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  • The best TV series ever released

    Like every one I love FRIENDS.This is the worlds most spectacular series ever and no one can be better than them.I loved friends from the moment i saw the first episode until the last episode and i wish there would be more seasons of friends. I almost cried when i found out that the series would come to an end.
  • Best damn show ever

    Friends is the best show ever made!!! I've seen every episode a hundred times and they are still as good as the first time I saw them. I love the comedy in the show. The jokes are still funny. There are a lot of comedy shows on TV, but none is on the same level as Friends. The show lasted 10 years and it would probably have been able to last longer.
    The friends all bring something different to the show and it's hard to pick a favorite. One movement you are sure that one of the friends is your favorite, but in the next movement someone else is. So you just end up having all of them as favorites.
    Friends is the best damn show ever and it will still be watchable in 10 years or more.
  • The GREATEST sitcom ever!!

    I fell in love with F.R.I.E.N.D.S right from it's pilot episode to it's final episode. Sitting on the couch everyday to follow the lives of the six friends living in Manhattan turned out to be the greatest source of laughter in my life. I loved the storylines, the comedy, the plot twists.... it was the GREATEST sitcom of all times. Who wouldn't want to sit and watch Rachel Green, the sexy waitress of Central Perk as she served customers the wrong orders, and stayed chatting with her other five friends instead of working while Ross drooled over her? I mean after she gets it going with Ross, it becomes a whole new transformation for the show. We are taken into the "We were on a break!" excuse until the final season. And Monica was something else too. Her obsession with cleanliness, cooking and doing stuff to impress people was a great source of comedy, and I could almost feel as if I lived in her apartment coz everytime I watched the show, the scene was either set in her apartment or Central Perk. And you can't deny that Richard Burke and Chandler were the BEST thing to happen to her. I couldn't get enough of the hippie, Phoebe Buffay, with her unusual superstitions and love for very weird music she played and composed herself. Her biggest excuse of getting out of doing stuff, "My mother killed herself" was so funny. You can't deny that! Joey Tribbiani and his famous catchphrase "How you doin'?" was fabulous. Sleeping and never calling back the women, and having gay moments with his best friend and roomate Chandler. Going to auditions set up by the weird Estelle, and coming home sad after not getting the parts so that he could eat a lot of pizza! I mean who didn't love Joey Tribbiani? His love for food is just amazing, and to top it off he was a dummy! I think Chandler Bing was the BEST comic relief on the show ever, apart from Pheebs. Making weird jokes, sarcastic comments, the gay vibes and innuendo and best of all, Janice... Oh.. My.. God..! You can't start describing who Chandler Bing was and finish it coz he was just... AWESOME!!! Ross and his love for Rachel, paleontology and dinosaurs was hilarious. Not a day passed without him mentioning dinosaurs or a weird and very uninteresting scientific fact that the others didn't like. I just loved Ross Geller, with Monica always competing with him for their parents' love and attention. Yeah Jack Geller and Judy were amazing too, not to forget Gunther who served the coffee at Central Perk and had this secret love for Rachel. No sitcom will EVER reach the high standards FRIENDS reached, and it's so sad it came to an end. Friends ROCKED, and still ROCKS!!!! :)
  • An Amazing Part Of The American Culture

    Friends is a show about six friends living in New York dealing with relationships and friendship.Every character is different and unique.There is Rachel who is a spoiled brat that has to become independent,Monica is a perfectionist chef,Phoebe is a cooky masseuse,Joey is a lickerish actor,Chandler is a funny accountant(or something like that) and Ross is a childish paleontologist.Every episode is funny and touching and it never gets boring.I've watched every episode of friends so many times and i still laugh so hard no matter how many times i have watched each episode.Whenever i feel under the weather i watch friends and i immediately feel better.
    If you haven't seen,you are missing out on so many laughs and good moments.Friends is and will always be an important part of American television.
  • The best show american television has produced by miles!

    Are there words to actually summarize these 10 amazing years? I bet no. It`s really hard to put in words what "Friends" did to all of us throughout the years.

    Monica,Rachel,Ross,Joey,Chandler,Phoebe everyone different, everyone representing a small part of ourselves.
    Who didn`t compare himself with those six characters?

    We all had our moments. Laughing until we fell down from the couch, maybe crying in those awkward "sad" moments :)

    I`m really sad Friends ended. If it kept for 20 years, i bet it would still be a great success. But as all say, good things always must come to an end.

    I bet this will be a show that will be remembered for years to come!
  • This show is better than the best.

    There should not be a single person on this planet who does not love this show. It is amazing. I think I have watched every episode about 3-5 times, and I could watch them 1000 more times. You just don't get tired of it!
  • watch this wonderful show & bring the same essence & sense of healthy Friendship in people around you.This is the best show ever made on planet earth

    is only serial i love to watch on television,It's very close to my heart in many way,Those who are all my friends,I request you all to watch this wonderful show & bring the same essence & sense of healthy Friendship in people around you.This is the best show ever made on planet earth
    is only serial i love to watch on television,It's very close to my heart in many way,Those who are all my friends,I request you all to watch this wonderful show & bring the same essence & sense of healthy Friendship in people around you.This is the best show ever made on planet earth
  • One of the best series finales

    Even a lot of great series had disappointings series finales, Friends had a really great one, with the humor, Ross and Rachel, Phoebe's crazyiness, etc... One of the best episodes! I really love the scene in Ross's apartment's, after Rachel get out of the plane. It gave me shivers. One of the best R+R moments.
    Monica and Chandler are also greats in this episode, finnaly having the baby they wanted so much. I laughed so hard with that "Eight is Enough" thing,I love Monica and her stuff.
    Phoebe was hilarious, like always. The "Racheel" scream, she driving the taxi, and telling Mike she would steal one of the babys... And Joey... Always thinking of food XD Great episode!

    PS: Sorry for the bad english ^^'
  • All around show. Amazing from every angel and I wouldn't want to change a thing.

    This show first of has an amazing cast. The actors/actress in this show seems to be so in tune with their characters. There are fantastic story lines that let you get more in touch with all your favourite characters. I can say nothing bad about this show because I have never seen an episode that I did not enjoy. This show is defiantly a classic and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to have a laugh following the lives of these characters in New York. This show is about six friends in New York as they navigate their way through life and learn to grow up as they approach the third decade of their life. They go through many highs and low, but in the end they always have each other. I give this show a 10/10. There's just nothing I can say that it bad about this show and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
  • It is an awesome, hilarious show and I would recommend it to anyone!

    Oh my god this is show is so awesome!
    I have been watching Friends for a while now and I really think it is the best tv show ever to exist!
    The show is about 6 Friends: Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe.
    It follows their personal and professional lives in Manhattan, New York, for 10 years, and the writers make it amazingly awesome in every episode!
    This show is soooo funny, and it is great to watch if you need some cheering up!
    I would recommend Friends to anyone who enjoys comedy because it really is so good, and they should definately make a movie of it some day!
    Best show ever!!
  • I've gained 6 lifelong friends!

    This show was and still remains one of the greatest sitcoms to have come out of the US. It has filled so many people with laughter and fond memories that allow the show to continuously inspire and keep new generations laughing. I've gained 6 lifelong friends!

    I will always remember singing along with Phoebe, being a dork like Ross and loving when Monica's super competitiveness streak comes out. Rachel will always be my teen crush, Chandler my funny friend and bimbo friend with all the picking up tips.

    This show kept me entertained for 10 long years! It continues to entertain me to this very day, one can never be sick of watching Friends! When you're down Friends will pick you back up! When you're happy, Friends will make you happier and when you think you've had enough of Friends, you realise that you really haven't!

    If you haven't already watched this show and fallen in love, do so, you don't know what you are missing out on. It shows you the true meaning and value of friendship...Friends will always be there.
  • I agree, it's the best comedy ever.

    I like that they really evolved the characters in the 10yr period and made them really grow up. But what I find really amazing is the fact that even after 10yrs it never lost anything, the last show was just as funny as the first. I think my favorite period was after Monica and chandler got together, they made such a cute couple. I don't think I have a favorite character, they each bought their own 'something special' to the show and added their own magic. Kudo's to the whole team who bought this sitcom about. It's my all time favorite show and I can't go a day without watching a rerun.
  • Friends is undeniably the best situation-comedy I've seen as a whole as of yet. Filled with witty and clever characters and unrepetitive storylines that will keep people entertained, this show will always be a memorable one.

    I started watching this in my first year of high school and the first few episodes weren't really that entertaining. But as I went through its first season, it really started to keep me entertained and happy. Soon, the characters really started to grow on me and I really appreciated how their storylines aren't so repetitive. The characters were so witty, clever and funny that they really brought a smile to my face. Another special quality of the characters is that none of them ever annoyed me in any way or so. Each of the six characters really had their own distinct personality that really differentiates them from each other and the types of humor each of them bring.

    Similar to the show Seinfeld, Friends adapts the hanging-out style for most of the episodes and succeeds in making really clever dialogues and jokes. Each plot of most episodes are just so raw, fresh, sharp and very well-written. They just kept me on laughing out loud. And one of the most surprising things is that they managed to keep me entertained, with no kind of bad interventions whatsoever, for the whole series, comprising of ten whole seasons which are all hilarious.

    Despite all these good things, there are some downsides to this show. As much as I loved each and every character, I can't help but say that one character, Joey, wasn't really developed well in the show's run. He just didn't change that much in personality and a bit in morality. Another thing I dislike is how they didn't give Joey and Phoebe a satisfying ending. They were just left there and didn't really have a big role in the series finale.

    All in all, Friends is one of the most delightful spectaculars I've been so lucky to come across and it will definitely keep people enjoyed for years to come.
  • The One with my Review

    Friends were, and are, my favorite TV show ever. I grew up with them and I didn't miss one single episode. Every character has its own storyline, what with Rachel, the spoiled, selfish girl who becomes a successful woman, Monica who has signs of OCD, only to become a chef at one of the most popular restaurants in New York, the quirky, slightly crazy Phoebe who gets married and has a happy life, the womanizer Joey who ends up a real actor, the 'gay quality' guy Chandler who gets married and has children, and Ross, the geeky scientist who becomes a teacher at NYU, gets married and has two kids. This TV show means so much to me, it changed my life completely, and I love the fact that characters, from these people who have no idea what they're doing with their life become successful and happy adults. It will forever be my #1 favorite show in the world. I have all the episodes on DVD and I watch them every day. I know almost all the lines and when I hear just one line I immediately know which episode it is. I take my DVDs everywhere I go. I know all the characters' storylines by heart and I also have Friends posters. I even tried to write a book based on the show once, but it failed :P Shortly, I give this show an A+.

    I don't think I have to say more about this great show.

    - Great cast

    - Great writing
  • The Best, if you don't like it you clearly haven't watched it.

    Its so good, kicks the living shit out of terrible shows like how i met your mother

    so i'm 16 yrs old and me and my friend are the only ones (besides teachers) who watch this show!!! this show is awesome and we always talk about it then others say "what are you guys talking about?!" (these are the same people who watch Jersey Shore and other bullshit shows) what wrong with my generation not having good comedy and completely ignoring this show. I love all the characters especially Chandler!!! i'm in love with this guy!!! =] FRIENDS IS GENIUS!
  • my best show

    best show i have ever seen ..!!
    it makes me happy when i'm sad ..!!
    though i watched all of them ...!!!
    i'm gonna watch it every time i'm sad ..!!
    its been like they are friends of mine or part of my life ..!!!
    They should make a movie friends or start with 11th season ..!!
    be cause no matter how much you watch it you will always demand more of the friends ..!!!
    the best part of the friends is that they start with i will be there for you and ends with walk on..!!
    love you friends...!!
    i'm gonna miss the show..!!
    especially when the times when joey says how you doing..??
    or rachel has a baby or pheoby and mike or chandler and monica gets married that makes happy..!!!
    although not for ross...!!!
    he keeps it on and on..!!
    i'm gonna miss them a lot..!!
  • what i think of friends

    i love friends sooo much! its part of my life haha. i cant stop thinking about it.. honestly, my dream dream is to meet any of the actors or the creators. im watching it at the moment actully! haaa, ive finished the box set in 1 month soo im watching it over again (: people call me sad but i dont care :P my favorite actor is Matt Le Blanc, but only just i love all the actors.

    I am 14 and my wish is to be older so i could watch friends when it was on television. i cant wait to see the new show 'episodes' comes to the UK. :D ilove friends
  • I can watch it again and again and still laugh at the jokes

    Its a stress-buster. No kidding. Like, if you are having a badday, pick a random Friends episode and watch it. It can make your day. I mean, Friends is one show we can call EPIC. Because people all over the world watch it. And watch re-runs like a million times until they learn all of Chandler's jokes and all of ROss' facial expressions. Or maybe not. But, come on, you know you love the show. And if you haven't, you're missing out on alot. So go grab a DVD of the first season and start having some fun. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT:
    Their bond. Like, they all know each other really well. Oh and Chandler's sarcasm. Rachel's hairstyle. Joey's stupidness. Ross' dinasour obsession (along with other obsesstions). Monica's loudness. Phoebe's freaky running style (although, it was fun. :D)

  • friends is the best show ever

    friens is the best show ever it taught me so much i got loads of laughs out of it i think they should bring it back or just make a friends movie if i had to choose my favourite episode i couldn't do it cause they are all fantastic.i particuly enjoy the quset stars on friends like maggie wheeller who plays janice with her O MY GOD!

    First off yeah sure seinfield is great, I watch that too but nothing and I REALLY MEAN NOTHING is EVER going to come close to Friends. Friends is an American sitcom and yet it has spread all over the world. I mean I'm an Aussie and it's my ABSOLUTE favourite show! To the people who hate friends, why are you here? I mean this is a FAN WEBSITE AFTER ALL I MEAN SERIOUSLY! To write nasty comments about shows you dont like, I love friends, I still watch it every weeknight and I still laugh. Its my favourite show. If your going to write a bad comment DONT be rude about it. :( I could never say I hate friends, I LOVE IT. The characters all work so well 2gether and who cares about reality? Its a fricken TV SHOW! TV SHOWS DONT HAVE TO BE 100% REAL! thats all! I've watch every single episode a load of times, one of them I have watched at least five times and it is still funny. They crack me up every time! The episodes will never get boring.

    Joeys the dumb hot Italian actor, Chandlers the sarcastic forgotten loser, Ross is the geeky palaentoligist whos divorced thrre times, Monica's the clean, neat freak chef, Phobe's the quirky hippie massuse (she has the best lines) and Rachels the spoilt sweet designer, probably the most normal out of all of them.


    I reccomend this show to people who wanna have a laugh. In Australia it's on at 6:00-6:30pm and then another episode follows after from 6:30-7:00pm, weeknights, Monday-Friday. DON'T WATCH IT AND YOU'LL REGRET IT! DO WATCH IT AND CRACK UP WHILE YOUR WATCHING IT!
  • This show will be remembered forever.

    It's sort of like the modern MASH :) 'cause millions and millions of viewers watched it / still watch it in syndication and these characters worked very well together, it was almost impossible to create to so much of a great TV comedy on such a small space of only like 4 regular rooms :D my childhood was full of these great episodes and I will treasure and love this show forever :) 10/10
  • A Show for the Ages

    Friends was beyond magical. It spoke to the young and restless, the romantic and the flippant. It had the kind of cast chemistry that even atheist show producers pray for before they go to bed. Six of one. Friends like us. Thursday nights for ten years. Perfection.
  • Best show on earth!

    This show is the best thing i can imagine. I've seen some shows and i have pretty high standards but this show is way above my standards. Only mistake in this show is that they stopped filming it in 2004! Other than that it's PERFECT!
  • Best comedy

    It is the best comedy I have ever watched, I still watch it every now and then when I need to laugh from the heart....
  • Comedy At Its Best

    Friends is definitely one of the best comedy shows ever. Each character has their own unique personality that makes them hysterical. Every episode is hilarious and it's amazing how the show was able to successfully drag on for 10 years, yet still be so entertaining. Perfect Comedy!!
  • Best of the |Best

    The best, i cant imagine not watching friends. This is for tv as the piramids are one of the wonders of the world , something you Have to SEE , at least once :D
  • This show is so brilliant!


    This is such a lovable show that never gets old. It's always funny, great and eccentric characters and humorous plots. This is one of my all time favourite shows. It really does make you feel like one of the group when you get to watch it again.

    It revolves around a close nit group of friends.

    Rachel is the ex cheerleader, was popular at school, girly and a bit of a push over, loves fashion and wants to work in that industry. She's confident, sensitive and has been best friends with Monica since forever.

    Phoebe is confident, possibly insane, thinks of herself as 'a bit psychic', had a hard life, a vegetarian, a bad ass, animal lover, a masseuse, has possible personal boundary issues. Also she sings very original songs.

    Monica loves to cook and works as one, is obsessively neat, the unappreciated second child after her brother Ross, she's controlling, a bit obsessive and strong willed.

    Chandler is from a rich family, he has countless issues, a bit insecure, started smoking at 10 after his parents divorced, has a job that none of his friends can remember the name of. He is the jokester of the group and like he says 'Hi, I'm Chandler, I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable'. He's witty and smart.

    Joey is a womanizer, he's sensitive, an aspiring actor and usually dumber than a box of rocks. He loves pizza and sandwiches, eating really. Sports, cute animals and prank calling his best mate Chandler.

    Ross probably the most book smart of the group, he's a palaeontologist, a geek, unlucky, sweet, been in love with Rachel since forever, he can't flirt, moves really fast when it comes to relationships, competitive like his sister, adored by his parents and 'puts to much of that gel in his hair' (according to Rachel).

    There are many recurring characters throughout the shows run. This show is so much fun. I'd really recommend it.

  • A show about six friends in Manhattan who were there for each other in good times and in bad during ten wonderful seasons.

    Friends is my all-time favourite TV show. It's a series that can never be replaced. Once the six friends have found their way into our hearts, we aren't able to let them go again. And we should feel greatly honoured by having been able to take part in the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.
    During 10 seasons we shared their dreams, their happiness and tears. We cried and (mostly) laughed with and (from time to time) about them. But not the stories made this show special. The characters played by THIS cast made the difference, they created a magic, that no one ever could resist.

    Friends is not one of those shows you watch once and never again. The exact opposite is the case. You can watch an episode again and again and again. And you'll still be laughing the very next time. This, however, is not a joke.
    Friends cannot be described in one single word. It's greater than great, it's not just funny or hilarious and more extensive than just trivial, if anything, Friends is a CLASSIC.
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