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  • Show of 6 friends

    Why did they get rid of this. It was the perfect show. They would of stayed on top for at least 10 more years. Many more ideas out there. I just loved the show. I have season 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 on DVD. Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Pheobe
  • I love this show! It is sooo amazingly great! I became super obsessed with it about 2 years ago, and now I know just everything about the show. Even down to what they wear in some of the episodes!

    This truely is a great and amazing show. It has the abililty to connect to so many viewers and it is always very funny. I was so depressed when it went off of the air, but then I found Joey, which isn't as great but it is still funny. I don't think that there will be a show as unique and funny as Friends. Yeah, I am too obsessed, I have two of the boardgames and I also had a friends till the end party for when it ended.
  • The best TV series ever released

    Like every one I love FRIENDS.This is the worlds most spectacular series ever and no one can be better than them.I loved friends from the moment i saw the first episode until the last episode and i wish there would be more seasons of friends. I almost cried when i found out that the series would come to an end.
  • Friends is the best show ever!

    I love this show. You never get bored, there's always something to laugh about. Chandler always has something funny to say, Joey is always hungry and Ross always has something smart to say. I ones watched Friends the whole day without get tired. I think Friends is the best show ever and theres no show that can top that!
  • Ok so i thought i'f put it back because i hate seeing deleted everytime i log in.

    How far can society be judged by the television programmes it watches? Discuss using examples from 'Friends'

    Second Draft

    “I’ll be there for you”. Are they? We were coaxed to believe that they would stay with us forever, we were safe and secure. After ten years of increasing triumph, our best television friends left the small screen to embark upon more rewarding challenges. Yet, even after watching every single episode we still wake up early to catch the seven o’clock re-runs on Channel 4, risking the early morning traffic jams and being late for work (not that you appear late as pretty much everyone arrives late together). The fact that our society has been declining in attitudes towards the protection of children (as it was aired after the nine p.m. watershed) shows that we have more interest in our own relationships and guidance for them rather than the impact upon the younger generations.

    Were you sitting in front of your television screen in 1994 eagerly anticipating the first episode of Friends, ready to become hooked into the lives, loves and limitations of Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Monica? Or were you sceptical about the actual reason for the show? So what if there are six friends living in The Village together? Aren’t most people living like that anyway? This half-hour comedy started with six twentysomething friends who face life and love in New York. Now, they are six thirtysomething friends with older, bigger concerns but are still facing life and love in New York.

    This show, as many shows nowadays, doesn’t depict real life. These are six friends who have stayed together for ten years and they live across the hall from each other (in the case of Ross and Phoebe, across the street from each other) and nobody moves until ten years have passed. But we still become involved because the show depicts what we want life to be like, it ignites a spark of hope for the young souls who want to have fun. We see ourselves in them. We want to go to a coffee shop every day and discuss our lives with our friends and have quick wit. That is the problem with shows like this, they squash out the individuality of the audience, and we all want to be like Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler or Monica because their lives seem perfect, even when they have a problem it can be solved with a joke. The most common phrase in Friends, ‘we were on a break!’ now gives people reason to cheat on their loved ones, because if Ross and Rachel can get over it, everyone can. Or can they?

    Also, when Joey sets Phoebe on a blind date he calls out the name Mike in a coffee shop and assumes he’d be alright for her. If he truly was a friend he should have at least checked up on him, or been honest with Phoebe. Granted they did get married eventually but what if Mike was some freak-like serial killer? I have the feeling that phoebe wouldn’t be too happy with him if that was the case. It’s these child-like discrepancies which make the whole world of Friends the place that we want to be, where we can let our hair down and depend entirely on our friends.

    From the moment the approachable, original, handwritten letters of the word ‘F•R•I•E•N•D•S’ appears into view of the first frame of the opening title sequence we are drawn into the world that is Friends. We then see a bright orange sofa lit up by a tasselled stand lamp connotating that life is comfortable. We see this sofa in a grassy area, which will be later revealed as Central Park. The majestic fountain is turned on with gold lights making the fountain seem as if it is raining gold, suggesting that life is not only comfortable but also plentiful. The first of the friends that we see is a pretty young woman who we find out is Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston. She walks to the orange sofa alone wearing a white top and a black miniskirt. As she comes on alone it suggests that she is single and she looks rather vulnerable. A single, pretty, vulnerable, young woman may encourage a male audience because it will allow them to get associated with the character on a more intimate level and they feel as if they can protect her. The rest of the cast follow on: Ross Geller played by David Schwimmer; Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow; Joey Tribbiani played by Matt LeBlanc, Chandler Bing played by Matthew Perry and Monica Geller played by Courteney Cox (now Courteney Cox Arquette). In the next few frames we see them playing in the fountain looking very happy and displaying a child-like behaviour. We see Ross and Monica dancing together so we establish a connection between them. The names of the cast, like the show title, are handwritten and approachable. They look towards the camera inviting you into their lives.

    In conclusion, the impact Friends has had on society is, in my opinion, both good and bad. It is bad it the way that we have become less individual by mimicking the actions, phrases and looks (the Rachel- now a universal word among hairdressers globally) instead of allowing ourselves to be free within our own reasons. It is good, however, in the way that it has increased the confidence of the audience by letting us feel like we can do anything within our own limits, and maybe even further.

    If Friends has had all these detrimental effects, is it all bad news? Well no; in fact there are positive aspects too. For example, it has given women a way to look forward: when Rachel dropped all her parental support, got a job in a coffee shop and boosted her career when she went to work in Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren. It shows that we, as women do not need to be held under the thumb of somebody and live a life of forced, constrained luxury; we can get to know the real world. When Monica lost weight and began to be more appreciated by her peers, though many people may say that this appreciation due to slimness is very stereotypical, it also draws our conscience onto health matters. Obesity is fast becoming a fatal problem here in the UK and across the pond in the US. Increase in heart attacks due to fatty deposits in the arteries is making life expectancy lower each month.

    So is Friends a reflection of society? Probably not, since it was, after all, television fiction, not social fact. ‘I’ll be there for you’… Well the re-runs certainly are.

  • American sitcom about six best friends finding love and work and happiness but sometimes it doesnt work out for them. The six friends have made us all laugh for 10 years and still make us laugh today.

    I really love this show so much, my favorite season is season 1. In the beginning we get to learn about all the characters and find out who they are and what they like. It is hilarious when they have guest stars appearing on the show, i thought Susan Saradon was a brilliant guest appearence on the show in season 7. Monica Gellar (Courtney Cox) is my favorite character because she loves to keep things tidy and she is sometimes loud and she is a bit of a control freak. Monica i find to be more funny then the other two girls, Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)is only funny when she plays her songs and she can be funny some other times, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) is not funny but i do like her and i still think she is great, i do love it when she starts to cry. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) is one of my favoties out of the other two guys he is so hilarious when he makes his sarcastic comments and jokes. I dont really like Joey much because he turns stupid in season 6 which i thought was a bad idea. Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) is funny but he acts like a little girl who is scared of telling the truth. This is one of the best American sitcoms ever made and it will always be my number 1 American show.

  • Friends is about the life, love, and laughs of six friends living in Manhattan.

    This is my favorite show of all time. Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Chandler are my friends. Everytime I turn on the TV to watch "Friends", I feel I am with them in Monica's apartment or even in Central Perk. This show is without a doubt the best sitcom of all time.

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    "Joey": The spin-off. At the end of "Friends", Ross & Rachel got back together, Phoebe got married, Chandler & Monica adopted twins, but what happened to Joey? Watch this show if you liked the character of Joey to find out how he's doing with his sister Gina and her son Michael in Hollywood. This is my second fav sitcom after "Friends".

    "That 70s Show": Six friends and their lives and laughs in Wisconsin. This sitcom shows how teenagers where living in the 70s with their friends and families. This show is similar to "Friends" because it is about six friends smoking, dancing, eating, and more importantly hanging out together in Eric Foreman's basement. These 6 characters remind me of the characters of "Friends" when they were much younger.