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  • Friends is about the life, love, and laughs of six friends living in Manhattan.

    This is my favorite show of all time. Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Chandler are my friends. Everytime I turn on the TV to watch "Friends", I feel I am with them in Monica's apartment or even in Central Perk. This show is without a doubt the best sitcom of all time.

    Similar Shows:
    "Joey": The spin-off. At the end of "Friends", Ross & Rachel got back together, Phoebe got married, Chandler & Monica adopted twins, but what happened to Joey? Watch this show if you liked the character of Joey to find out how he's doing with his sister Gina and her son Michael in Hollywood. This is my second fav sitcom after "Friends".

    "That 70s Show": Six friends and their lives and laughs in Wisconsin. This sitcom shows how teenagers where living in the 70s with their friends and families. This show is similar to "Friends" because it is about six friends smoking, dancing, eating, and more importantly hanging out together in Eric Foreman's basement. These 6 characters remind me of the characters of "Friends" when they were much younger.
  • American sitcom about six best friends finding love and work and happiness but sometimes it doesnt work out for them. The six friends have made us all laugh for 10 years and still make us laugh today.

    I really love this show so much, my favorite season is season 1. In the beginning we get to learn about all the characters and find out who they are and what they like. It is hilarious when they have guest stars appearing on the show, i thought Susan Saradon was a brilliant guest appearence on the show in season 7. Monica Gellar (Courtney Cox) is my favorite character because she loves to keep things tidy and she is sometimes loud and she is a bit of a control freak. Monica i find to be more funny then the other two girls, Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)is only funny when she plays her songs and she can be funny some other times, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) is not funny but i do like her and i still think she is great, i do love it when she starts to cry. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) is one of my favoties out of the other two guys he is so hilarious when he makes his sarcastic comments and jokes. I dont really like Joey much because he turns stupid in season 6 which i thought was a bad idea. Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) is funny but he acts like a little girl who is scared of telling the truth. This is one of the best American sitcoms ever made and it will always be my number 1 American show.

  • Ok so i thought i'f put it back because i hate seeing deleted everytime i log in.

    How far can society be judged by the television programmes it watches? Discuss using examples from 'Friends'

    Second Draft

    “I’ll be there for you”. Are they? We were coaxed to believe that they would stay with us forever, we were safe and secure. After ten years of increasing triumph, our best television friends left the small screen to embark upon more rewarding challenges. Yet, even after watching every single episode we still wake up early to catch the seven o’clock re-runs on Channel 4, risking the early morning traffic jams and being late for work (not that you appear late as pretty much everyone arrives late together). The fact that our society has been declining in attitudes towards the protection of children (as it was aired after the nine p.m. watershed) shows that we have more interest in our own relationships and guidance for them rather than the impact upon the younger generations.

    Were you sitting in front of your television screen in 1994 eagerly anticipating the first episode of Friends, ready to become hooked into the lives, loves and limitations of Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Monica? Or were you sceptical about the actual reason for the show? So what if there are six friends living in The Village together? Aren’t most people living like that anyway? This half-hour comedy started with six twentysomething friends who face life and love in New York. Now, they are six thirtysomething friends with older, bigger concerns but are still facing life and love in New York.

    This show, as many shows nowadays, doesn’t depict real life. These are six friends who have stayed together for ten years and they live across the hall from each other (in the case of Ross and Phoebe, across the street from each other) and nobody moves until ten years have passed. But we still become involved because the show depicts what we want life to be like, it ignites a spark of hope for the young souls who want to have fun. We see ourselves in them. We want to go to a coffee shop every day and discuss our lives with our friends and have quick wit. That is the problem with shows like this, they squash out the individuality of the audience, and we all want to be like Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler or Monica because their lives seem perfect, even when they have a problem it can be solved with a joke. The most common phrase in Friends, ‘we were on a break!’ now gives people reason to cheat on their loved ones, because if Ross and Rachel can get over it, everyone can. Or can they?

    Also, when Joey sets Phoebe on a blind date he calls out the name Mike in a coffee shop and assumes he’d be alright for her. If he truly was a friend he should have at least checked up on him, or been honest with Phoebe. Granted they did get married eventually but what if Mike was some freak-like serial killer? I have the feeling that phoebe wouldn’t be too happy with him if that was the case. It’s these child-like discrepancies which make the whole world of Friends the place that we want to be, where we can let our hair down and depend entirely on our friends.

    From the moment the approachable, original, handwritten letters of the word ‘F•R•I•E•N•D•S’ appears into view of the first frame of the opening title sequence we are drawn into the world that is Friends. We then see a bright orange sofa lit up by a tasselled stand lamp connotating that life is comfortable. We see this sofa in a grassy area, which will be later revealed as Central Park. The majestic fountain is turned on with gold lights making the fountain seem as if it is raining gold, suggesting that life is not only comfortable but also plentiful. The first of the friends that we see is a pretty young woman who we find out is Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston. She walks to the orange sofa alone wearing a white top and a black miniskirt. As she comes on alone it suggests that she is single and she looks rather vulnerable. A single, pretty, vulnerable, young woman may encourage a male audience because it will allow them to get associated with the character on a more intimate level and they feel as if they can protect her. The rest of the cast follow on: Ross Geller played by David Schwimmer; Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow; Joey Tribbiani played by Matt LeBlanc, Chandler Bing played by Matthew Perry and Monica Geller played by Courteney Cox (now Courteney Cox Arquette). In the next few frames we see them playing in the fountain looking very happy and displaying a child-like behaviour. We see Ross and Monica dancing together so we establish a connection between them. The names of the cast, like the show title, are handwritten and approachable. They look towards the camera inviting you into their lives.

    In conclusion, the impact Friends has had on society is, in my opinion, both good and bad. It is bad it the way that we have become less individual by mimicking the actions, phrases and looks (the Rachel- now a universal word among hairdressers globally) instead of allowing ourselves to be free within our own reasons. It is good, however, in the way that it has increased the confidence of the audience by letting us feel like we can do anything within our own limits, and maybe even further.

    If Friends has had all these detrimental effects, is it all bad news? Well no; in fact there are positive aspects too. For example, it has given women a way to look forward: when Rachel dropped all her parental support, got a job in a coffee shop and boosted her career when she went to work in Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren. It shows that we, as women do not need to be held under the thumb of somebody and live a life of forced, constrained luxury; we can get to know the real world. When Monica lost weight and began to be more appreciated by her peers, though many people may say that this appreciation due to slimness is very stereotypical, it also draws our conscience onto health matters. Obesity is fast becoming a fatal problem here in the UK and across the pond in the US. Increase in heart attacks due to fatty deposits in the arteries is making life expectancy lower each month.

    So is Friends a reflection of society? Probably not, since it was, after all, television fiction, not social fact. ‘I’ll be there for you’… Well the re-runs certainly are.

  • Friends is the best show ever!

    I love this show. You never get bored, there's always something to laugh about. Chandler always has something funny to say, Joey is always hungry and Ross always has something smart to say. I ones watched Friends the whole day without get tired. I think Friends is the best show ever and theres no show that can top that!
  • The best TV series ever released

    Like every one I love FRIENDS.This is the worlds most spectacular series ever and no one can be better than them.I loved friends from the moment i saw the first episode until the last episode and i wish there would be more seasons of friends. I almost cried when i found out that the series would come to an end.
  • I love this show! It is sooo amazingly great! I became super obsessed with it about 2 years ago, and now I know just everything about the show. Even down to what they wear in some of the episodes!

    This truely is a great and amazing show. It has the abililty to connect to so many viewers and it is always very funny. I was so depressed when it went off of the air, but then I found Joey, which isn't as great but it is still funny. I don't think that there will be a show as unique and funny as Friends. Yeah, I am too obsessed, I have two of the boardgames and I also had a friends till the end party for when it ended.
  • Show of 6 friends

    Why did they get rid of this. It was the perfect show. They would of stayed on top for at least 10 more years. Many more ideas out there. I just loved the show. I have season 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 on DVD. Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Pheobe
  • This is true TV gold and the truly the best sitcom ever to be made.

    Friends began in 1994 when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) ran into the local coffee shop-hangout after escaping her wedding.

    Over the years viewers we introduced to their life stories- some funny, some traginc and their relationships, one of which (Ross and Rachel) which experienced its ups and downs during the shows 10 year run.

    We met Chandler's more-than-annoying girlfriend Janice, Emily- Ross's former wife (and control maniac) and even ugly naked guy, who occupied what was to be Ross's future apartmen.

    This was excellent because it could laugh itself, it showed comedy and drama at their best and gave viewers a good show, apart from Janice who I want to KILL!! (she is why I took off .2 from a perfect 10 score)

    Friends was a truly great show that will be missed.
  • A great, great show. I love it and watch all the time.

    I think this show (Friends) is a show which makes t.v great. You can sit back and watch 200+ episodes of pure comedy from 6 friends living in new york. Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe are truly some of the best t.v characters ever. Great, great show. Watch it!
  • Its the best sitcom ever!!!!!

    Friends is the best sitcom i have ever seen. We all see a bit of our selfs in every one of the six friends;). Its sad that it has ended, but it couldn´t go on for ever. My favorite is Pheobe. I love her sarcasam. And Rachel is hot ;P .
  • What's more to say about this sublime and hilarious classic comedy ? I'm a really big fan and it's my favortie show ever !

    What's more to say about this sublime and hilarious classic comedy ? I'm a really big fan and it's my favortie show ever !

    I'm not gonna tell after all these years why I love Friends because I think like so many people, so that won't be interresting. I jsut wanna say thanks to the 6 of them to "be there for us" for 10 years, and even though our daily fix is over, wen still can visit them whenever we want, God bless home video!
  • 6 friends, Rachel, Monica, Pheobe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross living in Manhatten all have unique personalities and lifestyles.

    This is a hilarious show and i didn't think it should have ended. They could have made stories of chandler and monica trying to raise their babies and see emma get older, or see mike and pheobe develop their own marrage. Anyways this is one of the best shows ever and who ever doesn't like this show, i'm sorry but your a dumbass.
  • Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, & Joey are 6 20-somethings living in New York.

    "FRIENDS" is one of the greatest shows in television history. Classic comic situations & great acting makes this series one of the few sitcoms of pure excellence. Even though the show is now over, I will always be happy to remember having these friends with me every Thursday night for ten years. Its definitely a sad loss for television, but our siz best friends will never be forgotten.
  • A show I could not live without, Friends is a comedy saviour for all.

    Friends is an absolute legend in my household. It\'s one of those shows that my whole family can enjoy, and I can watch hours and hours of it without getting even slightly bored (my record is 19 episodes in a row).

    Centred around the lives of six best friends living in New York City, all the characters have come to be like my best friends. They\'re all unique and different to each other but somehow manage to fit together so well, and the jokes just bounce off each other.

    In my personal opinion, the height of the show\'s success was Season 5, when I think the characters had evolved to a great degree and the plot twists were amazing in every episode. Despite this, the show has remained a constant pleaser for me over the last 10 years, and I\'m sure I\'ve seen each episode at least 4 or 5 times.

    This will forever be one of my favourite shows, and always will be there to come to the rescue when I\'m feeling down. There are quotes for every occasion (as my friends and I have found), and owning the DVD box sets really fed on my obsession.

    One of the most appealing shows ever created, Friends is a must-see for all comedy fans.
  • Yes its not really classic, but in a decade or two I can see it being classic.

    This show was great, it was hilarious, yet had a sentimental side as well. Who won't rememeber this show? Ross/Rachel had become the most famous tv romance ever. This show was great Matt LeBlanc was extremely hilarious as Joey, Matthew Perry was just as funny in his role as Chandler. Then there was Ross(David Scwimmer) who wasn't slap stick funny quite as much, but still hilarious, and his sister who eventually married Chandler, Monica(Courtney Cox Arquette) who was hilarious in a obsessed way. Then there's Pheobe(Lisa Kudrow) who was funny becuase she was different, then last was Jennifer Anston as Rachel who was funny as well in a stuvk-up sorta way. So you have Ross the nerdy Paleontologist, Chandler the funny friend, Joey the hialrious guy who always has sex, Rachel the hot fashion designest, Monica the ossesive cleanist, and Pheobe the funny gal who grew up on the streets. I could go inot detail with the characters, but I won't. So what made this show so good, was it the relationships, the punch-lines, or simply becuase it was about six friends living in the big city. Well whatever it was we know that from that from the theme song "I'll be there for you" to the ending credits, we've either got a hialrious or romantic or a little bit of both episode sure to spark America's hearts.
  • friends is the best show ever

    friens is the best show ever it taught me so much i got loads of laughs out of it i think they should bring it back or just make a friends movie if i had to choose my favourite episode i couldn't do it cause they are all fantastic.i particuly enjoy the quset stars on friends like maggie wheeller who plays janice with her O MY GOD!
  • Friends is the best show in the world. I'm a huge fan.

    The show is the funniest comedy show I've ever seen. The perfect actors/actresses for there roles. The great plot lines and set. The fact that it lasted 10 years, means it must have been great. Don't hesitate to watch FRIENDS, just watch it, The best television show in the whole wide world. Watch Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross lighten up your day. Sit back and get ready to laugh.
  • This a great show with six friends who are enjoing there life

    This is my all time favorite show!! I own Seasons 1-9 and waiting for season 10 to come out. I wish they still made friends, so bad!!! This is a great show and everyone would like if they just watched it. Friends is a great, awesome, funny show. (There are two many words to discribe it.) I love Friends!!! lol
  • The end of an era...

    Very few times will a show captivate me and tug at my heart strings. "Friends" is one of those shows.

    The title sums up the whole feel of the show; you literally grow up with these folks and they truly become a part of your life-- your "friends".

    The characters were very believable, lovable, and the storylines were memorable.It still came out as the highest rated comedy in its final season, and thanks to the DVD releases, I can watch them over and over again.

    Catch it on syndication or buy the DVD's... highly recommended.
  • God I Love Friends!!!

    God i loved Friends, im actually watching season 10 as im writing this. A few of the seasons felt a bit worse than the others but overall it is definately one of my favourite shows ever and will definately be hard to beat.
    I always felt that Ross and Phoebe were the worst characters when the show started but the 2 characters have just got better and better as the series has continued, definately a credit to the writers and actors for turning them into loveable characters worth watching.

    Ive heard rumours recently about a Friends movie due to the fact that the cast hasnt had the success outside the show that they thought they would, this would answer my prayers as ive missed watching new Friends.
  • Friends is the best show in the world.

    Friends is a great show and had one of the most watched season finales of all time. I think Friends should be put back on the air because when the season ended it left me wanting the see how there lives are now that the change is over.
    Joey should go back to New York. I think Friends is a great show and I was sad to see it end. Friends has been a big part of my life and I hope to own all of the DVDs one day.
    It's like they say on the show "I'll Be There For You".
  • Popularity doesn't make a show any less funny.

    Sure, this was one of the most popular and trend setting shows ever, but does that make it less funny? No. That just proves how funny it was. This show, no matter what anybody says, would never have been huge if it weren't for the hilarious stories, the clever acting, and the look that inspired much of the 90's and early 00's. We did not tune in because Jeffiner Anniston or Courtney Cox was on it. We tuned in to see Monica be neurotic, Phoebe be weird, Ross freak out about everything, Joey hit on everything that moves, Rachel try not to seem desperate, and Chandler try to make all of the others think he was cool and not gay.
  • Hilarious!!

    From bottom to top, from beginning to end, just hilarious, with great actors, superb texts and funny jokes and answers. We'll still be talking about it in 30 years as the best show ever of our early years, that we watched out here in France after school on wednesday afternoons!!
  • A truly great series that is missed by all. It started strong and just carried on getting better and better, reaching world wide audiences and receiving award after award!

    Friends is a truly great comedy masterpiece. Unlike some of the other shows that have tried to take over from Friends or have become known as "rivals" of the series, Friends is a wonderful show, that will always remain unique. Even though the show is based on the very simple idea of tracking six friends throughout their daily lives, it hads become a phenomenon. The Friends: Monica Gellar, (Courtney Cox-Arqeutte), Ross Gellar, (David Schwimmer), Rachel Green, (Jennifer Aniston), Pheobe Buffet, (Lisa Kudrow), Chandler Bing, (Matthew Perry), and Joey Tribiani, (Matt Le Blanc), have become cult like figures who have redefined television and popular culture today. They have made it alright and "trendy" to be thirty-something-year-olds struggling in New York. Their trials and tribulations are watched by millions and their charcters have developed subplots that are equally as appealing as the main group plot. What with Joey's TV show, "Days of Our Lives" - "Joey" now being a hit show itself - Ross' remarks, "We were on a break!!", Rachel's trademark haircut that took the world by storm and many more, Friends will always be remembered for changing the world. "So no-one told you life was gonna be this way, your job's a joke, your broke, your love life's DOA, (Dead on arrival), it's like your always stuck in second gear, when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year . . . I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, i'll be there for you, like i've been there before, i'll be there for you, 'coz your there for me toooooooo!! Sums the show up really, doesn't it?
  • \"Friends\" ran for a great decade of comedy and fun. Each show had a funny story, and each episode made you laugh, despite whether it was someone\'s funeral or they all were having sex.

    When I first saw an episode of \"Friends\" it was some time in late 2000, so I was a little off by some years, but hey I\'m young. Each episode had great story lines, and the character development started from the very first episode, and this doesn\'t often happen w/new TV Shows. In on of the very first episodes, they note how Monica used to be larger in High School, and that followed her for the entire series to follow. Though confusing, the Ross and Rachel relationship was fun to watch as it wen on and off the whole series. Seeing Joey and Phoebe grow as people during the show also was interesting. This is just an awesome series, it\'s a shame it had to end, but all good things do end. So I\'m happy! Release Season 10 ON DVD!
  • A story of seven friends that face family, relationship, and work problems. they always have each other no matter what and thats what makes them the best of friends.

    The best show i have ever seen! Completely hilarious and heartfelt. when you're crying the great cast does something that makes you laugh like crazy. they always seem to lighten the mood. I'm missing it like crazy! Friends was my own personal drug that made me laugh no matter how bad i was feeling. awesome show, words can't even describe.
  • The funnist comedy in the world packed with over 200 episodes and 10 series. Full of stars including,jennifer aniston, matt leblanc and matther perry. A true legend of a tv programme.

    Friends, where to start, their are so many good things to say about this programme. Lets start with the cast, all of the cast are big stars mainly because of this tv programme, the stars include, jennifer aniston, courtney cox, lisa kudrow,matt leblank, matthew perry and david schwimmer, possibly some of the best actors and actrsses in the world, and not only that friends is jam packed full of celebrities, including, Donny osmond,julia roberts,brad pitt,george clooney and many more.
    The eposodes go back to 1994 where it all began and yet it will still have you in stitches laughing, they have been filmed from london to las vegas in the eposodes,which have all been very well written and all have a touch of class in every single 1 them.
    Its a shame that this programme has stopped being made after 10 years of pure class, so please bring this show back, me and many other people are begging you!!!
  • Living the single life in New York City isn't that hard when you have friends like this.

    Friends was the first television show that I felt the need to completely obsess over. The basic idea for the show is simple enough-six friends living in New York City. The friendship between the characters becomes so intimate with the viewer that it's almost impossible not to watch. Who would've guessed back in 1994 that 20 million people would STILL be rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together a decade later, or that Monica and Chandler would even have gotten married! The crazy antics of Phoebe are easily the best moments in any given episode. It's the joy and the occassional pain that these friends have to face that make the show so successful. And while Joey somehow got stupider over the course of ten years, there's not one character that I've found myself hating. Friends is really the only sitcom that I'm able to enjoy and I'm glad it never failed my expectations during its lifespan.
  • This is the greatest show I ever seen. People might make fun of an "African American" watching a show called "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." But this is one odf my favorite shows of all times.

    This is the greatest show I ever seen. People might make fun of an "African American" watching a show called "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." But this is one odf my favorite shows of all times. I can't seem to stop watching it. My cousin got me on this show, I have to admit I thought it was going to be stupid but to my surprise it was a great show
  • This is my personal favorite t.v. series this is an awesome show it's funny this is the best show ever my favorite episode is the one with the football i like a lot of episodes from the 9th season a lot from the 8th the 10th the 6th the 7th

    This is a personal favorite of mine my favorite t.v. series it's funny and it's a spectacular series it's about six twenty something friends who live in new york and who spend most of their time in monicas apartment. My favorite episode is the one with the football it's cool
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