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  • Great show... Thanks for all the laughs.

    Is it really possible that it has been 5 years since this ended? I have learned that every thing in life can relate back to a friends episode somehow. I still watch in syndication every chance I get and laugh like it's the first time I saw it. This cast was wonderful. Their chemistry was absolutely perfect. Even the supporting characters along the way played right into the hands of the writers and directors to create believable fiction relationships. I hope the people involved in this show enjoyed doing it half as much as I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for all the laughs!!
  • The best sitcom to ever reach our screens.

    The best sitcom to ever reach our screens, and in my eyes, nothing will ever come close. Even though in 50 years when this will clearly not be current, I think I will still laugh at the reruns and that is something. A show that ended at the right time too, it didn't go past its peak (even though the last season was not as funny as the seasons prior to it, it was still THAT good). Although I've put it as a classic, I could have also put it as influential - just look at sitcoms that have come more recently, trying to follow a similar format. (How I Met Your Mother is one that does a good job, with friends who all have completely different personalities and professions). The most relaxing thing to watch at anytime of the day.
  • Friends is a unique comedy, with loveable characters, multiple fantastic storylines and has a humour about it that most comedies don't have.

    Friends is the story of six friends, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Ross and Rachel, six friends who live in New York City. Friends is a show with multiple memorable moments, fantastic storylines and laugh out loud moments, all with balancing real-life with funny comedy.

    Chandler Bing is my favourite character, the sarcastic, funny friend, whose relationship with Monica is so completely perfect. Who knew that Chandler and Monica could compliment each other that well. Chandler's the guy who don't go to for advice - say anything around him, and he's likely to make some type of joke.

    Joey's a little bit slow, in a way, a struggling actor who got the role of Dr Drake Ramory in Days of Our Lives, but then screwed it up. He's known for his many girlfriends, his love of sandwiches and his often priceless dumb remarks. Joey and Chandler were also roommates before Chandler got married and I think their friendship was so perfect.

    Phoebe is the sweet, funny, naive girl, who is twins with Ursula Buffay. Phoebe's the most promiscuous out of the female friends. She plays the guitar, and has some priceless songs, the most memorable is smelly cat. Phoebe's mother died when she was 10, or something, and Phoebe often brings it up to get herself out of trouble.

    Monica is the cook, the cleaner, the control-freak and the woman of Chandler's dreams! Monica is someone who is very difficult to live with, someone who has the best of intentions, but often annoys her friends with her constant bossiness and cleanliness. She is the sister of Ross Geller, and their parents openly favour Ross over Monica.

    Ross is a palaeontologist whose relationship with Rachel has been so up and down in the past. Ross is the favourite of the Geller parents. He has the tendacy to obsess about things, uses too much hairgel, has gotten divorced three times, and his ex-wife is a lesbian. Oh, and on the "we were on a break" subject I fully take Ross's side.

    Rachel is perhaps the only main character I don't really like. She starts out as this pampered little girl, and becomes a strong, still a little materialistic, but independent woman, the mother of Emma Geller-Green and it's strongly suggested she and Ross got back together. The storylines of Friends are charming, witty and funny, and they often involve the cast doing something funny, even in the most normal or boring of situations. It's definately the best comedy of it's time.
  • Great show!...I loved how there was closure with every character and the set of Monica's appartment when they all took turns placing their keys on the counter. And the show ending with a laugh delivered by Chandler .... perfect ending to a perfect show!

    There has never been a show as great as Friends. From the hilarious writing, to the perfect cast choices, the show was aces. I still watch reruns and they still crack me up. The twists and turns their lives take always kept you drawn in and wondering "what next?" There are so many classic one-liners: "You have to stop the Q-Tip when there's resistance", "Oh... my... God", "We were on a break!", "It's a moo point", "How you doin'?". Fat Monica, Ross's leather pants, Joey going commando in Chandler's clothes, Phoebe's many songs, Chandler and Joey's hugs, Rachael and Ross, Rachael as a cheerleader, Chandler's father.....the list goes on and many classic momments...Thank you Friends!

    Friends originaly started in 1994 and ended 2004, if you don't count the 2 years of the not so succsessful spin-off, Joey. Friends was probably the best sit-com in it's time and is still popular today.

    The best thing about the show is that the characters are all so different in their own way, for example Joey is the single, loveable lug. And Monica is the obsessive, clean-freak etc.

    I can't think of a bad point for this show, but all i'm gonna say is that you either love it or you hate it.

    The actors by the 9th and 10th seasons were getting paid $1 million per episode so this is how Swimmer, Perry, LeBlanc, Aniston, Cox and Kudrow made their millions. So I'm guessing that the producers were pretty well-off too.

    And so when their roles on Friends came to an end they went their seperate ways, apart from the only cast member to get their own show - Matt LeBlanc (AKA Joey Tribbiani). Matt carried on the Tribbiani name as Joey moved to LA with his acting career in mind and went to live near his sister Gina and his nephew Michael. Matt says it's not that different being on Joey, as it's the same stage and mostly the same audience. But sadly Joey wasn't as succsess as it's decendant hit show Friends and was canceled after it's 2nd season on-air.

    But back to the point, Friends is the funniest, most sarcastic show around. I rate it 10/10 and would be happy to recomend it to anyone with a sense of humour. Go Friends!! We love that show!!
  • This show can make you laugh =)

    Man, I loved this show it was very, very good. I mean it was very addictive. While it was funny you also had a good story line. Like with Ross and Rachel, etc. It wasn't the same stuff every episode. Monica and Chandler together? I would of never thought of that haha. I was so sad when the show ended I wasn't even that old so i barely remember it i just have to watch the re runs that come on every now and then. You know what would be cool if they did a reunion show I would watch it definitely
  • This show follows the lives of 6 friends living in New York. Their relationships, work, laughter and of course that famous coffee.

    This show will forever be remembered. It is a classic. It is one of those you can pull out again and again and the jokes never get old. It will go down in history as one of my favorites of all time and I'm sure I am not alone in saying that. The comedic timing and the chemisty between the actors is unbeatable. There will never again be an ensembale cast as great as this one on a show. They could be doing the simplest of things in an episode and sometimes those turned out to be the best ones. Nothing beats of course the awaited classic thanksgiving episodes. This show is timeless and each character and actor whom played it brings something special to the table. It had 10 years of laughs and those have continued on until now and I don't feel they will ever die.
  • Six friends rely on each other in New York City as young adults.

    Every day I regret being to young to watch "Friends" on TV. I have now seen every episode at least three or four times, but I really regret missing the actual era. The sitcom is truly iconic and one of the best, blending truly funny material and situations in a more pop-culture slanted version of "Seinfeld." From the antics and musical stylings of Phoebe to "Ross and Rachel," this has become my personal favorite television show and has influenced all those who watched it. The "Rachel cut," "How you doin?," and a coffee shop craze all developed from this incredibly successful and famous comedy.
  • Hooked from the start!

    Friends has become a staple in my life, from the quick witted Chandler Bing to the dim witted Joey Tribbianni i love this show. If you are a big fan of good comedy and can't think of a good sarcastic remark start watching Friends. I garentee you that by the end you'll feel like they're your friends. I've been a fan for years and i can personally rank the seasons:

    Season 1: 7/10 - it gets you hooked, but you can tell there's room for improvement.

    Season 2: 8/10 - Joey and Chandler get rid of there wierd hair. this season has Richard in it, he is really cool.

    Season 3: 9/10 - Rachael and Ross are together and everything is top noch

    Season 4: 10/10 - My personal favorite season that starts with rachael and ross getting back together and ends with another couple begining their relationship.

    Season 5: 9/10 - Chandler and Monica hiding their realationship from everyone makes this season a classic

    Season 6: 9/10 - Ends with Chandler it!

    Season 7: 7/10 - planning the wedding al season makes this season not sparkle as much.

    Season 8: 8/10 - Rachael's Pregnency season

    Season 9: 8/10 - Joey and Rachael play love tag in this season

    Season 10: 9/10 - Though the shortest season in the series, it goes out with a bang!!!
  • All time favourite! :)

    I have loved this show for a long time. I first began to watch it when i was six years old. I was hooked. Ten Years of brilliant new episodes every week from 1994 to 2004. :) In my opinion the show got better each season! :) We have watched the characters grow and develop into adults throughout the ten years. We nearly feel, as an audience, that we have grown up with them, like they have taken us along on their journey through life. The six main characters, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross, felt like real friends to whomever watched the show.
  • I am crying like Joey does"I want it back!!!(in a kiddish adamant way)"BEST SHOW EVER!

    Man its THE GOD of all TV shows ever made!!Still a hit.This show is about 6 friends living in New York Ross,Chandler,Joey,Monica,Phoebe and Rachel.How these friends rely on each other and their life is what the show is centered around.Ross and Chandler are friends since college.Monica and Rachel are friends from high school but end up drifting apart.Monica is Ross's sister.Joey and Chandler become best friends when Joey becomes Chandlers roommate.Chandler and Monica have apartments across the hall from the other and the gang could usually be found at the coffee shop near their apartments.The series begins with 5 friends(Rachel is not there) sitting at the coffee shop and having their usual chat when Rachel who ran from her wedding ends up there looking for Monica.Excellent writing,Hilariously awesome show.Definitely worth watching and re watching.
  • Friends is an American sitcom set in NYC. It follows the lives of six best friends named Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Monica. Over the 10 series we see births, marriages, deaths and laughter. And how each individual grows over the 10 years.

    Friends is an absolutely brilliant comedy show! It is definately my favourite show and it should not have finished. Thankfully, there are still 10 glorious seasons to still watch! The sitcom is absolutely hilarious and is a laugh per minute show. Each character has a distinct personality, and all the Friends are fantastic when put together and the show would be nothing without just one of them. And with numerous guest stars throughout the seriees it never gets boring! The plot lines are written very well and although sometimes the stories do not go quite as you would like them to, they are still always good! I love watching friends and it is my absolute favourite show on TV! I would reccomend it to anyone over 12 who loves a good laugh and I hope that this convinced you to watch Friends!
  • klinssan

    Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) - full name Chandler Muriel Bing Chandler was born in the family of the writer of erotic novels by Nora Tyler Bing, transgender and gay the star of Las Vegas, Charles Binga. In Chandler a lot of complexes, of which he was standing off jokes. The work of Chandler - analysis and reconfiguration, and data in this field, he makes a good career. But at the end of the series, he casts a job and start from scratch in the advertising business. Chandler is not very lucky in love. In fact, he had only two more or less serious novel: to Janice and Monica, where he marries in the seventh season of the series. Various characters of the series Chandler sometimes perceived as a homosexual (which he actually is not), attributing it to some specific features. In part, these suspicions related to the fact that the father of Chandler - transvestite.
  • The BEST!

    Oh, man, this was and still is and will continue to always be an amazing sitcom. Great storylines, awesome dialogues, amazing characters and actors, everything about this show is just incredible. It made laugh so much, so hard, so many times, and still does, it made me cry, and still does, and it always made me crave for the next week's episode. It was not great, it was not amazing, it was not one of the best... It is great, it is amazing, and it is "the" best!!!!! I'm a forever huge fan of Friends. I love every character, every season, every episode, every line... I love and watch a great deal of shows, but to me, no previous or future show will ever rise to Friends's success.
  • Best Show Ever!!!

    Never saw anything thats sooooo good. I watched every episode at least five times and I still watch Friends every day. If you haven't seen it you have to do it now. Its not like sienfeld and other old shows that aren't funny anymore, even the first seasons from 14 years ago are still funny and not "old jokes" stuff. The acting here is also really good, its like picking six amazing actors and actresses and putting them together on the perfect show. Its really sad that the show is over and I really hope that there will be a reunion some day:D
  • Simply put: one of the best comedies of all time.

    Simply put: one of the best comedies of all time.
    Frinds is a really good show. Incredible funny and intelligent by comedy standards. To make it better, friends has a cast composed only by good actors.
    All characters are interesting and unique. The viewer surely will find one to indentify with. Some are better and will have more fans (Joey) but all characters are good and are a necessity to the show if only to serve as a ladder (Ross).
    The jokes are nicely done and almost none of them has offensive material. So it´s a show that can be watched by persons of all age.
  • This is got to be one of the best Comedy shows ever made.

    This comedy show is about six friends who deal with their problems with jobs, friends and relationships.
    Joey tribbiani (Matt Leblanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), (Ross Geller), (Phoebe Buffay), Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). This comedy show first aired in 1994 and last aired on May 6,2004. this show as never gotten bad reviews. At the end of the series Chandler was married with Monica, Ross was dating with Rachel again, Phoebe was married with Mike (Paul Rudd), and Joey was alone but in the last episode Joey brought back the chick and the duck (from third season).
  • best comedy show in history.

    Definitely the best comedy show in TV history for me.
    Well written plot, well written stories for each episode, well developed characters, talented acting and wonderful cast.
    I love all of the characters very much. They are so unique and funny. They are like among us. The relations between them are so amusing. There are so many guest stars like Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Elle McPherson, Tom Selleck , Hank Azaria and others that I don't mentioned.
    I am missing the show a lot because there is no show that can replace this one.
    I still watch reruns and still laughing. I wish it wouldn't end or start again.
  • Best sitcom ever

    i was only an infant when Friends first premeired so obviously i did not start watching it until it was in reruns but i fell in love instantly. i have seen every episode multiple times and even bough the Scene it game (at which i am undefeated it is actually to the point that my sister wont even play it with me anymore unless i give her a head start). i hope that one day they will do a reunion perhaps for a Thanksgiving episode, as they almost became known for those. it would ge great to see them reunited to see how the characters lives turned out
  • i love friends i watch it every night my fravourite character of the 6 new yorkers has to be rachel i have all friends books i have a hambag of friends and box set i love it

    i love friends it has to be one of the best comedy show EVER its great if you dont already watch it i suggest you do . I think friends should bring out a movie called the one where they make a movie it will be awsome just like the show x x its about 6 new yorkers who go through thick and thin with each other it is quite sad sometimes and you cry with them but they do have laughs and they are like one big family !

    i have lots of ideas for a movie if they do bring one out fingers crossed ehh !!!!! if they dont bring out a movie they should aleast do another 5 series and in them 5 series ross and rachel should get married and pheobe and mike should have a baby together!! id love to see how monica and chandler are coping with the twins erica and jack x x -xx sasha
  • best show eva

    i love friends i watch it everyday and i love it if people hate it than u have a serious problem. my friend only started watchin it at the start of the year and now she loves it she brought all the seasons in 1 day nd she won friends postcards on ebay. i wanna find the book friend's til the end but it doesn't sell here in australia. out of all of them i love rachel.i also like joey nd i really like his cathcphrase how you doin it is the best show in the world and i want a movie so much
  • theres 6 characters and they are all exeptionally good friends.

    friends is about six characters- rachel green, ross Geller, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay and Joey tribbiani. rachel is a fashion designer she lives with ross she has a daughter named emma and she works at ralph lauran but got offered a job in paris. Ross is the father of emma he has a sister called monica he lives with rachel he has been divorced 3 times by rachel a drunken moment, carol who was a lesbian and emily because ross said rachels name at the alter. monica is rosses sister she lives with chandler who is her husband they had sex at rosses second wedding with emily. She used to be fat but not anymore shes a shef and lives in an apartment above mr heckles house. Chandler lives with monica and has a boring job that no one can remember. Phoebe is weird and lived on her own until she met mike they married and had a good life she is a massager. Joey is mad about food, beer and the ladys he has never been in a meanful relationship with anyone his catch phrase is how u doin! He lives across the hall from monica and chandler.

    Friends is a timeless classic. You cant find shows like this anymore! I love every episode from The One With Monicas New Roommate(aka Pilot) to The one Where Pheobe Runs to The Last one. Every episode brought you closer and more in love with each of the charecters. Weither they're getting free porn , married for the third time, weither they're hating pbs, or changing they're name Banana Hamic, or even one they're one a break they had America's attention for 10 years. But if your ever feeling sad you can count on your friends to be sitting at the coffee house waiting to cheer you up!
  • Simply THE best show ever

    Friends has changed the world of American comedy and is the show all comedy shows nowadays are compared to. And probably because of this perfection many shows like How I Met Your Mother and of course Scrubs did not follow its footsteps but use a different kind of humor.
    Don't get me wrong - I love Scrubs with its mix of comedy and drama and I also like HIMYM. But the only show I find myself laughing constantly after seeing an episode for the third or fourth time is friends.
    No other show has a cast where I love every single member without any exceptions (with Scrubs its Carla, with HIMYM, its many of the supporting actors) and all of the recurring ones are very well picked, too.
    The story arc is remarkable and its the ONE and ONLY show I know which could keep up with its quality for such a long time.
    With FRIENDS you can laugh, you can cry and you can forget yourself for a while.
  • This show clearly is the only show for people who love to laugh! You can never find another show like it.... and I hope that Friends will be with us forever.

    OK,Friends: My favorite show ever. This show really shows that friendship can lead you all to a path that never ends because your friendship never needs to end. It shows the mistakes people can make and how a friend can help you get through them, how to take the right step and when to take it. The actors are clearly great if they are able to pull off ten years of being with each other and making th ebest show ever made, I wouldn't be suprised if they were all friends right now thanks to that show. I can totally see why there are so many people making forms about the show and ppl meeting each other thanks to this show..... I have actually done so myself and I am happy to have something in common like that. All that's left to say is watch this show and you will get obsessed!!!!
  • Friends is a show about 6 friends living in New York.

    This show is in my opinion the best show ever made when you want to laugh. Every time I watch one of the episodes I just cannot stop smiling. No matter how many times I have seen a scene or episode, it still makes me laugh. I think that is the beauty of this show, it will always make you laugh. Friends also has a terrific cast which makes it even better. The fact that the actors and actrices are also really good friends in real life makes the show even better. The viewer can really see the bond between them. So, whenever you are in a bad mood, just watch Friends and you will be smiling for the rest of the day!
  • One of the best and funniest sitcoms ever!

    I've been watching this show for a long time, I enter the show's site in always, and is til now that I decide to make a review for it. I dont undertsand why it took me so long to, but anyways:
    This show is one of the best shows ever, is extremely funny and is one of my fave series. The show tells the story about Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe, six friends making their lives in Manhattan. The show started off funny, but after 10 years of run it became extremely popular and so so funny! This is the perfect show for you if you love to laugh!
  • It is an awesome, hilarious show and I would recommend it to anyone!

    Oh my god this is show is so awesome!
    I have been watching Friends for a while now and I really think it is the best tv show ever to exist!
    The show is about 6 Friends: Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe.
    It follows their personal and professional lives in Manhattan, New York, for 10 years, and the writers make it amazingly awesome in every episode!
    This show is soooo funny, and it is great to watch if you need some cheering up!
    I would recommend Friends to anyone who enjoys comedy because it really is so good, and they should definately make a movie of it some day!
    Best show ever!!
  • wicked show about friends

    this tv show is really funny and great i love it i really really really like every episode and im gonna get them all on dvd and just watch them over and over again because its a great show for everyone and i think that they should make another series for all who have watched it and it is just really really good i would love to be in this its a great experience for everyone who watches this and its just a great show again and all the actors in this show is just wonderful and i think its wonderful how this show is set out
  • I've gained 6 lifelong friends!

    This show was and still remains one of the greatest sitcoms to have come out of the US. It has filled so many people with laughter and fond memories that allow the show to continuously inspire and keep new generations laughing. I've gained 6 lifelong friends!

    I will always remember singing along with Phoebe, being a dork like Ross and loving when Monica's super competitiveness streak comes out. Rachel will always be my teen crush, Chandler my funny friend and bimbo friend with all the picking up tips.

    This show kept me entertained for 10 long years! It continues to entertain me to this very day, one can never be sick of watching Friends! When you're down Friends will pick you back up! When you're happy, Friends will make you happier and when you think you've had enough of Friends, you realise that you really haven't!

    If you haven't already watched this show and fallen in love, do so, you don't know what you are missing out on. It shows you the true meaning and value of friendship...Friends will always be there.
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