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  • A show about six friends in Manhattan who were there for each other in good times and in bad during ten wonderful seasons.

    Friends is my all-time favourite TV show. It's a series that can never be replaced. Once the six friends have found their way into our hearts, we aren't able to let them go again. And we should feel greatly honoured by having been able to take part in the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.
    During 10 seasons we shared their dreams, their happiness and tears. We cried and (mostly) laughed with and (from time to time) about them. But not the stories made this show special. The characters played by THIS cast made the difference, they created a magic, that no one ever could resist.

    Friends is not one of those shows you watch once and never again. The exact opposite is the case. You can watch an episode again and again and again. And you'll still be laughing the very next time. This, however, is not a joke.
    Friends cannot be described in one single word. It's greater than great, it's not just funny or hilarious and more extensive than just trivial, if anything, Friends is a CLASSIC.
  • I miss you guys!!!!!

    Friends is an abosolute classic show and one which I love a lot. I really wish they had kept going for many years - I love and still watch this show. I own all DVD box sets.

    This show is an classic in my opinion. I started watching this when it all started . When it ended I was sad frustrated and mad at the crew for a while I did not want that show to end it made laugh, cry every week. It was like I was part of the family.

    I like the concept of the show - six friends living in New York. It might sound simple, but it was the making of one of the best sitcoms of all time! I think the characters have such depth that it's hard for anyone not to like them. Friends has not failled to deliver some of the greatest television moments of all time. They're were made for each other the momment they saw each other. . I absolutely love the friendship between Chandler and Joey it was one of the best on TV. Friends has always been one of my favourite TV shows and I don't think that will ever change. It's a cool show, which mixes both comedy with reality. Many people wish they had friends like that group - it's such a strong group of friends. I really, really, really want this show to come back for one last encore, a sort of reunion show this would be so coooool.
  • Its the kind of show you'd wanna watch with your friends or even where you're missing them.

    This has to be one of the best shows of all time. absolutely fun to watch. there isnt a dull moment when these 6 friends are around.
    Watching them makes you wanna call yyour friends and hang out at a coffe shop or move in and be roomies with them. MONICA is the obsessive compulsive cleanliness freak who likes everything in order n is overly competitive.she is also Ross' formerly overweight sister n Chandlers wife. ROSS is a paleontologist and has been crushing over Rachel for the longest time.[they have been in on off relationships]. RACHEL is Monicas college friend and a rich daddys girl who runs away from her own wedding coz she realises she doesnt love the guy. she then lives with Monica & finds her first job as a waitress to survive in New york. PHOEBE is their cute & really wierd friend. shes had a tough childhood, she gives massages for a living, has a grandmom who drove a cab, Phoebe is a vegetarian, plays the guitar n writes her own songs. Shes kinda dumb and a lil wierd[shes into kinky stuff] but shes really lovable. CHANDLER is Ross' friend from college. chandler like Ross isnt very good with the ladies. But he hooks up with Monica during Ross' 2nd wedding and marry later. JOEY is kinda dumb actually he is! Hes Chandlers best friend n roommate. Hes a struggling actor n very good with the girls.
    So with all these crazy characters doing their crazy things its a funny show but you know that these guys - Monica Rachel Phoebe Chandler Ross and Joey, like the theme song suggests will always be there for each other.
  • What´s not to like!

    I didn´t start to watch this show from the first episode. I have no idea what episode I even saw first but I do know that I liked it from that moment on. I was still watching Friends whenever I happened to be infront of a TV at the right time and only when the show was coming to an end I realised how special it really was. After seeing the last episode of Friends I had to start it again from the beginning. What makes this show so special is that you can really relate to all those funny happenings that the characters get into. Obviously they have more embarrasing moments in a half an hour than I hope to have in a lifetime but that´s the great thing about it. Friends shows that it is okay to laugh at youself sometimes.

    Other really great thing about this show is that it doesn´t matter how many times you have seen all the episodes because they can still make you laugh. There are some episodes that I have watched over and over and over and over again and I still keep laughing at the same jokes. I think that is extremely amazing.

    Monica and Chandler are funny individuals and a hilarious couple. I always loved their relationship in the show. Joey and Phoebe just keep on suprising me even after all these years and Ross and Rachel.. I´m happy that they finally found the right time and place in the end.

    The great chemistry between the cast is totally transfered on screen and that makes Friends beliveable. They are not just pretending to like each other but they really do like each other and that makes it really fun to watch. You can really enjoy watching the show when you know that those people really enjoy making it.

    For me Friends is one of all time greats because it will always make you feel good. It is also great that even though the show is funny it deals with some serious things here and there. Oh.. And the quest stars weren´t too bad either.. Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Frank Azaria for examble..(there were many other great actors ofcourse).

    All you need is Friends!
  • Ah, shining beacon of the nineties.

    Ah, shining beacon of the nineties. What is the answer to this equation? Sitcom + Nineties - Full House=??? Don't know? Well, just look at the title of the review, you idiot! Could it be any more Friends??? Yeah... I can't pull that off, can I?
    But enough about that, lets ge onto the show, lets dissect the dissectables:
    Ross Geller:
    Now, there is no main charcter, but we have to admit, there have been no more adventures oround as many people as Ross. Or failed marriages, lesbian divorces, or one night stands involving the imprenentaion of the second main character. Its Ross, my favorite, and not yours.
    Rachel Greene:
    Ah, we all have a little Rachel Greene in our lives, dont we? A little high school crush, a little runaway bride, a little everything? And then we have one in ourselves, shes an unavoidable part of life, and we love her for it. Chandler Bing:
    The best friend of you who is also the best friend of someone else, and then someone else, and another. The funny, (eventually) loveable, vaguely annoying, tell it like it is, best friend that is Chandler Bing!
    Joey Tribbiani:
    Joey is the nitwit of the gorup, the one we all love to hate to love and love and love a bit more... only to hate him again. But we still love him, and he is the second funniest of the group, which is why he gets to come before monica. Oh, and here she is!
    Monica Geller:
    We all have the neurotic fat one. Well, the ex-fat one. But we keep the neurotic one, cos she manages to keep us in check... or at leats pitches in an effort.
    Phoebe Buffay:
    The weird one. Weird. Its the only word that can summarise her. The weird masseuse round the corner. Weird, huh? Weird. Lets say it one more time. Weird! But dont take offense, you weirdo you!
    Anyway, thats it.
    See yas!
  • This show is about six friends and there life together and apart.

    this is the best show ever written about a group of's funny,creative,caring,different,over wale ming,and my best show i have ever is always funny there is now episode that was not funny.most of the episode had a surprise for the did have there sad parts that shows us that things like that happens to everyone.all shows have to have there life changing situations and this one came but funny.i think that everyone would love this show if they just see the fist episode.i know it and everyone that has seen this show know it see it if you have not.
  • Friends became my friends!

    This show is really superb. The characters are all really different but they have a great chemistry together. The fun is dripping of your television in some episodes. It's great to see how the grow in 10 years of time, how they switch apartments, getting closer and better friends, how they fall in and out of love, how they screw up their jobs, find new ones, but always are there for each other.

    The humor is so great, you can recognize it in your own group of friends. That is one thing that makes this show so great: you can reflect to some of the characters, like you are looking in the mirror and see you self - or another friend.

    If I get this kind off friends, I couldn't be happier.
  • By far the best commedy programme of all time!!!!

    Friends is just simply the most hilarious programme ever made. About 6 friends who live in Manhattan. Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Monica and Chandler. My favourite has to be Ross, his facial expressions are immensely funny and his dialogue will have you laughing out of your chair. Joey's funny stupidity makes him one of the most popular characters and Monica's self obsessive and petulant behaviour is realistic and funny. Although it has finished, Friends will be remembered for years and years to come and will be remembered as the most genuine comedic programme!! It is truly a comedic genius of a programme!
  • Friends is definitely one of the best TV shows ever. The story lines are quick, witty and it never gets old.

    I have been watching this TV show since I was a freshman in high school (I am now an incoming college junior). All my other friends also watch this show and we can't stop talking about it.

    I wasn't able to catch it when it first aired because I was too young back then, but I was able to buy all ten seasons of Friends and I suggest you should do the same. I have seen all of the episodes at least three times and it never gets old. I love how six different individuals can come together and be one interesting group. Chandler's wit never fails to make me laugh. I love how weird Phoebe is. Monica's OC-ness reminds me of my mom. The changes that I saw in Rachel was very nice. Ross brings out my inner geek; and Joey is just a sweetheart.

    If you haven't seen this show, I suggest you go out and buy at least the first season on DVD. If you're a big fan just like me, don't you just wish Friends would go on to have 10 more seasons?
  • The show follows a group of four friends who live together in New York and do stuff.

    Friends is a good show, but by no means is it a great show. It certainly isn't one of the best comedies ever made. The only reason I would watch it is because Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are interesting. (They are foxy) The only compelling piece of plot is the relationships between Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica. Pheobe and Joey are abrasive, and most of the jokes aren't very well written. The show had its bright spots every now and then, but I just can't sit through an entire episode anymore. It does not deserve to be compared at all to Seinfeld. I don't blame the actors, but the writing was never great, and the characters were not very deep. One liners and awkward dialogue never lead to an outstanding show.
  • great show

    i absolutely love friends, its a great show. i personally wish it never even ended. its awesome, and i hope for a sequel of some sort, but i know that that's probably not going to happen. i wish it could though. this show is amazing, and i could watch episodes of it every day if i had the time. friends is a great show to watch, especially when you just need something to laugh at, its very funny, and personally, i think funny shows are the best, i think its funny about the dating situation... when you think about it... Rachel and Ross dated
    Phoebe and Joey dated
    Rachel and Joey dated
    Monica and Chandler dated
    Phoebe and Chandler dated (not for long though)
    :P its just something to laugh at
    also... each of the women have something in common...
    notice anything?
    they're names are all 6 letters long :P
    yeah i notice strange things lol
  • love it! need to have a reunion where we see them older and with there families (look on my review for my ideas) yeah im bored so i wrote it, but i still love friends!!!

    Okay, huge fan of Friends! It's amazing. I think that there should be a Friens reunion, where we see them all in their new lifes:

    Ross and Rachel together and Rachel pregnant with another baby, and with Emma grown up. Chandler and Monica living in there house with Jack and Erica grown up.
    Phoebe and Mick with tow children.
    Joey with a girlfriend and the Chick Jnr & Duck Jnr. as adults.

    or something like that. Come on, i want to watch one more!! it was amazing. it's really funny and classic. bring back friends wooooh! obviously with the same cast as well!!

    yayayay! more friends
  • six friends that live in new york! My favorite couple is monica and chandler! Then rachel with joey! Then ross with phoebe! Monica and chandler are my favorites on their and together!

    Friends is one of the best shows ever! My favorite couple is monica and chandler! I wish they were together in real life! Then I wish that rachel was with joey instead of ross! and ross with phoebe! rachel with joey because they look cute together! And ross with phoebe just because! Chandler and monica were great together! I wish they would make a friends movie! Because that would be awesome and they need a movie to see what happend to everybody! I hope they will think about a friends movie! Chandler and monica are my favorite because they are so cute together!
  • best show ever

    The show "Friends" is one of the best shows of all time. I always felt like I was a part of the lives of the characters, and always cheered them on or cried with them. Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel became a part of pop culture and the chemistry between the six was amazing. The flashback episodes were always my favorite, but I will always remember Ross and Rachels first kiss, Monica and Chandlers tearful dual proposals, and when joey fell in love with Rachel. The last episode left me sad knowing that my thurs. nights would never bee the same without the gang and central perk. I know there will always be reruns, but it's just not the same. I would love to see a movie reunion just to see what the writers would come up for the characters futures.
  • This show is so good that you will become addicted! I know I have.

    In my opinion, this show is something that everyone should will make you realize the importance of friendship and also bring you up whenever you feel down and lonely. The humor will make you laugh inspite all the problems you have and you are going to feel fulfilled. It is not just about the humor it is about closeness as it should be between friends mixed with the amusing situations in life. Also the dialog has been carefully constructed. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey are parts of my life and who I am, I grew up with them and I recommend this show to everyone.
  • Love This Show

    Three Simple Words: I Love It!. I Always Watch Repeats and Still Laught Out Loud At The Jokes. I Dont Actually Have A Favourite Character, I Love Them All. Monica, Who Always Has To Be The Best At Anything and Everything, Rachel, With Her Good Looks and Her Spoilt Personality, Phoebe, The Free Willed Eccentric Musician, Joey, The Girl Magnet, Chandler, The Funny, Weird, and Sarcastic One, and Then Theres Ross, He Makes Himself Sound Stupid, His Anger Issues! Which Are Always Funny, and His Unrequited-For-Years Love Of Rachel!
    All This Just Adds To A Sitcom Worth Watching, Whether To Cheer Yopu Up when Your Down...Or Just To Finish Off A Perfect Day..Theres Never A Bad Time To Watch Friends!
  • The first show I was ever addicted to!! I own every episode on DVD!!

    There is really not much left to say about this amazing show...but I will try. It set the standard for comedic sitcoms. You grew up with your favortie friends...and each episode promised a hearty dose of laughter...and drama. Whether you were hoping that Ross and Rachel would stay together, cracking up when Joey said "How you doin'", laughing at Chandler's sarcasm, rolling your eyes at Monica's perfectionism, or becoming more and more confused with each sentence Phoebe utters.....there was just that special something that made you come back to watch this show every thursday night. I can honestly say that I truly do miss this show. You feel like you are a part of the gang as they journey through their lives full of marriages, babies, new loves, new enemies, new jobs..and just all around change that you continue to support. Everyone knows this show---and most loved it! Like I said...I miss it terribly...but Friends will def. go down in history as one of the best shows ever!
  • The most perfect cretion ever made by the man You must own every single DVD

    Friends ran in NBC from 1994 to 2004 and is one of the best shows ever! It was the first tv show I have ever been adicted to. In ten years the show has become a world classic, having fans all over the globe. Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler brought fun to millions of homes, without once being boring. That's why it has become one of the most popular and watched shows in United States' history. There aren't enough words to describe how great this sow is and how it changed a lot of people's lives. And that's what I can say about this WONDERFUL show
  • Love it, Love it, Love it

    this is one of the best comedy shows ever its about 6 friends who through easy and hard stick together the friends are Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Rachel. this show is really what most comedy shows are about it is funny but most of the time its funny in its own unique way. Friends has the potential to be one of the greatest comedy shows. sadly friends finished in 2004 so no more were made and many of the actors have moved on to other great shows. but to many people Friends will hold a very special place in their life just as it always will.
  • God I Love This Show! Its Definlty My Fav Show Ever!

    Friends Is Just Amazing!
    It Made Me Cry And It Made Me Laughed!
    I Definlty Wished This Amazing Show Never Ended, I Watch It On Dvd all the time!
    The Bond Between Them Is Amazing, The Bond In Real Life And On Stage!
    Ross and Rachel getting old? How could it? Do relationships get old in real life? No, they're ongoing, sometimes stagnating, sometimes changing. Thats REAL.

    This show is about 6 people who love each other like family...which I must say as an 12 1/2 year old... is very real.You grow both closer to and further from your biological family, and as you reach more independence, you adopt another family of your own: your Friends.

    We may not all sit in coffee shops, but we all LOVE our friends like they were blood. That's what this show is about. Makes you all warm and fuzzy (and sore from laughing) inside. And as a show: Friends will always be a part of My family.
    Love At First Sight!

    I watch it religiously! haha
    They need to come back for a reunion episode, maybe even another season!

    It was a heartwarming & down-to-earth show. It was a show about friendship, & with 10 season, you just got to watch everyone grow. And just by watching it, I felt as if I was actually one of their friends. It's comforting to know that some things in life don't let you down. No matter how bad things get in my life, I know that I can just sit down & watch episodes on TV to get away from all the troubles in my life. It's always something that can bring my boyfriend & I together after a fight; with all the loving, & caring relationships in the show, like Chandler & Monica, Ross & Rachel, even the Joey-Chandler relationship can turn a few teary moments into laughter & joy.

    Speaking of the show, I gotta go watch another episode! =]
  • Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are all friends living in New York City just trying to figure out their jobs and their relationships. There ups and downs they are always there for each other.

    I use to watch it when I was little but I never got anything that was going on. Then a couple of years ago I started to watch reruns and fell in love with it. I loved the story lines even though some could get extremely repetitive and the same thing again like Ross and Rachel. The cast did a great job taking on their roles but I don't think they deserved a million dollars an episode at the end, even though David Schwimmer did a great job at the end with his character. Overall I love this series and will continue to still deeply miss it even though I didn't watch it when it was new.
  • The best show ever made

    This is the best show ever made.... so sad that it had to end :(
    Just finished watching the last two episodes and interviews with the actors on youtube, i can't stop crying. ... would be the happiest man on earth, if there was an 11 season 5-6-7 years in the future, with all the same actors :)

    Id don't think that in the near future, something so good will go on TV again. Of'course there are other good shows, but nothing can compare with this one. I'll continue watching the re-runs, with some hope that i've forgotten some of the series. Love you all friends!!!!!!
  • One of my all time favorite tv sitcoms ever!!

    Friends is very funny, always nice to watch. I have a couple seasons on DVD myself! My favorite character on friends would have to be Chandler. He is the funniest character and is like me is a complete smartmouth. I wish they could have a reunion episode ten years from now and it informs you what happened in there life the past ten years, It would be fantastic to see! No other sitcom could ever compare to friends. not Seinfeld, not that 70's show, not even the fresh prince of bel-air could even scratch the surface of what friends were and I will miss this great show when it is not on tv anymore but at least i'll have the DVD's!
  • Amazing

    I love Friends. I love everything about Friends. No matter how many times I have seen any episode, there is always something (usually many things) that make me laugh. This is why I think friends will remain one of my all time favourite TV shows forever.

    The comedy in this show is brilliant. All the actors do an amazing job, and the timing of the comedy is fantastic.

    All 10 season were amazing and I was so sad when it ended. Friday nights have never been the same since it went off the air!

    I could literally watch any episode again and again... the true sign of a brilliant show and one which continues to be missed.

    This must be my favorite show. I go through these phases where I love old sitcoms. I have only been a fan of the show for 2 months and seen every episode and own them all on dvd. i would like to get more dvds. I am always on youtube looking at videos of the former cast. i watched some ones by hollywoodtv, the paparazzi ones, and I felt bad, like i was a stalker. Even though it's only been 2 months, all my friends know about my huge obsession with the show. Whenever anyone might ask where i am, the most logical answer would be watching friends, cause I LOVE FRIENDS!
  • Friends is a great show.

    Friends is about six friends living in New York. In a lot of episodes at lease 2 of the 6 friends have a problem. It's really a great show. If you watch it you'll most likely laugh out loud. Friends is such a good show to watch. Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica are so fun to watch and there great actors and actresses. I watch this show almost everyday and it doesn't seem to get old. I wish it wouldn't have ended but it did so I say over all its a great show and you laugh when you watch it.
  • Best word to describe Friends : 'Perfection'

    Well what can be said about friends that hasn't been said countless times before? Friends has been analysed and dissected so often that it's a wonder that the six actors aren't covered in bruises! There is really nothing left new to say, so all that I can do is say it again in my own, inimitable way.

    Quite simply, friends is probably the funniest programme you will ever see. The jokes are exquisitely timed and thought out, and they do not rely on one kind of humour - there is witty one-liners and visual comedy, comedy gleamed from mere facial expressions and simply hilarious situations - well it is a situation comedy! The writers have managed to take the simplest situation - six twenty-something friends and their loves, careers, and family problems - and make something that is pure gold to watch.

    Each twenty minute episode is jam-packed with quality gags, and not a single episode goes by without a number of laughs to be had. The writing is top quality, the acting is flawless, and the outstanding cast is constantly backed up by a superb supporting cast and a roll-call of Hollywood (and British!) talent dropping by from time to time as guest stars. But where Friends' real success lies is in making the viewers genuinely care about its' six characters - we feel for them, we laugh with them, cry with them, and we grow up with them over the course of their ten years. We see the characters change, grow, evolve over the ten series, and while they change, they also remain at the core those same twenty-something guys we became friends with.

    Some say that the later series didn't have the same punch, or the same high quality of writing and performances as the earlier seasons, and to a certain extent this is true. The gags don't feel quite as tight or sharp in the later series as in those early lightning quick early season episodes, and the characters in some respects don't so much as grow as become almost caricatures of their former selves. The early personalities are still there, but grown out of all proportion. Joey gets unbelievably dumber, Chandler more and more sarcastic, Monica frighteningly get the idea. They have become grotesque cartoon versions of their earlier selves. But yet, somehow, the magic remains. We still love them. And while the gags may not constantly stream at a dizzying height of quality towards the end, thee is still plenty there to make us laugh.

    And that is where Friends succeeds above many many inferior shows. It just tries to make us laugh. Occasionally we will cry, be shocked etc as well, but never forget that Friends is a sitcom at heart. Maybe it should have been finished a couple of series earlier, or maybe we couldn't bear to let it go. One thing is for sure, the departure of this terrific sitcom left one hell of a void in our programming. There will never be the like of friends again - though beware cheap imitations!
  • This show is the funniest show ever.

    Friends is the funniest show ever, because they do all these funny things. My favorite character is Febee, because she did do alot of funny strange things. My 2nd Favorite character is Joey, because he isn't that smart, but he did do alot of funny strange things. My 3rd favorite character is Chanler, because he always makes fun of Joey. My 4th favorite character is Rachel, because Rachel Is so.... I don't remember why she just is. My 5th favorite character is Ross, because he is so scientific and smart. My 6th favorite is Monica, because she is so funny. This is my Friends review.
  • "I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you, like I been there before..." "Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you, smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault", Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey...

    "How you doin?" Man oh man where do I begin. Let me start by saying that FRIENDS is the funniest show EVER! The comedy on that show was genius! You will never (let me repeat never) find a show as funny as this. FRIENDS had the most original comedy, they had great timing, the cast all great Jennifer, Lisa, Matt, Courtney, Matthew, and David. Not to mention all the hysterical guests. Janice! "You call out to me like a fog horn, Janice...Janice, you love me chandler bing (she says something to that matter) "OH...MY...GAWD". There really isn't much to say about FRIENDS except for you don't know what you're missing if you have never seen an episode before! Man, I have season 1-10 on DVD, and you should see all the memorabilia books and crap that I have. I am such a fan, but too bad it ended. Like Jennifer Aniston said though "it's better to leave when they still love you, instead of them saying you should have left years ago." Now I'll leave you with some funny quotes from FRIENDS! Ross: I'll call the super
    Monica: here let me try
    Ross: Oh, oh that's right, I forgot about your ability to fuse metal
    Monica: hey, it's funny's cousin, not funny!

    Monica: Oh my god, how cute is the on call doctor?
    Rachel: So cute, I'm thinking about jamming this pen in my eye

    (chandler is standing outside waiting for Phoebe) Joey: Phoebe here with the cab yet?
    Chandler: Yeah, she brought the invisible cab, hop in (motions to nothing)

    Joey: Pheebs, you wanna help?
    Phoebe: Oh, I wish I could but, I don't want to
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