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  • boo boo boo boo boo

    boo boo this show was dull. it was anoying im glad its gone it had horrible storylines and acting boo booo. waka waka why did joey get cancelled give up not enuff viewers. waka waka. friends is nothing but a wana be cheers without the bar. if u want true comedy with great acting then watch newsradio.
  • Funny? Where?

    Oh, please! I tried to watch a few times and I just think: they are so silly and losers. No funny and intelligent jokes, not so good actors, no humor at all!
    It´s impossible to compare with wonderful series like Seinfeld and Married With Children. Any TV Show is better than Friends in my modest opinion.
  • Friends was for the people who didn't understand Seinfeld.

    I watched a couple episodes of it, and it seems to me to be just like Seinfeld but worse. they try to hard to be funny, but the jokes aren't funny. They focused around stupid comedy to get laughs. If Friends is just going to be stupid comedy then kick out everyone but Joey and Pheobee.
  • I'm glad this is off the air. It is stupid and unfunny

    Why was this even popular? It the most unfunny show Fox has ever had to offer us. This show should have been cancelled in the first season. The plots are boring, and so are the characters. Since this show went off of the air, Fox has had more decent shows, except for American Idol. I for one am glad to see this show has been ended. Lets just say that I'm a Fox exec, just think it "Hey, lets put a show about some lame people and shoot them. And lets have one of the actresses get pregnant every season."
  • Does the word "overrated" ring a bell?

    For years I have been joking that they should have called this show "Six greedy people that think they're funny" and no title could be more accurate.
    I still remember a few years into the show, I wondered what all the fuss was about so I decided to attempt to watch and episode, and...crap!
    This show started out as being just a comedy until they chose to make it into a soap opera as well. Any time that is done, it just ruins the show.
    If you're a comedy, stay a comedy and don't try to be something you're not.
    This is one of those shows--like the current desperate housewives--where people want to watch it just to be hip, but both shows just are way overrated
  • I don't get this show...

    I do not see why people find this show funny. Every episode is just like the last only whatever happens is happening to someone else. The writers of the show really lost the plot when Rachel got pregnant. I have seen the show about twice yet I know so much about it because everyone continues to talk about it. The show finished long ago, move on. The characters were not funny at all. Joey bugged me the most, I did not find a single thing he did funny. Friends is actually a lot like the British show Coupling, which is actually a funny show. Again I have never found anything about the show funny and I guess the comedic value will continue to allude me...
  • i think this stupid a group of friends living together my brother makes fun of me because he likes it and i should like it my brother made me watch it and i just couldn't get into it

    so i think just to stick to my shows plus a lames themes song no way i have better stuff to do that see people sitting and talking about their life so people agree saving the world is more important you don't get that much on some shows ilike shows about saving the world thats the real deal
  • Hated this show and hope it stays gone.

    I never liked this show. This show fits perfectly with NBC's style of lackluster comedies. I can honestly say I saw entire episodes without laughing. I just wish the time spent suffering through this travesty could be reclaimed. Cutesy couple humor like what you saw here makes me sick which is why "Mad About You" was a failure. Overall, I'm glad it's gone and hope future shows like this will get the fate they deserve: cancellation.
  • Friends was on for too long.

    This show was good for maybe the first season. After a while it got boring and I started wanting to shoot myself. It was too recycled. Even when they tried to do something new it was predictable. For the most part the only parts that where remotely funny I don't think they were meant to be. I can't believe that I spent so much time watching the show with my family. Towards the end I wanted to shoot myself because I was so bored. The only reason that I even watched to last episode was because I had invested so much time in watching. I just can't believe that people were debating whether or not Rachael and Ross would get back together. It was predictable.
  • Just another chick show.

    Like all other "chick" shows, it's very popular, and then within 10 or 15 years, it's never heard of again. That's why I don't like it. That and it has "chick" humor. There are so many "chick" shows. Why? Only females and gay guys are going to watch it anyway. I don't get how they even win emmys. Put them up against classics like M*A*S*H, I Love Lucy, All In The Family or Bewtiched and the like and they won even be in the running. They'd just be another show and you flip past when looking for All In The Family.
  • Not good and not funny at all

    I don't understand how can a lot of people still laughing with this show. It almost never laugh, I don't understand some jokes and the ones I understand are completely boring. I can't believe this show had so many seasons and made all that success. I didn't liked it, I'd Rather Malcolm in The Middle, Everybody Hates Chris and My Wife and Kids... it's a lot more fun than Friends.
  • Better then a sleeping pill

    I'm already expecting to get my share of hate mail for this review but to quote a very smart lady, "The truth shall set you free".
    I have turned on ' Friends ' on several occasions just to see what all the talk was about and each time I turn it on, I leave scratching my head and wondering why do I waste money on Sominex when all I need to do is watch 'Friends '.
    ' Friends ' is the furtherest thing from funny this side of a test pattern. Given the choice I might actually choose watching the test pattern.
    Die hard fans of 'Friends' claim the BBC hit, 'Coupling ' is a rip-off and maybe it was. The difference though is the British took a unfunny American Show and added their twists and made it a true classic.
    My recommendation, Pass on watching reruns of friends and instead change the channel and watch 'Coupling', your brain will thank you.
  • Overrated drek what was the point? Why did people love it? Ah well i've never been a sitcom kinda guy.

    Overrated drek what was the point? Why did people love it? Ah well i've never been a sitcom kinda guy. The stars of the show have gone nowhere kind of like the show. It just kept going and going with no point. Oh I remember someone got knocked up and someone got married and we all live happily ever after?!
  • Friends are fakers

    Friends is a disgrace to the television world. While it is okay when is okay as good as gilmore girls? If you want some good quality tv. go on Netflix and watch this life changing, heart-throbbing, picture perfect show and you will be moved inside and out (outside meaning you will run around sobbing when the series of over). So please change your alliance and join the Gilmore Girls team!
  • Friends tv show

    Hated phoebe on there. Show would of been better without her. & Rachel was too spoiled of brat. Joey is the only reason that show lasted as long as it did
  • Stereotype City, A sentimental, dumbed down show for Morons, or children.

    This show is very easy to grasp- I remember being 10/11 years old on a plane to England from Australia, and laughing at Joey acting (whilst acting) in a Hospital bed. I thought Friends was funny. Once I wised up and entered my 20s, Friends became increasingly predictable and dull with its formulaic plot. All the characters are one dimensional stereotypes, who in reality wouldn't get on at all- well, I don't buy Pheobe as a friend of the girls- why would someone so laid back prefer to hang with materialistic anxiety ridden work-obsessers, over other likeminded "boho" people? Episode falls ass backwards into the old jokes- and only dumb people, or children, will miss this (they are the audience for the show, just look at education statistics in the USA, and it will be explained why this show is so popular there)!

    Pheobe singing on her guitar with stupid lyrics and a simple melody "littlestar, hello there, furry and kittens love your blonde hair" or something stupidly simple.

    Ross and Rachel playing hard to get, whining.

    Joey making an "italian joke" by talking about food, eating lots of food, saying "I'm an Italian so I eat lots of Cue the Laugh Track.

    Chandler and Monica being anxious and acting more like Brother and Sister than lovers.

    Jennifer Aniston wearing fake nipples under white jumpers- again and again. WHY would she be made to wear "see through tops" with those plastic nipples? Isn't that KIND of distracting and innappropriate? Even Seinfeld make jokes about women who do that! Same with sex and the city! Really, it was pathetic, and made me disrespect Aniston more for just being a bimbo- on tv, and off. She can't act, so they had to make you forget that fact.

    Joey being a "Male Bimbo/Mimbo (seinfeld word)" and doing a silly acting job.

    This show is outdated, sentimental mix of soap opera and a sit com, as oppose to seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm, which are strictly sitcoms, and had a No Hugging policy- they also didn't care about making the Seinfeld characters look "sexy", just funny! Where-as on Friends, the actresses would have hair dressers on call between takes to brush their hair perfectly before the cameras were allowed to role.

    While Pheobe and Monica were quite comedic, Jennifer Aniston, the vainest woman on the planet, cared more about being pretty than being funny.

    If you want love stories and drama with comedy- watch sex and the city- its insightful and far more intelligent than friends (besides the product placement, its fantastic).

    If you want pure laughs that never date, characters to relate to, and a show that makes you feel happy about your life in a Ce La Vie fashion, watch Seinfeld.
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    S3: 1/10
  • Friends is brilliant, hilarious and funny!

  • Friends is no friend of mine

    This show is more over rated than Jennifer Aniston's looks. Phoebe is a criminal, Monica has mental issues, and Rachel is a stuck up, manipulative brat who will lie, cheat and steal to get what she wants. I do not want to be friends with people like this.
  • Non existent humour

    Awful and predictable 'comedy', I have endured a number of episodes of this steaming heap and have not laughed, chuckled or even raised a smile once. I really do struggle to see why people are so into this show. Quite how this managed 10 series is beyond me.
  • Horrible

    I can not say much about Friends. Friends is one of the most overrated show out there. I think Friends copyed a lot of show s ideas. Friends is a waste of time. Friends is horrible do not waste 30 min of your life to watch this show there is no point.
  • Friends is an abosolute classic show and one which I love a lot. I really wish they had kept going - I love this show so much, but like all good things, I guess, it had to come to an end.

    This show is an classic in my opinion. I started watching this when I was very young, I don't even remember the age, and I thought it was funny so I kept going. When it ended I was sad, but then pay TV brought it back and I got to catch on moments that I had forgotten about, and since it was on so often, I got to fall in love with this show again!

    I like the concept of the show - six friends living in New York. It might sound simple, but it was the making of one of the best sitcoms of all time! I think the characters have such depth that it's hard for anyone not to like them. Friends has not failled to deliver some of the greatest television moments of all time. Chandler and Monica, along with Luke and Lorelai, are one of my favourites couples on TV. They're just so suited to each other and them getting together, at least for me, was so UNEXPECTED! The relationship between them was great - Monica balanced out Chandler so well and vise versa. Rachel and Ross, in my honest opinion, got annoying towards the end (will they get together or won't they?) right up to the point where I hated the last episode because it was so centric on them! Joey is my all-time favourite Friends character. He's so funny (and sometimes very dumb) which actually makes him more appealing. I absolutely love the friendship between Chandler and Joey and I actually cried when Chandler moved out, even though I loved him and Monica as a couple. I always thought Phoebe and Joey would get together one day, but then that would just make this great show way too predictable. Friends has always been one of my favourite TV shows and I don't think that will ever change. It's a cool show, which mixes both comedy with reality (however far fetched) and the writers make every episode seem believable. Many people wish they had friends like that group - it's such a strong group of friends. I really, really, really want this show to come back on TV because I think it is one of the best sitcom shows ever (nothing really compares to it) and characters on any sitcom nowadays don't draw me in nearly as much as the Friends group did.
  • Unbelievable...

    If I'm going to continue visitng this website, I have to say this. puts "Friends" above Seinfeld, The Office, Arrested Development, every other comedy, and a little behind from Scrubs; outrageous. What's the matter with you?! This show is not that good, if you know what comedy really is, deep down you know it isn't.
    I used to like it, watched it before, and even so I always found myself knid of empty from watching it, didn't work for me. Some laughs from time to time, and the big laughs only came from the "laughing track", yeah. I found the six characters to be annoying, specially Chandler, his sarcastic "humor" sucked, not funny at all. Phoebe was too dumb, never got to like her way. And Ross, the only fun coming from him, was when he yelled to deny something, wow! how funny... Rachael, was always like "you know"... and then said something incoherent. Joey and Monica weren't too bad, the best two, I kind of liked them. The humor was totally average, not my type, it never got better. The comedy wasn't that great, although there was some pretty funny stuff. What made the show was the storylines that were somehow interesting, some were actually good.
    I just don't want to give it more than 1/10, sorry.
  • I could never "get" why people liked this cheesy show.

    It's unoriginal, predictable, and incredibly boring. Now this is just my opinion. I understand that a lot of people out there like it, but it's my right to hate it just as much.

    I did try this show out, there was nothing special about it. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I like a show with a wee bit more substance.
  • This show is watched by millions... of idiots.

    I could never watch this show, even if you paid me. How could a show be so popular and revered by so many people around the world and be so terrible. I have been asking myself this question for years. The jokes are all so cliche and corny. I wouldn\'t mind putting a bullet in Phoebe\'s head for being so absolutely clueless. Joey was never funny. We all saw what happened to his spin-off!! All of the actors are less then perfect, except for Jennifer Aniston. She is easy on th eyes. All in all, the worst show ever made.
  • Probably the most overrated piece of garbage to ever hit the airwaves. Make sure you stay far away from this steaming load of you-know-what.

    There was once a time when I thought "Friends" was a funny, hilarious, outrageous comedy that could always keep me entertained. I was ten.

    "Friends" is about a group of--what else--friends trying to get through life one crazy episode at a time. First of all, each and every character on the show is terrible, I want to punch them all in the face for various reasons. The show's producers managed to take a diffrent flaw and put it in each and every one of their lead roles. However, these flaws don't enhance or add any dimension to the characters, they just make them flat out un-bearable. The comedy--and I use that word loosly--is forced, you can always tell when a character is setting up a punchline which makes watching "Friends" a grueling chore. I have a sneaking suspicion that they pay the studio audience to laugh because no human being could find this dialoge as amusing as these people seem too. All in all "Friends" is a shallow, un-funny, and overall worthless show. And although it's probably already been shoved down your throat by now, I'd suggest anybody who's considering investing any time into the show whatsoever to stay as far away as possible, this one is a car crash folks, the key diffrence being you CAN look away.
  • A sad, sad Seinfeld wannabe.

    This shA sad, sad Seinfeld wannabe. This show is a complete waste of time, if you seek entertainment there are many other shows to watch like M*A*S*H, Seinfeld (the show it leeches off of most) or Kids in the Hall. It's like the Generation X Seinfeld with that starbucks look-alike of a coffee shop and that apartment (which they just happen to spend a lot of time in) and the characters are just dumb

    Here is a small breakdown.

    Joey: Wannabe, obviously uneducated, ladies man >_>

    Chandler: Tries to be Kramer with all those spaz outs but falls flat.

    Ross: When you start watching some episodes you think that he is smart with his mentioned job and education level but at the end you'll realize he's as dumb and lame (like that episode where he keeps reminding her that they were on break) as his lame on/off girlfriend.

    Rachel: Air headed (not as bad as Phoebe) and lame, she is Ross's on/off girlfriend.

    Phoebe: Dumber then anyone with the Bundy name, she's that typically dumb activist.

    Monica: An Uptight, smart, perfectionist, Martha Stuart wannabe wench.

    A half-hour with these characters (plus the lame reoccurrences) only conjures up lame attempts at one-liners and zingers. How this went on for 10-11 years in beyond me.
  • A bunch of 30-somethings and their lives...woohoo!

    What a stupid show. How many one-night stands have their been on this show altogether? like over 100? And it's pretty hard to believe that nothing happened as a result of any of those...

    What a dumb show! Glad it]'s gone. Any of those actors could have easily been replaced by some random guy on the street. And those people made a million bucks per episode? Are you kidding me? They didn't deserve that much many! Hugh laurie only makes $300,000 an episode! He's a much better and talented actor than anyone on this show! So again, i say thank heavens this show is off the air.
  • This show is bland and unfunny, although it likes to act like it's amusing. I don't know who exactly it's targeted to, but I certainly hope I don't have to meet them.

    This show is horrible. I've only sat through it once, but that was honestly enough for me to get sick of it. All I remember hearing was:

    "Should we get married?"
    "Yeah, let's get married!"
    "Oh my god, they're getting married, did you know that?!"
    "They're getting married? WHAT?!"
    "That gives me an idea, how about we get married?"
    "Okay! Marriage for us!"

    Or some inane dribble like that. It kept saying the same damn thing over and over again! How can people seriously watch this show? Halfway through that episode I wanted to turn it off. But I kept thinking to myself, "Maybe it'll get interesting in the second half." Nope. No such result.

    Another thing is that, I heard a whole lot of canned laughter... but not a single joke? Am I just temporarily going deaf during them? Or is this show simply NOT FUNNY?

    I'm not judging just on that episode though. I said it's the only one I sat through, not the only one I saw at all. My mother watches this show (although I have no clue how), and whenever she's in the living room it's on. Even if that particular "marriage" episode was bad, it gives no excuse to the many other times I've seen bits of it. Besides that, I watch some shows on TBS and between the commercials they show (I guess they're supposed to be) jokes from Friends in them, to try and get me to watch it. What's so amusing about having beaded hair and bumping it against yourself? I've never once seen one of those "jokes" and even thought of laughing. As long as you don't count wondering how other people laugh at it.

    This show is bland and unfunny, although it likes to act like it's amusing. I don't know who exactly it's targeted to, but I certainly hope I don't have to meet them. I take pity on my mom...
  • mostly overrated show but certainly not the worst out there

    I usually only watched FRIENDS when forced, and some of the writing was decent. I think that what got me about this show was how the women were all sell-outs and the guys were pretty much louses (except for Joey who was just plain stupid). Phoebe was the saving grace of this show for me. She actually had personality and was likeable. Rachel is generally annoying, chandler is homely, monica is a snot, and Ross is a pig. Nobody seemed to have any respect, not for themselves or each other. But I guess that's just television in general.
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