

    Friends was the first television show that I felt the need to completely obsess over. The basic idea for the show is simple enough-six friends living in New York City. The friendship between the characters becomes so intimate with the viewer that it's almost impossible not to watch. Who would've guessed back in 1994 that 20 million people would STILL be rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together a decade later, or that Monica and Chandler would even have gotten married! The crazy antics of Phoebe are easily the best moments in any given episode. It's the joy and the occassional pain that these friends have to face that make the show so successful. And while Joey somehow got stupider over the course of ten years, there's not one character that I've found myself hating. Friends is really the only sitcom that I'm able to enjoy and I'm glad it never failed my expectations during its lifespan.
  • The funnist comedy in the world packed with over 200 episodes and 10 series. Full of stars including,jennifer aniston, matt leblanc and matther perry. A true legend of a tv programme.

    Friends, where to start, their are so many good things to say about this programme. Lets start with the cast, all of the cast are big stars mainly because of this tv programme, the stars include, jennifer aniston, courtney cox, lisa kudrow,matt leblank, matthew perry and david schwimmer, possibly some of the best actors and actrsses in the world, and not only that friends is jam packed full of celebrities, including, Donny osmond,julia roberts,brad pitt,george clooney and many more.
    The eposodes go back to 1994 where it all began and yet it will still have you in stitches laughing, they have been filmed from london to las vegas in the eposodes,which have all been very well written and all have a touch of class in every single 1 them.
    Its a shame that this programme has stopped being made after 10 years of pure class, so please bring this show back, me and many other people are begging you!!!
  • A story of seven friends that face family, relationship, and work problems. they always have each other no matter what and thats what makes them the best of friends.

    The best show i have ever seen! Completely hilarious and heartfelt. when you're crying the great cast does something that makes you laugh like crazy. they always seem to lighten the mood. I'm missing it like crazy! Friends was my own personal drug that made me laugh no matter how bad i was feeling. awesome show, words can't even describe.
  • \"Friends\" ran for a great decade of comedy and fun. Each show had a funny story, and each episode made you laugh, despite whether it was someone\'s funeral or they all were having sex.

    When I first saw an episode of \"Friends\" it was some time in late 2000, so I was a little off by some years, but hey I\'m young. Each episode had great story lines, and the character development started from the very first episode, and this doesn\'t often happen w/new TV Shows. In on of the very first episodes, they note how Monica used to be larger in High School, and that followed her for the entire series to follow. Though confusing, the Ross and Rachel relationship was fun to watch as it wen on and off the whole series. Seeing Joey and Phoebe grow as people during the show also was interesting. This is just an awesome series, it\'s a shame it had to end, but all good things do end. So I\'m happy! Release Season 10 ON DVD!
  • A truly great series that is missed by all. It started strong and just carried on getting better and better, reaching world wide audiences and receiving award after award!

    Friends is a truly great comedy masterpiece. Unlike some of the other shows that have tried to take over from Friends or have become known as "rivals" of the series, Friends is a wonderful show, that will always remain unique. Even though the show is based on the very simple idea of tracking six friends throughout their daily lives, it hads become a phenomenon. The Friends: Monica Gellar, (Courtney Cox-Arqeutte), Ross Gellar, (David Schwimmer), Rachel Green, (Jennifer Aniston), Pheobe Buffet, (Lisa Kudrow), Chandler Bing, (Matthew Perry), and Joey Tribiani, (Matt Le Blanc), have become cult like figures who have redefined television and popular culture today. They have made it alright and "trendy" to be thirty-something-year-olds struggling in New York. Their trials and tribulations are watched by millions and their charcters have developed subplots that are equally as appealing as the main group plot. What with Joey's TV show, "Days of Our Lives" - "Joey" now being a hit show itself - Ross' remarks, "We were on a break!!", Rachel's trademark haircut that took the world by storm and many more, Friends will always be remembered for changing the world. "So no-one told you life was gonna be this way, your job's a joke, your broke, your love life's DOA, (Dead on arrival), it's like your always stuck in second gear, when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year . . . I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, i'll be there for you, like i've been there before, i'll be there for you, 'coz your there for me toooooooo!! Sums the show up really, doesn't it?
  • Hilarious!!

    From bottom to top, from beginning to end, just hilarious, with great actors, superb texts and funny jokes and answers. We'll still be talking about it in 30 years as the best show ever of our early years, that we watched out here in France after school on wednesday afternoons!!
  • Popularity doesn't make a show any less funny.

    Sure, this was one of the most popular and trend setting shows ever, but does that make it less funny? No. That just proves how funny it was. This show, no matter what anybody says, would never have been huge if it weren't for the hilarious stories, the clever acting, and the look that inspired much of the 90's and early 00's. We did not tune in because Jeffiner Anniston or Courtney Cox was on it. We tuned in to see Monica be neurotic, Phoebe be weird, Ross freak out about everything, Joey hit on everything that moves, Rachel try not to seem desperate, and Chandler try to make all of the others think he was cool and not gay.
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