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  • Sweet Jesus!

    I can't believe people like this show. It's awful. It's the gayest show on earth. I hate that stupid intro song. I hate the characters, especially Ross. I hate the coffee place they always go to. I hate the awful jokes. I really hate Phoebe. I'm really glad it's over.
  • Why do people like this show???

    This is perhaps the most overrated show in TV history. Is Friends a comedy or is it a drama? It's not a comedy because it's not funny at all. All the gags are pathetic and the laugh tracks just made them even more pathetic. But it's not a drama either because of the laugh tracks. The actings are horrible and none of the characters appeal to me. There was one scene where Ross told Racheal they should not see each other no more and Racheal was supposed to look shocked but her expression looks like she was about to laugh. And they paid her 1 million dollars per episode, nice job Aniston!
  • After so many years and love from hopeless it\'s hopeless fanbase, Friends, a show about friends who live in an apartment building making asinine jokes about nothing funny, this once hilarious show was FINALLY laid to rest.

    I used to love Friends. Everything was original and, again, hilarious. Sadly, along with shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, this show wore out it\'s welcome in the world of TV. The jokes slowly became less and less funny until all chances of intelligent humor on this so-called \"comedy\" were wiped away completely... and still, the show was dragged out for a few more years. Let this be a warning to all producers: when it becomes unfunny, drop it, and fast. 1.4 may seem like a harsh rating for this show, but it is the only thing I can depend on to bore me into a coma state.
  • Unbelievable...

    If I'm going to continue visitng this website, I have to say this. puts "Friends" above Seinfeld, The Office, Arrested Development, every other comedy, and a little behind from Scrubs; outrageous. What's the matter with you?! This show is not that good, if you know what comedy really is, deep down you know it isn't.
    I used to like it, watched it before, and even so I always found myself knid of empty from watching it, didn't work for me. Some laughs from time to time, and the big laughs only came from the "laughing track", yeah. I found the six characters to be annoying, specially Chandler, his sarcastic "humor" sucked, not funny at all. Phoebe was too dumb, never got to like her way. And Ross, the only fun coming from him, was when he yelled to deny something, wow! how funny... Rachael, was always like "you know"... and then said something incoherent. Joey and Monica weren't too bad, the best two, I kind of liked them. The humor was totally average, not my type, it never got better. The comedy wasn't that great, although there was some pretty funny stuff. What made the show was the storylines that were somehow interesting, some were actually good.
    I just don't want to give it more than 1/10, sorry.
  • A bunch of 30-somethings and their lives...woohoo!

    What a stupid show. How many one-night stands have their been on this show altogether? like over 100? And it's pretty hard to believe that nothing happened as a result of any of those...

    What a dumb show! Glad it]'s gone. Any of those actors could have easily been replaced by some random guy on the street. And those people made a million bucks per episode? Are you kidding me? They didn't deserve that much many! Hugh laurie only makes $300,000 an episode! He's a much better and talented actor than anyone on this show! So again, i say thank heavens this show is off the air.
  • This show sucks

    Well this show has to be the biggest peice of crap that you can call a show. I would wrather sow my eyes shut then EVER watch this show. I mean Jennifer Aniston has to be on of the uggliest women i've ever seen i mean no wonder why Brad went with Anglina. I mean the events that happen in this show are so unrealistic come on. These have to be some of the worst Characters ever written i mean Joey no one is that stupid. Ross is so obviously gay and Febe is the biggest pot head i've ever seen. Anyone who watche's this show need's to get a life.
  • Stereotype City, A sentimental, dumbed down show for Morons, or children.

    This show is very easy to grasp- I remember being 10/11 years old on a plane to England from Australia, and laughing at Joey acting (whilst acting) in a Hospital bed. I thought Friends was funny. Once I wised up and entered my 20s, Friends became increasingly predictable and dull with its formulaic plot. All the characters are one dimensional stereotypes, who in reality wouldn't get on at all- well, I don't buy Pheobe as a friend of the girls- why would someone so laid back prefer to hang with materialistic anxiety ridden work-obsessers, over other likeminded "boho" people? Episode falls ass backwards into the old jokes- and only dumb people, or children, will miss this (they are the audience for the show, just look at education statistics in the USA, and it will be explained why this show is so popular there)!

    Pheobe singing on her guitar with stupid lyrics and a simple melody "littlestar, hello there, furry and kittens love your blonde hair" or something stupidly simple.

    Ross and Rachel playing hard to get, whining.

    Joey making an "italian joke" by talking about food, eating lots of food, saying "I'm an Italian so I eat lots of Cue the Laugh Track.

    Chandler and Monica being anxious and acting more like Brother and Sister than lovers.

    Jennifer Aniston wearing fake nipples under white jumpers- again and again. WHY would she be made to wear "see through tops" with those plastic nipples? Isn't that KIND of distracting and innappropriate? Even Seinfeld make jokes about women who do that! Same with sex and the city! Really, it was pathetic, and made me disrespect Aniston more for just being a bimbo- on tv, and off. She can't act, so they had to make you forget that fact.

    Joey being a "Male Bimbo/Mimbo (seinfeld word)" and doing a silly acting job.

    This show is outdated, sentimental mix of soap opera and a sit com, as oppose to seinfeld and curb your enthusiasm, which are strictly sitcoms, and had a No Hugging policy- they also didn't care about making the Seinfeld characters look "sexy", just funny! Where-as on Friends, the actresses would have hair dressers on call between takes to brush their hair perfectly before the cameras were allowed to role.

    While Pheobe and Monica were quite comedic, Jennifer Aniston, the vainest woman on the planet, cared more about being pretty than being funny.

    If you want love stories and drama with comedy- watch sex and the city- its insightful and far more intelligent than friends (besides the product placement, its fantastic).

    If you want pure laughs that never date, characters to relate to, and a show that makes you feel happy about your life in a Ce La Vie fashion, watch Seinfeld.
  • This show is watched by millions... of idiots.

    I could never watch this show, even if you paid me. How could a show be so popular and revered by so many people around the world and be so terrible. I have been asking myself this question for years. The jokes are all so cliche and corny. I wouldn\'t mind putting a bullet in Phoebe\'s head for being so absolutely clueless. Joey was never funny. We all saw what happened to his spin-off!! All of the actors are less then perfect, except for Jennifer Aniston. She is easy on th eyes. All in all, the worst show ever made.
  • Friends is brilliant, hilarious and funny!

  • The person who created this show had to be racist.

    I never saw a black person on this show either in the background and defintely not as a main star of the show. I mean there could of been an episode because i know i haven't seen them all. Any way i think this show was over rated a little. It was a good show but it wasn't the best wb show like a lot of people say. They have some decent actors but for most of them that was gonna be there last time on the television screen which is pretty sad. Now guys say that lady (can't think of her name) with blonde hair is pretty. I don't see it but i'm looking at it from a girl eyes.
  • Funny? Where?

    Oh, please! I tried to watch a few times and I just think: they are so silly and losers. No funny and intelligent jokes, not so good actors, no humor at all!
    It´s impossible to compare with wonderful series like Seinfeld and Married With Children. Any TV Show is better than Friends in my modest opinion.
  • Non existent humour

    Awful and predictable 'comedy', I have endured a number of episodes of this steaming heap and have not laughed, chuckled or even raised a smile once. I really do struggle to see why people are so into this show. Quite how this managed 10 series is beyond me.
  • Ratings of Seasons

    S1: 1/10

    S2: 1/10

    S3: 1/10
  • mostly overrated show but certainly not the worst out there

    I usually only watched FRIENDS when forced, and some of the writing was decent. I think that what got me about this show was how the women were all sell-outs and the guys were pretty much louses (except for Joey who was just plain stupid). Phoebe was the saving grace of this show for me. She actually had personality and was likeable. Rachel is generally annoying, chandler is homely, monica is a snot, and Ross is a pig. Nobody seemed to have any respect, not for themselves or each other. But I guess that's just television in general.
  • Crap Comedy, Overrated Acting

    Like others have said, this is by far one of the most overrated shows in history. Situational Comedies had their place in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s but they've since gone obsolete. And this show is no exception, let me tell you. The lines seem so scripted that you can predict the punchline of almost every joke. I know I know, they ARE scripted because it IS a television show. But still, people watch shows to get engaged and captivated and let's be serious, this show does neither of those.

    Perhaps I'm a bit biased on my contempt for canned laughter. I can't stand hearing that when I watch a show. If something is funny, I will laugh. Period. I don't need some sort of "this is funny, so laugh" indicator to do THAT. That's what a brain is for.

    Beyond all that, the show is not horrible*. It's far from horrible, hence my score of 5.5. Simply put, it's just plain old mediocre.
  • Friends followed in the wake of Seinfeld, pitch meeting was, let's do a show like Seinfeld, except with six main characters, and not so old, in New York. Add two females and there will be lots of chances to have unrequited romances & love triangles!

    This show never got the critical respect but it ran for 10 seasons and was a huge hit with the public. The Ross and Rachael story line was getting very thin towards the end, but somehow they managed to keep breaking up and getting together until the very end. Did you see Aniston and Schwimmer as a couple? No way, Jose, she was more like the future Mrs. Pitt. Since they couldn't really have Ross and Monica get together (on a very special Friends), there was a Joey and Rachael thing for a while, and a Chandler Monica thing near the end came out of the blue. I like the Chandler Janice thing, but poor Chandler Bing... OMG! or Oh. My. God, with Shattneresque pause between each word and her hand fanning herself from the sheer magnitude of the revelation. Also a good match up was Joey, a knuckle dragger, and Chandler, a smart aleck, as roommates. Like Smart and Dumber. Chandler was my favorite character--he also had a distinctive cadance that was fun to imitate. Speaking of which, how about when Rachael broke up with Ross and started going with Russ, a virtual clone of Ross? They nailed his exasperating speech patterns. Sometimes the plots were silly, but, often it was quite funny in spite of the sloppy writing. There were guest stars galore, like George Clooney, Brooke Sheilds, Chrissy Hinde of The Pretenders, Elliot Gould, Marlo Thomas, Giovanni Ribissi, Tom Selleck, Chris Isaak, and Julia Roberts in a great vendetta segment. Running gags, like Ugly Naked Guy, Marcel the monkey playing with the remote, and Phoebe's coffee house gig.

    Did you get sick of their theme song, especially the part where they all clapped? How could you not?

    The biggest mystery was why they spun off Joey into his own show. The weakest character, or at least the least likely to succeed on his own without the peer pressure of his Friends.
  • I don't get this show...

    I do not see why people find this show funny. Every episode is just like the last only whatever happens is happening to someone else. The writers of the show really lost the plot when Rachel got pregnant. I have seen the show about twice yet I know so much about it because everyone continues to talk about it. The show finished long ago, move on. The characters were not funny at all. Joey bugged me the most, I did not find a single thing he did funny. Friends is actually a lot like the British show Coupling, which is actually a funny show. Again I have never found anything about the show funny and I guess the comedic value will continue to allude me...
  • Horrible

    I can not say much about Friends. Friends is one of the most overrated show out there. I think Friends copyed a lot of show s ideas. Friends is a waste of time. Friends is horrible do not waste 30 min of your life to watch this show there is no point.
  • one long lame joke

    Quantity does not equal quality and 50 lame jokes per minute makes this series extreamly hard for me to watch. If the writers werent so focused on getting a joke out in every single line of the script they might have actually thought up something funny.

    I really dont understand why so many people like this show so much, but i usually dont understand americans in general.

    This show could have been so much better with some comedic integrety in the writing, the cast was great but the script was just mindless dribble.

    Im glad this doesnt get shown on free to air anymore.
  • Intro

    Hi frinds, this is Saeed. M. Asif from New Delhi, India.
  • Friends was unoriginal

    I like Friends, but it was overrated. Joey and especially Phoebe are my favorite characters. But all Friends did was copy Seinfeld.
  • I must slaughter the holy of holies!

    I have never liked the series"Friends". Now making this statement may be an open inviation to have someone let the dogs out on me, but the truth is the truth! It to me was a very vapidly written series that lacked direction at he very best of times. The actors, especially the sainted Jennifer Aniston, were just not that believable in their roles. The storylines were terribly convaluted and the dialogue was just plain silly most of the time. I have racked my brain trying to think of something nice to say about this series,but I can't because it was just a poorly made, very unfunny piece of sugar-coated mush!
  • Friends is one of the most popular shows of the last 10-20 years and is beloved. But I think it's one of the most overrated and predictable.

    Friends is an occasionally fun show but rarely funny. The characters are sometimes likable, but the writing and even the delivery of the lines is too dumb, obvious and juvenile. The situations are are all formulaic. Seinfeld was a much better, innovative, and original show. Friends is a middle of the road sitcom that any Joe and Jane Average can enjoy. People call Seinfeld the show about nothing. In fact, it has a lot of clever satire and subplots in many episodes. Even the most "nothing" episode The Chinese Restaurant is better than any episode of Friends. Friends says nothing new, without it's handy laugh track it wouldn't have lasted one season. Friends truly is the show about NOTHING. Been There, Done That.
  • Probably the most overrated piece of garbage to ever hit the airwaves. Make sure you stay far away from this steaming load of you-know-what.

    There was once a time when I thought "Friends" was a funny, hilarious, outrageous comedy that could always keep me entertained. I was ten.

    "Friends" is about a group of--what else--friends trying to get through life one crazy episode at a time. First of all, each and every character on the show is terrible, I want to punch them all in the face for various reasons. The show's producers managed to take a diffrent flaw and put it in each and every one of their lead roles. However, these flaws don't enhance or add any dimension to the characters, they just make them flat out un-bearable. The comedy--and I use that word loosly--is forced, you can always tell when a character is setting up a punchline which makes watching "Friends" a grueling chore. I have a sneaking suspicion that they pay the studio audience to laugh because no human being could find this dialoge as amusing as these people seem too. All in all "Friends" is a shallow, un-funny, and overall worthless show. And although it's probably already been shoved down your throat by now, I'd suggest anybody who's considering investing any time into the show whatsoever to stay as far away as possible, this one is a car crash folks, the key diffrence being you CAN look away.
  • How did this show last 10 FUCKING SEASONS????!!!!!! >:(

    This show has been critically acclaimed by critics and tv viewers alike and lasted a full 10 seasons in 10 years; after sitting through the pilot, I think it's imperative to ask the obvious question: WHYYYYYYYY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! It baffles me to the point of frustration how this show was even picked up, let alone made it passed it's first season; apart from a few clever jokes, it's not funny, not well written and has no likable nor interesting characters. So let's talk about the pilot and why it fails miserably as an introduction to the show; Jennifer Aniston (I don't fucking care what her character's name is) leaves her fiance at the altar because she, quote "felt more turned on by [a] gravey boat than [her] fiance". I shit you not, that's the reason why she left her fiance; BECAUSE OF A FUCKING GRAVEY BOAT!!!!!! She then meets up with her friend, Monica who introduces Jennifer Aniston to her friends and older brother Ross (who's basically Melmen from Madagascar, except he's not funny). After being cut off, Jennifer Aniston is asked to live with Monica until she finds a job; meanwhile, Ross is getting over a divorce (which is just one big lesbian joke that could've been cut entirely and not change a Goddamn thing) and Monica goes on a date with a guy named Paul who turns out to only want Monica for sex and that's it. Does he get punished for it? Does the lesbian joke end after being told once? Of course not, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT A GOOD FUCKING SHOW WOULD DO!!!!!!!! I counted only 3 jokes that made me smile, and they were dick and sex jokes; when your show only has those type of jokes, you fail as a genuine sitcom, but succeed as a stupid sitcom. Not only do the jokes fail, but the writing is insultingly terrible; this show has a bad habit of bringing up a certain subject and then pretend it never happened. Like when the hippie girl brings up the fact that her parents killed themselves and she had to take therapy; not only does she have a smile on her face, but she passes it off as if it happened to everybody. I cannot tell you how awkward it was when I said that I wished my Aunt Jackie's kids were at our thanksgiving dinner when they were relocated years ago. I felt like such a dumbass bringing it up, know that having her kids be taken away was the worst day of her life. Anyway, it's not just this show; a lot of shows and movies are guilty of doing the same thing; Watchmen (why was Dr. Manhattan naked all the time?) Home (why didn't we defend ourselves from the Boov?) Game Shakers (how did 2 young girls make a hit app game?) Regular Show (why did Rigby, Benson and Mr. Mallard act out of character to parody The Breakfast Club?) the list goes on. The characters are also boring and unlikable; they aren't given any character development, nor are they given anything interesting to say or do. Don't watch this show; I'd much rather recommend you marathon Everybody Loves Raymond then watch 1 second of Friends. Fuck this show, fuck the writers and fuck the network for renewing this show 10 FUCKING TIMES!!!!!!!!! >:(
  • Another one of those.. what were they thinking shows

    Come on who told these people they were worth over a million each per episode.. My goodness such a stinker of a show....No talent in the actors, no writing talent, most of the time they recycled plots from year to year and no one noticed. Oh and how have the the shows spawned by theis thing fared.. well just ask Joey. However people seem to watch any trash on TV as long as it has a good soundtrack and a loud laugh track.... oh hey a good laugh track on a show must mean it is a classic sitcom.... NOT!!!!
  • everybody loves it. why?

    i hate this show, eveyone loves it but i dont get wats so funny. This is one of the only sitcoms i really really hate. its not good at all and the characters are just dumb and the cast is bad. i hate every episode there ever was and will be.

  • Not a "Friendly" review

    I don't understand why everybody liked this show so much. I don't really like shows that have the laugh track in the background because I don't like to be told when to laugh but also the fact that these people are not really realistic. They just act like a bunch of teenagers and no one really settles down until they are in their late 30's if at all. All of the characters slept with each other and I did not see any groundbreaking material to make this show mildly interesting. The only one I like on the show is Rachel who is played by Jennifer Aniston but that is just because of her charisma. Sorry to all that enjoy this show but I don't get it.
  • Oh how I hate this show.

    Let me straighten this out. It lacks diversity. I swear throughout the seasons, you barely saw anything but white people, no offense. It just seemed like the main characters would be scared to death to see a black guy or Asian woman be a part of the storyline. Aside from that, the show wasn't really funny. I watched a good amount of the episodes, to be fair, and I never laughed, I just snickered. I mean if I compare this to The Simpsons, a show that lost its luster 10 years ago, I'd get more laughs out of one episode than an entire season of this, but hey thats just me.
  • boo boo boo boo boo

    boo boo this show was dull. it was anoying im glad its gone it had horrible storylines and acting boo booo. waka waka why did joey get cancelled give up not enuff viewers. waka waka. friends is nothing but a wana be cheers without the bar. if u want true comedy with great acting then watch newsradio.
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