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  • A wonderful comedy set in NY, about 6 friends, that everybody at one point has watched.

    Possibly the best thing that has ever happened to television; there will never be another show that come anywhere close. After watching the characters over the years; seeing them grow as people, plus the ability to make you laugh it was so sad to see it end. Its repeated daily, and I can watch an episode one hundred times, and still laugh as much as i did the first time i saw it, sometimes even more. I dont think i have ever met a person who has not enjoyed friends. It is impossible not to laugh when watching! Its so highly addictive too, you may know how an episode, season, even the series ends, but it never stops me from watching. I love it, and want it back, but i can settle on repeats for now!
  • Pure love, Great jokes and awesome Plots ... all these can be summarized to "Frieds"

    This is the best thing that has ever happened to television. I started to see friends Hardly a month ago. Now its finished.(I got the entire dvd from my friend!)
    And i am devastated.
    No. not because i think less of the Series,no no no!
    Why , god .. why did it have to end?
    Honestly , I cried as it came to end.
    And still wondering,,,, can my life be as good as in the show? No,
    But i hope a friends movie comes Out!!
    Thar way I can get a glimpse of something that touched my heart so dearly....
    N lol... i hope ross has not made to 4th divorce,
    It was fun!
    The best!!
  • This show is probably THE best american sitcom there will ever be

    Friends was great it had laughs, drama, aww moments those moments where you laugh just thinking about them and every time you watch them its like the first time all over again. I just loved chandler and joey the humour between those guys and the whole trying to act macho but really being so sensitive is great and really well acted out. no other show on tv has the same quality as friends it was unique one of a kind and will be one of those shows that people talk about for many many years to come i think. i miss looking forwards to the new seasons but i love watching the old re runs. when you've had a bad day you cant beat a bit of friends :)
  • Unforgettable

    Friends is one show that no one will ever forget. It symbolizes of how people could live with such love and adventure if they have such good friends to share it with. But what is also good is that IT'S FUNNY! All six of the characters are hilarious. Chandler and his jokes, Phoebe and her physicic ways, Joey being lazy, Ross (nothing), Monica and her obsessive cleaning, and Rachel and her kind but also crazy personality. My favorite character would have to be Joey because he is so funny and stupid. If you haven't watched this show you definitely have to!!!
  • cant be better coz its perfect show about friendship, love, education... vietdoan20062006

    i would have to say the show have lift my life when ever i was down. when living alone in a foreign country, it is really hard for me . having watched the whole 10 seasons make me happier, i rerun it like more than 10 times, still now everyday i can watch 1-2 episode.
    the show would be missed by everyone whose watched the whole series.
    ''to sum up the last 10 years
    its basically, like being involved in some magical things which much bigger than im.
    its been education its been a lot of affairs, its been friendship , its been amazing.
    im gonna miss these people im gonna miss these personalities a lot.
    i wanna say thank you to everybody, all of them.
    thank you so much for people kept me going, i love you all.
    i love doing it, i hope you guys enjoy as much as i had.''
  • Friends is about 3 guys and 3 girls, bonding more closer to one another. Chandler is an sarcastic guy. Joey is an idiotic person. Ross is a realistic person, whilst Monica is a realistic person like her brother, pheobe is an idiotic person and rachael.

    Friends is a great comdey for family and friends. It discusses love, heartbrakes, humiliation, anger, jealousy and most important unrequited love, which is seen mostly through Joey. Joey is a famous actor, who loves to shag his extra's. He is an idiotic person, and loves his food. Chandler loves to be sarcastic. When he gets the chance to though. Ross is a realistic person. He calculates everything and thinks things over. Monica used to be a fat teen in her childhood, until she lost alot of weight. Pheobe is a twin and thinks her mother is a stray fluffy cat.
  • Friends is one of the smartest, quirkiest, tv shows in history. it makes you wonder who are the geniusus that thougt of it?

    Friends has been my favorite show since i was 9. Everything about it is just wonderful. It's sad a times, serious when it needs to be, but mose of the time its just plain fun. the jokes are great, and smart. the quirks are fantastical. The actors are great each in thier own way. Whoever came up withthe concept of this show knows TV and what viewers like. It's always hard to take a risk with a new TV show, but friends was a sure home-plate. Friends has been trasnlated in a million languages and is sill watched today all over the world. Bottom line is? This show is great for every age, every mind, every day, its guaranteed to make you feel one hundred times better than you're feeling ever. it's a sure pick-me-up for when you're feeling low. warmly reccomended
  • I think that Friends is probably the best sitcom I have ever seen. It combines humor, romance, and drama.

    I've probably seen each friends episode 3 times, especially the earlier episodes. After seeing the series, I feel like I know each character like they were my own friend. I personally like the earlier seasons better. It seems like they are more of a group of friends, while during the later seasons they've all split up. Plus, the humor during the '90s is so much better. My favorite episodes are:
    The One with the Blackout
    The One after the Super Bowl
    The One With all the Jam
    The One with the hypnosis tape
    The One with the Chick and a Duck
    The One with the embryos
    The one with the worst best man ever
    The one With all the Kissing
    The one where they all find out
    The One where Joey loses his insurance
    The One with the Unagi
    The One With the Rumor
    The One where Ross is Fine
    The One where Joey speaks French
    The Last One
  • My favorite episode

    This is my favorite episode of Friends. Over all, a lot of my favorite moments happended in season 10. The best part of this episode is, ofcourse, when Ross gets his spray-on tan. I love when the Spray-tan-guy ask "You got two more twos?", and Ross replies "I'm an eight!". Such desperation in those three words, I just love it! This episode also holds the worlds worst break-up. When Rachel and Joey break up, you almost wish for a breakup fight, like "We were on a break!", but instead it's very lame. They could have done that part very differently.
  • Friends was an excellent show about 6 friends who lived in New York and shared their lives with each other. This show launched several actors and actresses careers.

    Friends was an excellent show about 6 friends who lived in New York and shared their lives with each other. This show launched several actors and actresses careers. The female cast members created some popular hairstyles and all cast members helped create some popular fashion trends. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston got several movie roles due to their popularity from the show. The rest of the cast memebers did well in several movies also. This was jusrt a funny, fun show to watch and laugh at. My wife and I have always enjoyed watching it. This show really did well for a long time.
  • One of the greatest sitcoms of all-time.

    Friends is absolutly outstanding. First of all, it has six incerdible characters. Each of them are very funny and I find none of them to be in any way annoying or unlikeable. This show also has a lot of developement and relationships, and you always want to tune into the next episode to see what happens next. And to top all that off, the show has...A DUCK!!! I mean that's almost unfair. Your already one of the best shows ever and to top all that off one of your characters is the world's most incredible creatures. But above all, this show is hillarious. I cannot believe how funny it is. For god's sake, I even find the women funny (usually female characters are not the comedic ones). So ya, this show is god.
  • Best damn show ever

    Friends is the best show ever made!!! I've seen every episode a hundred times and they are still as good as the first time I saw them. I love the comedy in the show. The jokes are still funny. There are a lot of comedy shows on TV, but none is on the same level as Friends. The show lasted 10 years and it would probably have been able to last longer.
    The friends all bring something different to the show and it's hard to pick a favorite. One movement you are sure that one of the friends is your favorite, but in the next movement someone else is. So you just end up having all of them as favorites.
    Friends is the best damn show ever and it will still be watchable in 10 years or more.
  • We want a friends movie!

    Hey Friends fan, if you are like me and want a friends movie, then go to this website and sign.

    With enough of us fans knocking at warnoer brothers studios doors, may be we will get a movie in a few years.

    The show really was great. You could really relate with the characters. That's one of the main reason for the success of the show. The stories were nice, specially during the early seasons. The last few seasons were not as good as one hoped. And the ending kind of left us fans wanting more. A movie would really be a perfect way to end. May be a wedding is in order?
  • One of the best series finales

    Even a lot of great series had disappointings series finales, Friends had a really great one, with the humor, Ross and Rachel, Phoebe's crazyiness, etc... One of the best episodes! I really love the scene in Ross's apartment's, after Rachel get out of the plane. It gave me shivers. One of the best R+R moments.
    Monica and Chandler are also greats in this episode, finnaly having the baby they wanted so much. I laughed so hard with that "Eight is Enough" thing,I love Monica and her stuff.
    Phoebe was hilarious, like always. The "Racheel" scream, she driving the taxi, and telling Mike she would steal one of the babys... And Joey... Always thinking of food XD Great episode!

    PS: Sorry for the bad english ^^'
  • This show is the funniest show I have ever seen. It has drama between the characters, but it still keeps the comical part of it. The cast and crew are all awesome and the characters make us life in their own personal ways.

    Friends is the best comedy show I have seen. It isn't just about the comedy, either. The drama between all the characters is great. The way they all interact with each other and the way they transform every season. I love Rachel and Monica. I think they are the best characters. Phoebe is hilarious and so is Joey. All of the characters including Ross and Chandler make us laugh because all of them bring something different to the show. There is a big reason why this show lasted ten years. I hope that they do what they did t Sex and the City and create a movie of Friends. I know it will be a big success. Everybody loves Friends.
  • It was a good show.

    I am not one of the biggest fans of Friends but I have to admit that it was a good show and had some funny moments. One thing I can say is that it was almost never boring and almost always entertaining. It was a show I watched when I was growing up and it was a fair source of television vacation for me. It had my attention and I was content. I had no favorite characters, but my least favorite was Rachel. She was so annoying and I can't believe Monica didn't kick her out. All she did was whine and moan. Thank you.
  • There are no words to describe this show...

    But I can try...
    Friends was, is and will be the greatest comedy show. I think there wasnt a single episode that didnt make me laugh, it was very well writen, directed and omg, the acting? FANTASTIC!

    The Bright-Kauffan-Crane team has every reason to feel proud about this.

    In every episode we had the funniest situations without being cheesy, coars, loutish, or repetitive. is the most original sho so far, I mean did we ever get bored of this six?

    I cannot describe how much I miss the fun time I had watching this show. I guess I join the many (billions) fans who want this show back. Although I dont think they will bring it back, I keep praying they do.
  • I'll Be There For You.

    Friends is an American situation comedy about a group of six friends living in the New York City borough of Manhattan that was originally broadcast from 1994 to 2004. It was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and produced by Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane. One of the most popular television series of all time, the show has been broadcast in over one hundred countries and still continues to attract good ratings for its episodes in syndication. The scrip is really clever and also hilarious, always making the viewers laugh. The producers did really well getting the cast together which are, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt Leblanc. The producers could not have chosen better actors and actresses to play each character on the show. In my opinion, this is the funniest show ever what I have watched. Never fails to make me laugh and I seen all of the episodes over twenty times. Friends is a really clever show, the storyline is so real. Anyway, one of the best shows ever and I'm glad I was around to watch it when it first aired. All in all ten out of ten.
  • Simple...yet brilliant. From being the most caring group of "friends" we ever saw on TV to the hilarity of the one-liners and original plots, this show ranks up as one of the most influential and one of the best shows ever to grace television.

    To quote TIME magazine (who by the way..along with TVguide put friends as one of the best shows of all time): "They were friends; they were there for each other. Move along, nothing more to see. But it wasn't just the sharp writing or the comic rapport that made Friends great. Its Gen-X characters were the children of divorce, suicide and cross-dressing, trying to grow up without any clear models of how to do it. They built ersatz families and had kids by adoption, surrogacy, out of wedlock or with their gay ex-wives. The show never pretended to be about anything weightier than "We were on a break." But the well-hidden secret of this show was that it called itself Friends, and was really about family."

    I know, I know..I have words of my own of course, a lot actually, but I don't think any discription can be as accurate as this. This show was about a lot more than just humor and Adding to it's Friends-become-a-family setting, it also provided escapism to millions of people during the stressful 90's and we all appreciate that :)
  • Is it possible that after 5 years I still love the show?

    I`m from Argentina so I always watched every show with great delay. But in 1999 I had the chance to live in New Hartford NY and visit the many gift shops and watch frinds as their air it. Now 5 years after the last episode I still watch reruns, play my set of DVDs just to watch the show again. But not only the episodes, also the gag reels, the thought, Friends of Friends... Gunther`s thoughts, everything. I still laugh at the jokes and cry with the emotional moments, Chandler and Monica proposal, Ross and Racheal break up, the final episode. I fall in love with the show and it hurts knowing that they may never be together again on a show. David Crane, Marta Kauffman created a great show that gives hopes and joy to everyone. Many don`t think so, but if you follow the characters as they grow with the show you can learn a lot, The passion that Ross has for his work, the understanding and commited Monica towards everything she does, Chandler who always finds the laughter in the sad moments, Phoebe, who believes in herself and follows her heart, Rachel who uses her beauty as she uses her heart and Joey, simply, the best friend anyone could get. Don`t let them die, I know I`m gonna remember them adn every piece of the show for as long as I live.

    Thank you for giving me and others all the great moments. It is the best show ever.
  • All around show. Amazing from every angel and I wouldn't want to change a thing.

    This show first of has an amazing cast. The actors/actress in this show seems to be so in tune with their characters. There are fantastic story lines that let you get more in touch with all your favourite characters. I can say nothing bad about this show because I have never seen an episode that I did not enjoy. This show is defiantly a classic and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to have a laugh following the lives of these characters in New York. This show is about six friends in New York as they navigate their way through life and learn to grow up as they approach the third decade of their life. They go through many highs and low, but in the end they always have each other. I give this show a 10/10. There's just nothing I can say that it bad about this show and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
  • Great show... Thanks for all the laughs.

    Is it really possible that it has been 5 years since this ended? I have learned that every thing in life can relate back to a friends episode somehow. I still watch in syndication every chance I get and laugh like it's the first time I saw it. This cast was wonderful. Their chemistry was absolutely perfect. Even the supporting characters along the way played right into the hands of the writers and directors to create believable fiction relationships. I hope the people involved in this show enjoyed doing it half as much as I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for all the laughs!!
  • The best sitcom to ever reach our screens.

    The best sitcom to ever reach our screens, and in my eyes, nothing will ever come close. Even though in 50 years when this will clearly not be current, I think I will still laugh at the reruns and that is something. A show that ended at the right time too, it didn't go past its peak (even though the last season was not as funny as the seasons prior to it, it was still THAT good). Although I've put it as a classic, I could have also put it as influential - just look at sitcoms that have come more recently, trying to follow a similar format. (How I Met Your Mother is one that does a good job, with friends who all have completely different personalities and professions). The most relaxing thing to watch at anytime of the day.
  • Friends is a unique comedy, with loveable characters, multiple fantastic storylines and has a humour about it that most comedies don't have.

    Friends is the story of six friends, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Ross and Rachel, six friends who live in New York City. Friends is a show with multiple memorable moments, fantastic storylines and laugh out loud moments, all with balancing real-life with funny comedy.

    Chandler Bing is my favourite character, the sarcastic, funny friend, whose relationship with Monica is so completely perfect. Who knew that Chandler and Monica could compliment each other that well. Chandler's the guy who don't go to for advice - say anything around him, and he's likely to make some type of joke.

    Joey's a little bit slow, in a way, a struggling actor who got the role of Dr Drake Ramory in Days of Our Lives, but then screwed it up. He's known for his many girlfriends, his love of sandwiches and his often priceless dumb remarks. Joey and Chandler were also roommates before Chandler got married and I think their friendship was so perfect.

    Phoebe is the sweet, funny, naive girl, who is twins with Ursula Buffay. Phoebe's the most promiscuous out of the female friends. She plays the guitar, and has some priceless songs, the most memorable is smelly cat. Phoebe's mother died when she was 10, or something, and Phoebe often brings it up to get herself out of trouble.

    Monica is the cook, the cleaner, the control-freak and the woman of Chandler's dreams! Monica is someone who is very difficult to live with, someone who has the best of intentions, but often annoys her friends with her constant bossiness and cleanliness. She is the sister of Ross Geller, and their parents openly favour Ross over Monica.

    Ross is a palaeontologist whose relationship with Rachel has been so up and down in the past. Ross is the favourite of the Geller parents. He has the tendacy to obsess about things, uses too much hairgel, has gotten divorced three times, and his ex-wife is a lesbian. Oh, and on the "we were on a break" subject I fully take Ross's side.

    Rachel is perhaps the only main character I don't really like. She starts out as this pampered little girl, and becomes a strong, still a little materialistic, but independent woman, the mother of Emma Geller-Green and it's strongly suggested she and Ross got back together. The storylines of Friends are charming, witty and funny, and they often involve the cast doing something funny, even in the most normal or boring of situations. It's definately the best comedy of it's time.
  • Great show!...I loved how there was closure with every character and the set of Monica's appartment when they all took turns placing their keys on the counter. And the show ending with a laugh delivered by Chandler .... perfect ending to a perfect show!

    There has never been a show as great as Friends. From the hilarious writing, to the perfect cast choices, the show was aces. I still watch reruns and they still crack me up. The twists and turns their lives take always kept you drawn in and wondering "what next?" There are so many classic one-liners: "You have to stop the Q-Tip when there's resistance", "Oh... my... God", "We were on a break!", "It's a moo point", "How you doin'?". Fat Monica, Ross's leather pants, Joey going commando in Chandler's clothes, Phoebe's many songs, Chandler and Joey's hugs, Rachael and Ross, Rachael as a cheerleader, Chandler's father.....the list goes on and many classic momments...Thank you Friends!

    Friends originaly started in 1994 and ended 2004, if you don't count the 2 years of the not so succsessful spin-off, Joey. Friends was probably the best sit-com in it's time and is still popular today.

    The best thing about the show is that the characters are all so different in their own way, for example Joey is the single, loveable lug. And Monica is the obsessive, clean-freak etc.

    I can't think of a bad point for this show, but all i'm gonna say is that you either love it or you hate it.

    The actors by the 9th and 10th seasons were getting paid $1 million per episode so this is how Swimmer, Perry, LeBlanc, Aniston, Cox and Kudrow made their millions. So I'm guessing that the producers were pretty well-off too.

    And so when their roles on Friends came to an end they went their seperate ways, apart from the only cast member to get their own show - Matt LeBlanc (AKA Joey Tribbiani). Matt carried on the Tribbiani name as Joey moved to LA with his acting career in mind and went to live near his sister Gina and his nephew Michael. Matt says it's not that different being on Joey, as it's the same stage and mostly the same audience. But sadly Joey wasn't as succsess as it's decendant hit show Friends and was canceled after it's 2nd season on-air.

    But back to the point, Friends is the funniest, most sarcastic show around. I rate it 10/10 and would be happy to recomend it to anyone with a sense of humour. Go Friends!! We love that show!!
  • This show can make you laugh =)

    Man, I loved this show it was very, very good. I mean it was very addictive. While it was funny you also had a good story line. Like with Ross and Rachel, etc. It wasn't the same stuff every episode. Monica and Chandler together? I would of never thought of that haha. I was so sad when the show ended I wasn't even that old so i barely remember it i just have to watch the re runs that come on every now and then. You know what would be cool if they did a reunion show I would watch it definitely
  • This show follows the lives of 6 friends living in New York. Their relationships, work, laughter and of course that famous coffee.

    This show will forever be remembered. It is a classic. It is one of those you can pull out again and again and the jokes never get old. It will go down in history as one of my favorites of all time and I'm sure I am not alone in saying that. The comedic timing and the chemisty between the actors is unbeatable. There will never again be an ensembale cast as great as this one on a show. They could be doing the simplest of things in an episode and sometimes those turned out to be the best ones. Nothing beats of course the awaited classic thanksgiving episodes. This show is timeless and each character and actor whom played it brings something special to the table. It had 10 years of laughs and those have continued on until now and I don't feel they will ever die.
  • Six friends rely on each other in New York City as young adults.

    Every day I regret being to young to watch "Friends" on TV. I have now seen every episode at least three or four times, but I really regret missing the actual era. The sitcom is truly iconic and one of the best, blending truly funny material and situations in a more pop-culture slanted version of "Seinfeld." From the antics and musical stylings of Phoebe to "Ross and Rachel," this has become my personal favorite television show and has influenced all those who watched it. The "Rachel cut," "How you doin?," and a coffee shop craze all developed from this incredibly successful and famous comedy.
  • Hooked from the start!

    Friends has become a staple in my life, from the quick witted Chandler Bing to the dim witted Joey Tribbianni i love this show. If you are a big fan of good comedy and can't think of a good sarcastic remark start watching Friends. I garentee you that by the end you'll feel like they're your friends. I've been a fan for years and i can personally rank the seasons:

    Season 1: 7/10 - it gets you hooked, but you can tell there's room for improvement.

    Season 2: 8/10 - Joey and Chandler get rid of there wierd hair. this season has Richard in it, he is really cool.

    Season 3: 9/10 - Rachael and Ross are together and everything is top noch

    Season 4: 10/10 - My personal favorite season that starts with rachael and ross getting back together and ends with another couple begining their relationship.

    Season 5: 9/10 - Chandler and Monica hiding their realationship from everyone makes this season a classic

    Season 6: 9/10 - Ends with Chandler it!

    Season 7: 7/10 - planning the wedding al season makes this season not sparkle as much.

    Season 8: 8/10 - Rachael's Pregnency season

    Season 9: 8/10 - Joey and Rachael play love tag in this season

    Season 10: 9/10 - Though the shortest season in the series, it goes out with a bang!!!
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