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  • Overall, Friends is a great show about 6 characters as they adventure through dating, sex, and the struggles of New York City. Each character shows quirkiness and is original.

    This show doesn't get any better. Each episode is so unique and hilarous, with quotes you won't forget. I miss this show dearly, and I think it is one that can never be repeated. Thank goodness for re-runs! One of my favorite episodes is when Ross and Rachel get married in Las Vegas, and how Joey asks Rachel "How you doin'?" and she responds "I'm doing good baby how you doin'?" What a classic line. I own all ten seasons, and quite frankly, that was the best buying descision I have ever made. I decided to start from the first season to the tenth in order to make sure I have seen each episode at least three times, yes I'm serious.
  • I have seen every episode...50 times over..

    This show was absolutley amazing and fantastic in so many ways. I have watched it and watched it over and over again but it never ever gets boring, no matter how many times you hear Joey say 'how you doin?..' The actors are just amazing and bring the show to life. I hope they do end up doing a one of special as i think it would finish stuff of nicely. I can't quite get over the fact that i will never be able to look forward to another new Friends episode...unless the above happens (fingers crossed.) Friends works on so many levels and even my Gran enjoyed this! I miss this show so much but it was fabulous for the 10 seasons it ran for. RIP..
  • Friends defined what it meant to be loved by those you care about.

    Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Rachel all made up the casting of Friends. Could you imagine that every episode had me laughing. We loved it when Chandler and Monica got together. Friends absolutely gave everyone an expectation to laugh every week to Joey's "How you doing!" and until someone replied "Good" which kept that entire line popular even today. We grew to know and care about each and everyone of their characters. It was sad to see the series end, we all know all good things come to an end some day, but it is hard to see it end when it does. Some of the episodes still keep me laughing. Remember the episode when Joey and Phoebe promise to set each other up but Joey forgot and weeks later when Phoebe confronted him he lied and said he found some guy named 'Mike' for her. What was even funnier was when he ran into the place where they usually hung out and shouted "Mike!" luckily someone answered him. lol. Wow and that is just one episode. Friends is just a classic like no other.
  • Thisi is the best show ever. I would definitely recommend watching this.

    Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this show... It has unique and excellent storylines and characters, great setting, and it always seems to brighten my day. I don't even know of one episode that made my stomach hurt for laughing so much. Chandler is probaly my favorite character, Joey is second. The chemisty on set is great, too. This show is a real classic, which is why I bought all ten HILARIOUS seasons. This show deserved all the awards and recongition it got, it is by far my favorite show. And if you ever get a chance, please tune in!
  • Great funny interview with David Schwimmer about the movie he directed Run Fatboy Run

    Hooman interviews David Schwimmer, the director of the movie "Run Fatboy Run". David nails Hooman on a little speech slip-up and shows his sense of humor. Hear David's greatest challenges in directing this independent film, which is shot in London and stars Simon Pegg of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz". He also tells us about 'the puss scene' that takes place while Simon's character Dennis attempts to run a marathon. The former star of Friends also talks about his future as an actor, including his role in the upcoming political thriller, "Nothing But The Truth" where he costars with beauty Kate Beckinsale (Schwimmer's most recent prior acting appearance was on an episode of "30 Rock"). David also tells us what's up with him and Larry David, what TV shows he watches and his opinion of reality television. Find out what 'national hero' was once in David's comedy improv group!
  • "These six outstanding performers never fail to give me a laugh!"

    Throughout my teenage years I have always enjoyed sitting down and laughing at Friends, no matter how I feel, they replace it with great roll-on-the-floor-laughter. I have all the seasons and watch theym frequently, I never get sick of watching them. Thank you Courtney, David, Mathew, Lisa, Jennifer, and Matt. You make me smile. For a long time I had hoped the show wouldn't end, but all good things must come to an end eventually right? I still remember one of my favorite episodes when Joey (Matt) is having his "days of our lives" party on the roof. (Chuckles) I love them moments. Good job guys.
  • I f you want to laugh you have to see joy , Ross , Chandler ,Phoebe, Rachel and Monica togther ... they will make you cry from the laughing

    It is the best and no any Tv show can be as friends I cryed in the last episode " the last one " ...
    evry one will watch this will not stop watch and watch and watch I f you want to laugh you have to see joy , Ross , Chandler ,Phoebe, Rachel and Monica togther ...
    they will make you cry from the laughing

    my best is Joey Tribbian he was always hungry and you can stop his stomach h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h
  • It's a great comedy. Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox make it so much better! I really hope that one day they'll make reunion so that we can see what happened to Ross and Rachael.

    I love this show. IT has a great comedy and some great drama. Jennifer Aniston made it go big and it is so cool that she was in it. The drama is very cool and the characters are so funny. Rachael makes me laugh because she changed from being the next Paris Hilton **** to a grown up women. Monica changed from being the perfect funny fat girl to the girl who married someone less hotter than her and adopted a baby. Phoebe is great because she changes the messed up life she has to something better. Joey is great, but he is so dumb. Chandler is not that cool, but he doesn't get on my nerves. I hate the stupid Ross because he is so selfish, but he had a happy ending. There is a reason this great show lasted 10 seasons.
  • six friends live in nyc

    Friends documents the lives of six friends in New York City, all living in apartment towers and who regularly converge at each others apartments or at the Central Perk Caf'e to be social with one another. It is a comedy and as such is fairly par in its humour, not excactly highbrow but then again not the reverse either. It is an enjoyable show, and despite not being the best show of all time as some ardent fans will say, it is certainly entertaining enough. Each of them has a personality, Rachel is a former cheerleader and is the happy one, Phoebe is the wierd one who believes in past lives and magical things, Ross is the serious one, Joey is the fun and happy one, Monica is half serious half happy, and Chandler is a funny and amusing one.
  • A realistic and funny show about 6 friends.

    I love Friends soo much. The acting is so good because like it really seems like you're actually there. Well not there but like it feels like you're watching actual people instead of actors. I love the characters of Friends too. They're so funny and like adorable. They have real chemistry with each other and aren't afraid to you know, go there. And like they all seem sooo comftorable with each other and so supportive. When they fight they always make it through. Also, Friends can be both dramatic and funny. I was so upset when the show ended. I still love Friends though!!
  • "I'll be there for you"

    Friends will always be my favorite show and I'll tell you why. When you can pretty much quote a show from beginning to end, know everything about the characters and it can still make you laugh. That's a show that can truely be called your number 1.
    It's such a simple concept, 6 friends living in New York dealing with life and love. Anyone can make this up but somehow the creators managed to keep it on television for ten years. It helps that the show has such quirky characters. Rachel; who stole our hearts the minute she walked into Central Perk. Monica; the obsessed competitive neatfreak who's also the motherhen of the group. Phoebe; the blondie who believes in everything that is not logical. Joey; the simpleminded womanizer with a love for food. Chandler; someone who can be referred to as the funny guy. Ross; the geeky but lovable guy who gets divorced... a lot.
    Not only the characters are memorable but the jokes are also fantastic. I always wonder how the writers come up with lines like that.
    Friends is definitely a classic and I can watch it over and over... This show will never get old.
  • It will always be there to watch

    Probably the best sitcom to ever air in the US, Friends is awesome. It is still watchable today Friends will never be forgotten. It had some excellent storylines most notable is Ross and Rachel's on and off sex life. All six of the shows main characters are brilliant. I cant choose a favourite because they are all so goo and you can relate to all of them. The went strong fout 10 years and god knows how much more years if it didn't end. My personal favourite sitcom is Friends it has given so many memories such a funny show.
  • This show focusing on 6 friends in New York has to be the funniest show i have ever seen, i loved every episode of it but i was very sad when it finished.

    Each character has their own funny storyline and every Season this show got better and better.

    Monica- Completely cleaning obsessed, very funny, always had me laughing when she just had to clean.

    Rachel- Loves shopping and is basically spoilt which makes her exactly who she is, so funny especially when she was pregnant.

    Phoebe- My favourite character, she had me laughing every episode with her quirky personality, all of her songs were always crazy and funny.

    Ross- Such a nerd but that was good for his character because it made him who he was and thats what made him funny.

    Joey- So dumb, he was obsessed with Girls and food, he made me laugh the most in some cases but he was a great character, even his spin off show wasn't too bad.

    Chandler- Funny, but i'd probably say my least favourite, he did make me laugh a few times but sometimes i thought he was a little annoying.
  • six close friends living in nyc just helping eachother live their lives and mature through the years.

    Friends is the most amazing show ever created. You know that you are going to laugh every time you watch an episode, even if it's the same one over and over again. Marta Kaufman and David Crane are the creators and they deserve major kudos for bringing this show into the world. Friends has spread to be a worldwide phenomenon. Although the show has ended I know everyone still wants to see more. People have grown up on friends and I know personally I can't imagine my life without having ever seen it. It teaches people about life, and well, friends!
  • Classic show with classic America sit-com flaws.

    No doubt I loved friends. I must have watched every episode at least 3 times, watching it as it aired, I found that as I gre up it was harder to impressed.

    Lets get the bad out the way - The phoney russbish about friendship rules - too much canned laughter - too many clip shows - Too many over-repeated ideas. Had its fair share of poorly written and performed episodes.

    Now the good - Has a cast of lovable and memorable charecters, which were greatly written, developed and had ace histories. The show had ace recurring charecters. It of course was loaded with halirious and memorable scenes/ storylines, had one of the best TV love stories ever and it is home to some of the best comedy of the 90's

    The shows ultimate failure was doing so many episodes - ideas and quailty are bound to slip, if you take out the bad episodes you still have a large library of classic comedy.
  • Friends is an abosolute classic show and one which I love a lot. I really wish they had kept going - I love this show so much, but like all good things, I guess, it had to come to an end.

    This show is an classic in my opinion. I started watching this when I was very young, I don't even remember the age, and I thought it was funny so I kept going. When it ended I was sad, but then pay TV brought it back and I got to catch on moments that I had forgotten about, and since it was on so often, I got to fall in love with this show again!

    I like the concept of the show - six friends living in New York. It might sound simple, but it was the making of one of the best sitcoms of all time! I think the characters have such depth that it's hard for anyone not to like them. Friends has not failled to deliver some of the greatest television moments of all time. Chandler and Monica, along with Luke and Lorelai, are one of my favourites couples on TV. They're just so suited to each other and them getting together, at least for me, was so UNEXPECTED! The relationship between them was great - Monica balanced out Chandler so well and vise versa. Rachel and Ross, in my honest opinion, got annoying towards the end (will they get together or won't they?) right up to the point where I hated the last episode because it was so centric on them! Joey is my all-time favourite Friends character. He's so funny (and sometimes very dumb) which actually makes him more appealing. I absolutely love the friendship between Chandler and Joey and I actually cried when Chandler moved out, even though I loved him and Monica as a couple. I always thought Phoebe and Joey would get together one day, but then that would just make this great show way too predictable. Friends has always been one of my favourite TV shows and I don't think that will ever change. It's a cool show, which mixes both comedy with reality (however far fetched) and the writers make every episode seem believable. Many people wish they had friends like that group - it's such a strong group of friends. I really, really, really want this show to come back on TV because I think it is one of the best sitcom shows ever (nothing really compares to it) and characters on any sitcom nowadays don't draw me in nearly as much as the Friends group did.
  • Friends is a good way of describing Friends.

    Friends is the best word to describe Friends. The show, not only funny but it teaches friendship, love and surprisingly English. A story of six friends in New York City. There are many changes you can see through the characters: Rachel, Monica, Pheebs, Joey, Chandler and Ross. RACHEL:
    Rachel is unforgettable from the first episode. Her first appearance was in a coffee house called Central Perk in a wet wedding dress. Who can forget about that? At the beginning of the series Rachel was a spoiled girl and later on her friends push her towards success. I guess that's what friends do. I don't see why Ross likes Rachel so much but it really seems like they fit. It is a dream come true when they get together in the second season but what the hell is wrong with both of them in the third season?! The wonder couple breaks up! Rachel was a girl who is very proud later and has to have her way at times. She cannot easily forgive somebody even when they think that they were "on a break". Even though she isn't spoiled anymore in the later series, she still can't hide some of her dependency. For example when the girls are at the wedding dress sale, Rachel is the only one who is pushed out of the way. In the sixth season Pheebs calls her a "push over". I think working as a fashionist is perfect for Rachel's character. As far as I can see Rachel is the most changed character from Friends.

    A person who needs to have her way and likes having things clean. First of all I don't understand why Monica was fat when she was in high school. It seems if a person likes to clean and boss people around, that would have had them work out! Anyways Monica seems to enjoy hosting and cooking (probably the reason she became a cook). Like most bossy people she needs to be the best at everything which sometimes she cannot achieve. Because of this she is very competitive. Chandler, who becomes her boyfriend in the end of the fourth season, seems to like maintaining her. Chandler and Monica are both in serious need of each other and that's what makes them the wonder couple number two after Rachel and Ross.

    All characters in Friends are somewhat weird but prepare to meet the weirdest. Phoebe (Pheebs for short) is one flaky girl! Though she is weird, there is something that makes her very attractive and that's the good in her. What makes her weird starts from her mother's suicide. Pheebs is very firm when it comes to meat or killing animals which are okay but sometimes gets a little too wild. Pheebs adapted many things from living in the street and occasionally shows them in some episodes. She likes to present happiness to people which is shown when she carries her brother's triplets. Pheebs can be very romantic in serious relationships which she doesn't seem to have many. Some of her weirdness causes unfortunate events for others such as loosing lottery tickets. I really thought Phoebe and Joey could make a good couple but Mike is just as good.

    Food or ***? I guess they are both equally important. Joey, the strongest but the stupidest out of the three boys, is one of the most favorite characters of Friends. Probably the reason Friends created spin off "Joey" which I think wasn't as good as Friends. Joey seems to enjoy sleeping with girls than actually having relationships with them. However he does have some relationships notably Cathy. Joey can be a soft character who becomes emotional when things change too much. Joey has his pride when it comes to acting. He sometimes lie in his resume and gets angry at his friends when they aren't very supportive.

    A guy who makes jokes that are not funny but becomes funny because of others' reactions. He can be loving and sweet often but can repel people with his uncontrollable sense of humor. Chandler has a dance which seems to influence others such as Joey, Phoebe and Monica. Chandler like the other boys likes sports but doesn't seem to be very good at them himself. Chandler's life has a turning point at the end of season four when he and Monica start a new kind of relationship. Chandler panics easily which can be seen in season seven where he hides in his office to avoid his wedding. Chandler is seem to be irresponsible when he's not told so but once he is told, he tries to be as responsible as he can. Chandler believes what other people say about him which can lead him to loose some self confidence. Over all just like other characters, he can be successful with the help by his friends.

    An interesting geek who is known to have many divorces. Although he is a good guy, he seems to have some bad luck. First divorce occurred because of his wife being a lesbian. Second, said the wrong name at the altar by pure mistake. Third, got drunk and married at the same time. All seems to happen because of some kind of mistake. He likes to correct people which people don't like many times unless it is his girlfriend. Ross is involved with Rachel a lot throughout the whole series. He has a crush on her, then he dates her on and off. Later they get married but get divorced because of the drunken mistake. Finally he gets her pregnant. So they become friends who have a baby. Later they make up in the last episode of Friends. Ross is sweet and can be funny when it comes to playful jokes and doing things other than studying. Ross thinks of him as energetic and tough but not that much. Still he does need a lot of guidance from others. The reason I took .5 points away from this fantastic show was because even though it was fun, it had too many unrealistic plotline. I mean how many men or women does this character have to date before they meet their soul mate? That was one major reason, the other one was that some scenes weren't very appropriate for a TV-PG rating. That would have effected a lot of young kids. Anyway I'm not one so doesn't really matter that much lol.

    That was my review for Friends.
  • What a show..

    "Friends" was amazing, all I can say is bring it back on air. I always watched it. Every "Friends" episodes made me laugh so much, there was never a time I was not laughing at "Friends". It is and was a awesome show. After they finished "Friends" I was very sad. I still miss it now. I hope they have a couple of episodes in the near future that would be awesome. Well, my favourite seasons are season 4, 5, 6 and 7. I loved all of them but these four stood out. My favourite character had to be "Chandler Bing". I also loved "Ross Geller" both awesome and funny characters. Well, I loved "Friends" and I hope it will come back on air for some moe episodes.
  • A show about six friends in Manhattan who were there for each other in good times and in bad during ten wonderful seasons.

    Friends is my all-time favourite TV show. It's a series that can never be replaced. Once the six friends have found their way into our hearts, we aren't able to let them go again. And we should feel greatly honoured by having been able to take part in the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.
    During 10 seasons we shared their dreams, their happiness and tears. We cried and (mostly) laughed with and (from time to time) about them. But not the stories made this show special. The characters played by THIS cast made the difference, they created a magic, that no one ever could resist.

    Friends is not one of those shows you watch once and never again. The exact opposite is the case. You can watch an episode again and again and again. And you'll still be laughing the very next time. This, however, is not a joke.
    Friends cannot be described in one single word. It's greater than great, it's not just funny or hilarious and more extensive than just trivial, if anything, Friends is a CLASSIC.
  • I miss you guys!!!!!

    Friends is an abosolute classic show and one which I love a lot. I really wish they had kept going for many years - I love and still watch this show. I own all DVD box sets.

    This show is an classic in my opinion. I started watching this when it all started . When it ended I was sad frustrated and mad at the crew for a while I did not want that show to end it made laugh, cry every week. It was like I was part of the family.

    I like the concept of the show - six friends living in New York. It might sound simple, but it was the making of one of the best sitcoms of all time! I think the characters have such depth that it's hard for anyone not to like them. Friends has not failled to deliver some of the greatest television moments of all time. They're were made for each other the momment they saw each other. . I absolutely love the friendship between Chandler and Joey it was one of the best on TV. Friends has always been one of my favourite TV shows and I don't think that will ever change. It's a cool show, which mixes both comedy with reality. Many people wish they had friends like that group - it's such a strong group of friends. I really, really, really want this show to come back for one last encore, a sort of reunion show this would be so coooool.
  • Its the kind of show you'd wanna watch with your friends or even where you're missing them.

    This has to be one of the best shows of all time. absolutely fun to watch. there isnt a dull moment when these 6 friends are around.
    Watching them makes you wanna call yyour friends and hang out at a coffe shop or move in and be roomies with them. MONICA is the obsessive compulsive cleanliness freak who likes everything in order n is overly competitive.she is also Ross' formerly overweight sister n Chandlers wife. ROSS is a paleontologist and has been crushing over Rachel for the longest time.[they have been in on off relationships]. RACHEL is Monicas college friend and a rich daddys girl who runs away from her own wedding coz she realises she doesnt love the guy. she then lives with Monica & finds her first job as a waitress to survive in New york. PHOEBE is their cute & really wierd friend. shes had a tough childhood, she gives massages for a living, has a grandmom who drove a cab, Phoebe is a vegetarian, plays the guitar n writes her own songs. Shes kinda dumb and a lil wierd[shes into kinky stuff] but shes really lovable. CHANDLER is Ross' friend from college. chandler like Ross isnt very good with the ladies. But he hooks up with Monica during Ross' 2nd wedding and marry later. JOEY is kinda dumb actually he is! Hes Chandlers best friend n roommate. Hes a struggling actor n very good with the girls.
    So with all these crazy characters doing their crazy things its a funny show but you know that these guys - Monica Rachel Phoebe Chandler Ross and Joey, like the theme song suggests will always be there for each other.
  • What´s not to like!

    I didn´t start to watch this show from the first episode. I have no idea what episode I even saw first but I do know that I liked it from that moment on. I was still watching Friends whenever I happened to be infront of a TV at the right time and only when the show was coming to an end I realised how special it really was. After seeing the last episode of Friends I had to start it again from the beginning. What makes this show so special is that you can really relate to all those funny happenings that the characters get into. Obviously they have more embarrasing moments in a half an hour than I hope to have in a lifetime but that´s the great thing about it. Friends shows that it is okay to laugh at youself sometimes.

    Other really great thing about this show is that it doesn´t matter how many times you have seen all the episodes because they can still make you laugh. There are some episodes that I have watched over and over and over and over again and I still keep laughing at the same jokes. I think that is extremely amazing.

    Monica and Chandler are funny individuals and a hilarious couple. I always loved their relationship in the show. Joey and Phoebe just keep on suprising me even after all these years and Ross and Rachel.. I´m happy that they finally found the right time and place in the end.

    The great chemistry between the cast is totally transfered on screen and that makes Friends beliveable. They are not just pretending to like each other but they really do like each other and that makes it really fun to watch. You can really enjoy watching the show when you know that those people really enjoy making it.

    For me Friends is one of all time greats because it will always make you feel good. It is also great that even though the show is funny it deals with some serious things here and there. Oh.. And the quest stars weren´t too bad either.. Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Frank Azaria for examble..(there were many other great actors ofcourse).

    All you need is Friends!
  • Ah, shining beacon of the nineties.

    Ah, shining beacon of the nineties. What is the answer to this equation? Sitcom + Nineties - Full House=??? Don't know? Well, just look at the title of the review, you idiot! Could it be any more Friends??? Yeah... I can't pull that off, can I?
    But enough about that, lets ge onto the show, lets dissect the dissectables:
    Ross Geller:
    Now, there is no main charcter, but we have to admit, there have been no more adventures oround as many people as Ross. Or failed marriages, lesbian divorces, or one night stands involving the imprenentaion of the second main character. Its Ross, my favorite, and not yours.
    Rachel Greene:
    Ah, we all have a little Rachel Greene in our lives, dont we? A little high school crush, a little runaway bride, a little everything? And then we have one in ourselves, shes an unavoidable part of life, and we love her for it. Chandler Bing:
    The best friend of you who is also the best friend of someone else, and then someone else, and another. The funny, (eventually) loveable, vaguely annoying, tell it like it is, best friend that is Chandler Bing!
    Joey Tribbiani:
    Joey is the nitwit of the gorup, the one we all love to hate to love and love and love a bit more... only to hate him again. But we still love him, and he is the second funniest of the group, which is why he gets to come before monica. Oh, and here she is!
    Monica Geller:
    We all have the neurotic fat one. Well, the ex-fat one. But we keep the neurotic one, cos she manages to keep us in check... or at leats pitches in an effort.
    Phoebe Buffay:
    The weird one. Weird. Its the only word that can summarise her. The weird masseuse round the corner. Weird, huh? Weird. Lets say it one more time. Weird! But dont take offense, you weirdo you!
    Anyway, thats it.
    See yas!
  • This show is about six friends and there life together and apart.

    this is the best show ever written about a group of's funny,creative,caring,different,over wale ming,and my best show i have ever is always funny there is now episode that was not funny.most of the episode had a surprise for the did have there sad parts that shows us that things like that happens to everyone.all shows have to have there life changing situations and this one came but funny.i think that everyone would love this show if they just see the fist episode.i know it and everyone that has seen this show know it see it if you have not.
  • Friends became my friends!

    This show is really superb. The characters are all really different but they have a great chemistry together. The fun is dripping of your television in some episodes. It's great to see how the grow in 10 years of time, how they switch apartments, getting closer and better friends, how they fall in and out of love, how they screw up their jobs, find new ones, but always are there for each other.

    The humor is so great, you can recognize it in your own group of friends. That is one thing that makes this show so great: you can reflect to some of the characters, like you are looking in the mirror and see you self - or another friend.

    If I get this kind off friends, I couldn't be happier.
  • By far the best commedy programme of all time!!!!

    Friends is just simply the most hilarious programme ever made. About 6 friends who live in Manhattan. Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Monica and Chandler. My favourite has to be Ross, his facial expressions are immensely funny and his dialogue will have you laughing out of your chair. Joey's funny stupidity makes him one of the most popular characters and Monica's self obsessive and petulant behaviour is realistic and funny. Although it has finished, Friends will be remembered for years and years to come and will be remembered as the most genuine comedic programme!! It is truly a comedic genius of a programme!
  • Friends is definitely one of the best TV shows ever. The story lines are quick, witty and it never gets old.

    I have been watching this TV show since I was a freshman in high school (I am now an incoming college junior). All my other friends also watch this show and we can't stop talking about it.

    I wasn't able to catch it when it first aired because I was too young back then, but I was able to buy all ten seasons of Friends and I suggest you should do the same. I have seen all of the episodes at least three times and it never gets old. I love how six different individuals can come together and be one interesting group. Chandler's wit never fails to make me laugh. I love how weird Phoebe is. Monica's OC-ness reminds me of my mom. The changes that I saw in Rachel was very nice. Ross brings out my inner geek; and Joey is just a sweetheart.

    If you haven't seen this show, I suggest you go out and buy at least the first season on DVD. If you're a big fan just like me, don't you just wish Friends would go on to have 10 more seasons?
  • The show follows a group of four friends who live together in New York and do stuff.

    Friends is a good show, but by no means is it a great show. It certainly isn't one of the best comedies ever made. The only reason I would watch it is because Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are interesting. (They are foxy) The only compelling piece of plot is the relationships between Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica. Pheobe and Joey are abrasive, and most of the jokes aren't very well written. The show had its bright spots every now and then, but I just can't sit through an entire episode anymore. It does not deserve to be compared at all to Seinfeld. I don't blame the actors, but the writing was never great, and the characters were not very deep. One liners and awkward dialogue never lead to an outstanding show.
  • great show

    i absolutely love friends, its a great show. i personally wish it never even ended. its awesome, and i hope for a sequel of some sort, but i know that that's probably not going to happen. i wish it could though. this show is amazing, and i could watch episodes of it every day if i had the time. friends is a great show to watch, especially when you just need something to laugh at, its very funny, and personally, i think funny shows are the best, i think its funny about the dating situation... when you think about it... Rachel and Ross dated
    Phoebe and Joey dated
    Rachel and Joey dated
    Monica and Chandler dated
    Phoebe and Chandler dated (not for long though)
    :P its just something to laugh at
    also... each of the women have something in common...
    notice anything?
    they're names are all 6 letters long :P
    yeah i notice strange things lol
  • love it! need to have a reunion where we see them older and with there families (look on my review for my ideas) yeah im bored so i wrote it, but i still love friends!!!

    Okay, huge fan of Friends! It's amazing. I think that there should be a Friens reunion, where we see them all in their new lifes:

    Ross and Rachel together and Rachel pregnant with another baby, and with Emma grown up. Chandler and Monica living in there house with Jack and Erica grown up.
    Phoebe and Mick with tow children.
    Joey with a girlfriend and the Chick Jnr & Duck Jnr. as adults.

    or something like that. Come on, i want to watch one more!! it was amazing. it's really funny and classic. bring back friends wooooh! obviously with the same cast as well!!

    yayayay! more friends
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